Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Maybe I Can Be a Professional Pundit

So I'm watching CBS Saturday night and they have an important update on the Nevada caucuses.

First, they show a graphic the Dims, with The Lizard Queen in first, B. Hussein second, and the Breck Girl in third place.

Then, basically, this is what they said about the R's.
"And on the Republican side, Mitt Romney won."
(Shows large graphic of Mitt and His Hair with a big check-mark)
"Good night."

I say to myself, "Self, that must mean Ron Paul took second place".
And indeed, it was so.

Maybe I can use my clairvoyant powers to be a professional pundit for all things political.
Although I suppose I would settle for just being able to pick the lottery numbers.

And I see Fox News was helping, too. Fair and balanced? I wonder sometimes.

I understand if people don't want to vote for a candidate, but why does the news constantly try and hurt this one guy? Is it the liberty and freedom thing they hate, or the Constitution thing?