Friday, January 18, 2008

SWAT Was That?

These two paragraphs kind of stuck out at me in this good piece on the militarization of the police in America, specifically SWAT teams.

playing SEALs and robbers

When you dress like a soldier, carry the same equipment as a soldier, talk like a soldier, train like a soldier (and in many cases, alongside a soldier), and you’re told that you’re fighting a war, then sooner or later you’ll feel like a soldier, and then you’ll start acting like one.

The problem with that is that the mission of the soldier and that of the cop are fundamentally incompatible. The soldier is there to kill the enemy and break his stuff. The cop is there to impartially enforce the law with the least amount of force necessary for the job.

And this is probably an appropriate read, after the recent ugly incident in Lima, Ohio.

Dynamic entries should be like the Dems take on abortion; safe, legal and rare.