Tuesday, January 29, 2008

True Gun Control

This is a sign someone hung up at our pistol club. It is the official State of Ohio "we hate concealed carry and gun-owners and the God-given right to self and family defense" sign that guts the right to self-defense at schools, factories, gas stations, malls, stores, etc...
These signs make those places super-safe gun free zones!

You'll note, however, that this particular sign has been modified a bit (click pic to enlargify).

Sheesh. Some gun people have strange senses of humor.
Now I wonder who could have done that?

The holes appear to have been made by a 45 ACP 1911 model at a moderately rapid rate of fire using a two-handed grip in a modified Weaver stance, from a distance of 21 feet. This was done, apparently, using Oregon Trail's Lasercast 200gr semiwadcutter bullets with 4.4 gr of Winchester 231 powder (and Winchester primers) behind them, on a Friday night once upon a time.

Well, at least that's my best guess.