Monday, March 17, 2008


My new smiley-face over a beautiful sunset of black blue orange purple and yellow...

Ahhh....the colors of springtime...

Yeah, it hurts some.
Wah. I'll get over it.

And thanks for all of your concern and prayers and good wishes. Really.

Follow-up appointment Thursday to see what the lab work says as to what removed mass consisted of.
My guess - It's nothing, and I'll be needing more beer and salt-laden pork-products in my diet.

But to business.
This gun used to be mine, now it belongs to a friend who wishes to sell it.

Sadly, I cannot afford to buy it back. (Very sadly!)

It's a stainless Kahr Arms MK 40 in 40 S and W.
Mag capacity is 5 + 1 or 6 +1, depending on which magazine you use (with or without grip extension). One of each magazine is included.

This is a nice carry piece to be sure. VERY small, with a lot of punch.
It is probably 98-99%, well cared for, and an excellent shooter.
It's also very pleasing to the eye and hand, and honestly, it's just a dang pleasure to shoot.

Let me know if you're interested.
Of course, all state and federal regulations must be followed, so if you're out of state (Ohio), it has to be an FFL to FFL transfer. Sorry. Vote for Ron Paul next time...

BTW, the serial number is intact, but has been digitally obfuscated for this posting, for obvious privacy reasons.

And don't forget, the first ePostal Contest of the season is on over at Mr. Completely's:
Frequent Flier.

You need to get in lot's of gun goodness before the November elections!!

As you were.