Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Now THAT'S a Service Rep!

I ordered 200 rounds of 44 Magnum brass (to go with the old 629 and the new 1894 Marlin!) from Midway USA. I like Midway, they have decent prices, good sale prices, and a large selection of almost anything gun/hunting/reloading that one could need.

Well, they had Starline brass on sale, and when I got my order, it was 9 pieces short! Grrrr.

So I called Midway's customer service number (located conveniently on the invoice). I was on hold about 4.7 seconds, and then was connected to a customer service representative. Wow.

That was fast!!

And the kicker? He was an English-speaking customer service rep!!
With an Amurican name: Don.

I told Don of my plight, and he was very understanding and polite. He asked me to wait a moment while he accessed the proper information on his computer.
While he's looking, I politely enquire if it would behoove me to yell and curse, to help expedite matters.

His equally polite response was, no; it was neither necessary nor helpful.
I told him I didn't figure it would be, but I always try to help out those helping me!

Don puts me on hold for about 6.3 seconds, and them comes back and instead of saying, I'll send you nine pieces of brass, he says, "How about I sell you 100 more pieces for half price, with no shipping costs?"

Uhhhh...more rounds? Whatever shall I do?

So, here I call up to b**ch about their service, and instead I give them more of my money.
And happily.

That is some serious customer service. Make the customer happy, get more of his money.

Thanks, Don. And thanks Midway.

You both rock.

In other news, Graf and Sons (whom I like very much as well) sent 100 of 100 pieces of 7.5 Swiss brass, so I can't call them and see if I could get the same deal.

I counted them twice.