Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Only Logical Conclusion

I've had a change of heart.
And I'm big enough to admit when I'm wrong.

Taxpayers Government should help those who are disadvantaged.
Seriously, dude.

And there is a very large group of people who need help right now.
Lets face it: High gas prices disproportionally affect pickup truck, high-performance car and SUV drivers.
Our household personally has an SUV, a pickup, a midsize car, and a 400HP Backupmobile.
So lets buck up and help those in need.

The people who are getting the sweetest deal out of these high fuel prices are the car-less. (And I reckon the homeless, as they don't have to pay propane, fuel oil, electric or gas bills.)

So anyhoo, cash is good, but I'd settle for a prepaid debit/gas card.

Write your congressman right now!! I need to fill up tomorrow!!!

Thank you for your support of the whiny and gravely impacted.

Update: As the high cost of everything has impacted my freedom fun anti-UN necessary firearms budget, I will also accept firearms, accessories and ammo in lieu of fuel or fuel credits...