Monday, May 05, 2008

Real Conversation and the Next ePostal Contest

The next of Mr. Completely's ePostal contest is up over at the internationally know Armes et tir passion.

The contest rules, targets and such can be found here: ePostal match: Pin Shooting Training
(no passport needed, yet!). Manfred is the one calling the shots; It looks to be a challenging one, so we shall see what happens.

This reminds me of a conversation at the pistol club this evening:
One of our premier, top shelf, dedicated shooter's was not at the range tonight.

Dialogue was as follows (approximately):
K: Where's J.
L: He can't make it tonight, he has a bridge game to go to.
CUG: Forgo your weekly shooting with the guys to play bridge... (a litlle loudly) Well THAT doesn't sound gay at all.

Wait till I see him... ;)

And don't forget to join the contest, folks. Time to topple them: ePostal match: Pin Shooting Training