Sunday, April 05, 2009

The Altar of a King

This picture (update: and video) says much about how B. Hussein regards our country's position:

I knew he was going to be a spectacularly bad president, based on his lack of experience and verifiable education and skills and overt Marxism, but he has already eclipsed my most jaded premonitions.

When he gets to China, will he face the other way and bend over?
Maybe he will just get on his knees...

Anyway, Barry's lickspittle like display of fawning subservience to a king reminded me of the following song, because of its title: Altar of a King

I think Riot was one of the more underrated metal/rock bands in the eighties.
Especially their first few albums.

Rock on. And Barry, f*** you and the Bush you rode in on.