Sunday, May 10, 2009

ePostal Results

Update: Had to modify BillH's score in the Class III Division due to my fat fingers. He emailed me and said his score was too good on the Class III, but never bitched about the fact I doinked him 10 points on his Class I entry. That's a good man, there.

First, my apologies. I had no idea HOW FREAKING SMALL THOSE -1 CIRCLES WERE!!
Honestly, they didn't look that small until I tried to shoot them!


Secondly, my apologies for the untimeliness of the final results, but there were several reasons.
1. I was out of town for training. (Which I never advertise until I am back.)

2. I started working on the scores in my hotel, when my email started doing weird things so I decided to not mess with it until I got home on my normal PC's (I rarely use my laptop). Messages like "You don't appear to have an Inbox, would you like to create one?" strike fear in the hearts of anyone with a minuscule amount of computer experience.

3. There were some issues with how people scored the targets. Again, this is my fault for having a complicated scoring structure. Many apologies, once again.

4. There were some late entries. But that's cool; I'm easy.

5. HTML tables suck when you don't hardly ever use them. Or maybe I just suck at tables.
Regardless, something sucked.

Anyhoo, here are the scores for the April contest.

(Remember, all scores are X * -1,000,000,000,000, and the LOWEST score wins.)

Note: Several scores were changed. Some to better scores, some for the worse. Remember, the original scoring entails a start of 12 Trillion, with the 1's subtracted, and all other numbers added. If your score is different, first try adding 12 to each target, and go from there.

If you have any questions, email them to me (cugblog AT msn DOT com), or leave them in the comments.
CLASS ONE: Rimfire, Open/Iron Sights
1 Hand2 HandTotal
Browning, Buckmark, semi-auto, 22LR, 5" barrel


Ruger Single Six 22LR

Hi-Standard GB 22LR

DannoRuger 22/45 22LR25'

Rimfire, with Optics
Class1 Hand2 HandTotal
Mr. Completely
High Standard
C-More Sight
Volquartsen 12"
jimmybRuger MKII
Eotech site
Volquartsen grips/trigger

CLASS THREE: Centerfire, Open/Iron Sights
ShooterFirearmDistanceClass1 Hand2 HandTotal

Smith and Wesson
Model 19 38SP
AzreelFN 5.7

AzreelPara-Ordnance P14-45
Para-Ordnance P14-45

CLASS FOUR: Centerfire, with Optics
ShooterFirearmDistanceClass1 Hand2 HandTotal
AzreelRuger Redhawk .44 Mag

ShooterFirearmDistanceClass1 Hand?2 Hand?Total
The Billll
Pedal Gun!

Notes of interest:
1. Billll's Pedal Air Gun wins the overall competition, not because of his score, but because of his combination of moxie, engineering skill and most creative use of spare time and parts, which were topped off with a wee bit of psychosis!
Dig it:
The projectile

The gun:

The firing mechanism:

The Target!!:

Billll enlightens us:

OK I'm late. Last month didn't work out well for me including bad
weather, and the loss of about 1/2" off the end of my usual trigger
finger, so I decided I needed some humor.

This entry is Class 5, "other". Very much other.

The gun is a pedal-powered air gun made from an exercise bicycle and an
air compressor head, with a 1" barrel about 4 ft long.

The projectiles are made from spent 12ga shotgun shells with a 1/4"
screw placed through the primer hole, and ground to a point. The open
end of the shell was flared slightly to aid stability. Who knows, it may
have worked.

The course was fired at 10 yards, and 20 PSI. This sounds like awfully
low pressure, but if you get much higher, the projectiles will go
completely through the backstop, leaving a very neat 1" hole in wood up
to 1/2" chipboard.

In my back yard, I call this a kids toy. In your back yard, I hope your
kids are more than 1/4 mile away. :-)

Very cool. And Billll, remind me never to piss you off...

2. Mr. Completely had a near-perfect score on his 2 handed target (7 out of 8 -1's), with the exception of one flier (or an "OH CRAP!" for you non-shooters). This enabled me to tie his score in number 2 class.
Heh. I'll take it. However, Mr. C does win the tie-breaker, as he had the most 1's on a single target. Nicely done, Mr. C.

3. Azreel informs us of how it is to shoot this contest with a "hog-leg" (the Ruger 44 Mag):

Fully loaded it weighs in at 81oz. After the first 3-4 shots it becomes frustratingly difficult to hold that sucker without shaking like an aspen leaf in a stiff breeze. While the shots on the two handed target were much better grouped (I wasted all 8 shots trying to get that one dang -1) I still managed to hit all around it but never in it. I shall name this target "Frustration".
I feel your pain, Azreel. They're still cool guns, though!

4. Azreel's friend Ryadmere is a first time ePostal shooter, and Azreel noted:

Ryadmere is a buddy of mine, an active duty Marine who is new to the
postal match concept. He insists this whole "target pistol" thing is
horribly unfair and would like to remark that he's much better with man
sized targets that shoot back.
Remember, Ryadamere - IT'S JUST AN INTERNET CONTEST!!
And honestly, they're not all this bad; just when psycho auto workers host them.

5. Xav92p relates:

Hello, i present a french contribution to the debt reduction, oups!!!!

It's my second E postal match participation, the first time last month I practice throughout the years the centerfire pistol and revolver in steel challenge and fun fir
I may have lost something in translation (fir?), but am tickled that we have international players on the shoot!!

6. BillH was a little late, but his wife was sick and they could use your prayers.

Ok, the next ePostal Pistol Match is at another Frenchman's site, right here:

May ePostal Match: Tribute to Alain

You know the drill. See you at the range.

And thanks to all of you who participated.