Thursday, July 16, 2009

Exploding Frogs?

With apologies to the French, but I couldn't resist using that headline. Think of the google hits!!

That said; how about this headline?

French workers threaten to blow up factory

PARIS, July 12 (Reuters) - Workers at collapsed French car parts maker New Fabris threatened on Sunday to blow up their factory if they did not receive payouts by July 31 from auto groups Renault and Peugeot to compensate for their lost jobs.

Pretty hardcore. But then there's this -

"The bottles of gas have already been placed at various parts of the factory and are connected with each other," CGT trades union official Guy Eyermann told France Info radio.
That's right, it's not a few "rogue workers", it's an official union negotiating tactic. Hear that Gettlfinger?

Police also declined to comment on the threat by the workers, who are occupying the New Fabris factory at Chatellerault, near Poitiers in central France.
Occupying? Stolen right out of the German playbook!! Sohn von a Weibchen!

Some French workers have adopted militant tactics in the economic crisis, including "bossnappings" where managers have been held hostage in their offices.
In all fairness though, they had a CEO who ran the company into the ground, all the way into bankruptcy, and then left with $22 million dollars... oh wait. I'm thinking of some other car company. Heh.

At least they're not in India, eh?

Gradiano Company CEO Beaten To Death By Dismissed Employees In Noida, India

Today the CEO led management was trying to negotiate a deal with the labor representatives of the fired employees. The meeting turned ugly and violent. The fired employees broke all rules of negotiation and beat the CEO Chaudhury to death.
Kind of makes the UAW look like pussycats.