Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Methinks She Doth Protest Just About Right

The fair Melody Byrne (of Chris and Melody's The Anarchangel site) hits one out of the park.

Read it, enjoy it, and make their site a frequent visit.

She sure sounds like a 3 Percenter to me...

A couple excerpts:

Leave Us the Hell Alone
by Melody Byrne

No wonder I feel trapped. I can't do a single thing with my own property that doesn't involve one government agency or another (or several). I feel like a rat being funneled through a maze, and I am cognizant of the danger that someone will block off the exit. It's my claustrophobia writ large. This is just wrong.


Well I have a message for all you busybodies, bureaucrats, rent-seekers, and whored-out legislators.LEAVE US THE HELL ALONE.Get out of my contracts.Get off of my land.Leave my property alone.Stay the hell out of my bedroom.Most of all, KEEP YOUR NOSES OUT OF MY BUSINESS.And everyone else's for that matter.Mel

Give 'em hell, Mel!

Go read the whole thing. It's well done, well worth your time, and quite enjoyable.