Monday, February 08, 2010

Build a Better Mousetrap

I don't know if I can patent it though...

So the our sliding back-door where we let the dogs out was getting hard to latch. This usually means there is ice/snow building up in the channel at the bottom of the door.

I look down, and think to myself, "Self, it looks like a piece of the damned carpet is stuck in there". Upon closer inspection, however, I find that it is a small rodent, that has been smooshed into the shape of the door's vertical channel.
(And yes, I'm pretty sure "smooshed" is a word!)

In a word, eww.

So, being "The Man" of the house (code for doing the really shi**y jobs), I try to get it out of the door with a screwdriver.

It is FROZEN SOLID due to, I assume, globull warmening.

I try to chip it out with said screwdriver, but to no avail; it is a chunk-o-furry-ice (ask for it by name!).

Now that it has warmed up some (23F today - yay!), it has started to become malleable.

That's bad.

But at least I can extricate it from its compacted home-life.
The offender in all his gory - errr, glory:

Man, that's gotta hurt.

Yeah - eww.