Thursday, February 04, 2010

Screw Dick's Sporting Goods

The Rabbit Priest vents on Dick's Sporting Goods; the letter he wrote to Dick's management:

Why I will never shop at Dick's Sporting Goods Again

Last weekend I stopped at Dick's in Toledo, OH to purchase a .22 rifle
for my son's 13th birthday. After selecting a model, I filled out the
required BATFE form, and passed the obligatory NICS check. Next, the
salesman requested I print my phone number on the form 4473. I
questioned why he wanted my phone number and did he intend to call me
later? He informed me that that was company policy and that they would
not complete the transaction without it. So I supplied my work phone
number and told him he was welcome to contact me at work. Next he
brought out another form with multiple copies listing "gun safety rules"
and requested that I print my name, address, DOB, sign my name, indicate
that I received a gun lock, and write down how many minor children live
in my house. I asked the salesman why he needed my personal identifying
information on this form, and he replied that he could not complete the
transaction without it. After completing this form, and if you look at
the question about children it says "none of your business", my son and
I spent 15 minutes wandering around while the salesman found a manager
to review his work. We still weren't done. The manager then had to walk
us with the firearm in her hands, to the cashier, loudly announcing "gun
sale" and stand with us while I paid for rifle.
Dick's Sporting Goods can run their business anyway they want, but I
refuse to patronize a store that purposefully invades my privacy and
treats customers as if they have done something wrong by virtue of a
firearms purchase. I almost bought a second rifle that night, and would
have if the corporate harassment had not commenced.
In addition to never shopping in your stores again, I will share my
anger with the gun-buying public. The hunters and shooters I work with
will know, the folks at the range will hear this. You likely lost $500
in sales from me this year, no biggie right? I estimate that based upon
the number of minor children left in my home, about $3000 in firearms
purchases for them before they are grown.
I attended a conference this week and one of the sponsors was giving
away Dick's Sporting Goods gift certificates. I took time to speak to
their CEO, next year he said they will go with Gander Mountain.
I don't forget, and I love to talk.

Of course, this has been my advice to men along - just say no to dicks.