Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How to Fill Out the US Census Form

I mailed my US Census form today (as it is Constitutionally mandated).

So here is a handy step-by-step to guide you through the process:

1. Write down how many people live at your residence, and ONLY write down how many people live there.

2. Seal the form in the supplied envelope.

Approximate time - about 8 seconds.

3. Congratulate yourself on a Constitutionally-correct job well done.

Example (click to embiggen):

That should be enough info, right?

We shall see, as that is all the info they are going to get.

I truly hope everyone fills out their form the same way; don't lie - just tell them how many folks live there as of the specified date.

Let's get about 100 million people to do this, at least.

And before you ask, the Roman numeral III on the form is NOT a threeper reference.

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