Monday, March 01, 2010

A Sure Sign of Spring!

And that would be the triumphant return of the E-Postal Contest!! WOO-HOO!!!

If you don't recall, or have lived in a Haitian hut for the last 10 years, the e-postal contest is where one prints out a target (or two), shoots it for a score, and emails the target to the host of the contest to win fabulous prizes (Editors note: Bragging rights are indeed fabulous.)

To kick off the new season, Mr. Completely has all the info you need, and is our first host.
The contest this month is here:

e-Postal Match - "Seeing Stars"

Mr C was responsible for the resurrection of the contest many moons ago (5 years or so), and has done a super job keeping the contest going, as well as setting up the various hosts. Next month will be hosted by yours truly, BTW - my normal month.

Additionally, again due to Mr. Completely, one of the contestants of each contest will win a $50 gift certificate from Cheaper Than Dirt (random drawing - not score dependent - thank goodness!).

Here's a complete list of the season, courtesy of Mr. Completely:

March Host: Mr. Completely

April Host: The Conservative UAW Guy

May Host: Sand Castle Scrolls

June Host: Random Nuclear Strikes

July Host: Captain of a Crew of One

August Host: Curtis Lowe Blog

September Host: True Blue Sam - The Travellin' Man

October Host: Traction Control

November Host: Armes et tir passion

Hope to see you all at the range!!

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