Saturday, December 30, 2006

Cause Dems are for the Little Guys.

Thanks for reminding me.
Thank goodness we have a pro-union, down-home, anti-illegal, modest-means person in charge here!
You go, Nancy!

Go here to buy a ticket (at $1K a shot).

Don't look for me there, however.


Saddam's present body temperature is now:

Local Ambient Atmospheric Temperature

No changes regarding this stat in the foreseeable future.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Non(?)-Lethal Deterrent

If you're too squeamish or retarded or lazy or unmotivated or scared or apathetic to own a firearm for home-defense, I may have an alternative for you.

I found an old wife beater shirt in my dresser and decided to try it on.
It's about two sizes too small, and thus, partially see-through due to stretching to fit my form.

I took a looksy in the mirror and...
Good Lord! Is that the beginning of man-boobs?!?!?!!?!?


I will be selling photos, suitable for posting on your doors, for $200 apiece. This is quite a bargain when considering the rate cut your insurance company will give you on theft insurance.

Your pit-bull has nothing on me...

Thursday, December 28, 2006

To Quote Homer....

(Click on 'toon to enhugen)

To quote Homer Simpson, "It's funny because it's true."

To quote Vox Day (in the same vein):

Tidings of Comfort and Joy

American Christians have long been the beneficiaries of a cheap and easy grace. There has been little cost to claiming the name of Jesus Christ and even less hindrance to our worship; as a result, we possess a weak and tenuous allegiance to the very faith which defines us. Today, even our greatest church leaders are corrupted by dreams of secular power when they aren't openly fallen into sin, speaking blatant lies as readily as the evil rulers with whom they consort.

This Christmas, remember that Jesus Christ did not promise us an easy way, but a hard and rocky one. He did not promise that we would be loved and admired, but that we would know hatred and scorn. He did not instruct us to seek the approval of the world, but to stand firm to the end.

The War on Christmas will continue, as will the War on Christians, until eventually it expands to encompass what was once a Christian nation. But there is nothing to fear, be of good cheer, for the War on Jesus Christ has already been fought and won by Him whose birth we celebrate today.

Merry Christmas, every one.

Merry Christmas, indeed.
I've wondered more than once if I would deny my Savior if I lived in a place that executed and imprisoned Christians.
Am I willing to die for what I believe in? Maybe. But that is easy to say, isn't it?
I am ashamed to say that I very well might deny. On the outside, anyway.
But maybe Jesus would understand.
I'm not sure.

If I'm going to die for what I believe in, will I get a quick death or a slow one out of the deal?
Call me lame, but that is an important factor to me!

Go read Vox's whole article for examples of this war. It is rather sobering.
His previous one: The War They Can't Win is well worth reading as well.

Monday, December 25, 2006

what is christmas about?

This is a repost of last years Christmas post, with the addition of the actual video, instead of just the text. I couldn't say it well last year, or any better this year.

Charlie Brown: [shouting in desperation] Isn't there anyone out there who can tell me what Christmas is all about?

Linus: Sure, Charlie Brown, I can tell you. Lights, please.

[a spotlight shines on Linus]

"And there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the fields, keeping watch over their flocks by night.
And lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the lord shone round about them, and they were so afraid.
And the angel said unto them, Fear not, for behold, I bring unto you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.

For unto you this day is born in the City of Bethlehem, a Savior, which is Christ the Lord. And this shall be a sign unto you; you shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger. And suddenly there was with the angel, a multitude of the heavenly host, praising God, and saying, 'Glory to God in the highest, and on Earth peace, good will toward men'".

That's what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown.

Merry Christmas Charlie Brown!
Out of the mouths of (cartoon) babes.
I think Linus (quoting Luke, of course) kind of said it all, don't you?

I miss the days when this wasn't offensive!

Merry Christmas to all of you, and may the Lord bless you on this, and all days.
Thanks, as always, for stopping by and may your new year be blessed, happy and productive!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Whatever Could It Be?

There is a long box under the tree.

Whatever could it be?

Fluorescent lamps for my kitchen lighting fixtures?
A stuffed boa constrictor?
A pre-assembled 2-piece cue stick?
A life-sized casting of my............... arm?
A baby giraffe neck?
A mop?
A long list of broken promises and failed visions of the Left?

Man! I just don't know.

And I can hardly wait...

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Jawbone of an Ass.

I've been out for a while, and I apologize.
Between finals, and my medical crap, I've barely even checked my email, much less blogged.

I grind my teeth at night. In the above pic, the very pronounced chopper second from the right in jawbone is a titanium implant and ceramic crown I got a few years ago.
(Wear your night-guard kids!)
The mirror image tooth (2nd from the left, bottom) is in the same process. This is the process (the second time around is different only in the level of agony).

Grind your teeth so hard one of them cracks.
Bacteria gets in crack and causes infection.
Infection goes unnoticed until there is discomfort.
Call dentist about discomfort.
By the time you get to the dentist, the sensation has gone from discomfort to something a little less than excruciating, but more than intense, pain.
Have dentist tell you that tooth is toast, and needs to be pulled, but they don't do that here.
He advises that you need to be on antibiotics for a few days anyway, before tooth is pulled.
Gives referral to maxiofacial ghoul.

Fun Tooth Trivia!! - When a tooth is abscessed, and the infection is all around the root, anesthetic doesn't hardly work on it at all!!

Take antibiotics for about three days. In the interim, catch the projectile-vomiting, facial-blood-vessel bursting flu bug that's been going around, and end up with a tooth/jaw/neck/back/head ache plus fever.
Then, finally, go to maxiofacial surgeon.
I'm not sure if I'll recommend the dude I went to.
I think it was this guy:

The guy about kills me with the anesthetic injections, and slips with one that I'm pretty damn sure goes through my mouth, into my neck muscles. He mutters I have a tough tendon.
The injections are VERY painful.
This is odd, as the last time I had this done, a kindly old gent did it with minimal discomfort, as I recall. This older guy, sadly, is retired BTW.

So DeSade goes to pull the tooth. I tell him stuff isn't numb, as I felt pain from the air wand the assistant used to blow off the tooth and area.

Classic stupid question from Dr. Mengele: "Are you sure?" ("Is it safe?")
The guy is about to rip part of my body from me with steel tools, so I forgo my typical witty repartee, and tell him that, yes, I am pretty sure.

More local anesthetic. This time just uncomfortable, not grunt eliciting.

Remember the Fun Tooth Trivia above? It's true.
Holy Mother of God is it true. And then some.

So Szell starts pulling, while muttering a question about something being "safe".

I actually yell. Out loud. Very atypical.
It hurts down into my socks.
The freakin' floor hurts.
This guy (below) would have been proud.
(Your pain will be legendary....)

So the doc says:
"Unbearable, isn't it? The suffering of strangers, the agony of friends.
There is a secret song at the center of the world, jimmyb, and its sound is like razors through flesh."
Wait a sec.
Actually what Corbin says (in response to my school-girl-like cries) "Are you just feeling pressure, or is it actual pain?"
As I glare at him - while I am sweating, quivering, panting and turning ashen - I say, "eh hoots" (rhymes with toots).
Another worthless shot of local anesthetic follows.

Which translates roughly to "OMG! WTF!! OWWWWW!!!"
(Apparently, tooth #30 is attached to ones testicles as well as the eye sockets.)

Doc: Ok. Ok. Don't worry, it's done now. (Yanks again.)
(That lying SOB.)

Finally, after 6 days, 6 hours, and 6 minutes, it is out.
(Perhaps it just felt that long.)
I have not passed out.
I am close, however.
I'm in shock a little, and trying not to vomit.
I succeed.

Now I will have to go through the process and non-covered expense of another titanium implant and crown.

Mmmmmm...titanium.... Made out of the same material as the coating on this Desert Eagle, which hopefully someone will buy for me out of sympathy! :)

I mean, I'm still in pain ya know....

And I'm still in true form, as I can apparently work a firearm angle and bleg into a tooth story!!!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Ohio Slated to Die in 89 Days!!

It's over folks. We're all gonna die!!!
This time it's for real, not like the last time we were going to die when concealed carry originally got passed.

The Ohio Senate (after the House, last week) vetoed the (self) esteemed, convicted criminal Bob Taft's veto of HB347. This is the first time in a governor's veto has been overridden since 1977.

*in best Nelson voice* Ha Ha!

Ohio HB347 addressed several provisions of the relatively new concealed carry law in Ohio, and clarified some issues about carrying in a vehicle.

But here's the kicker. Heh.

Sec. 9.68. (A) The individual right to keep and bear arms, being a fundamental individual right that predates the United States Constitution and Ohio Constitution, and being a constitutionally protected right in every part of Ohio, the general assembly finds the need to provide uniform laws throughout the state regulating the ownership, possession, purchase, other acquisition, transport, storage, carrying, sale, or other transfer of firearms, their components, and their ammunition. Except as specifically provided by the United States Constitution, Ohio Constitution, state law, or federal law, a person, without further license, permission, restriction, delay, or process, may own, possess, purchase, sell, transfer, transport, store, or keep any firearm, part of a firearm, its components, and its ammunition.
What this means is the unconstitutional (Ohio and US constitutions) additional restrictions that many (actually most) big cities in Ohio put on people's ability to keep and bear arms will be null and void in 89 days.

The racist "Saturday Night Special" and retarded "assault weapons" bans are going out the door. Of course, their will be well-funded leftists trying to use every legal trick in the book to quash this, so we'll see what happens.

Does anyone actually believe that criminals will now go buy firearms that they wouldn't have before, just because the law has changed?

I didn't think so.

Monday, December 11, 2006

The Cure

I have found a cure for a horrible, previously untreatable condition.

You can thank me by emailing me and sending me cash.
I figure I will probably be up for a Nobel prize.

Condition: ABBA's song Dancing Queen is stuck in your head.

Treament: This video, Wrathchild (by Iron Maiden), with original singer Paul Di'Anno.

Works every time.

To mankind: You're welcome.

Gwenyth is a Stupid, Spoiled B***ch.

Woops! Did I type that out loud?

Gwyneth Paltrow Hates America
"I love the English lifestyle, it's not as capitalistic as America. People don't talk about work and money, they talk about interesting things at dinner," she told "NS," the weekend magazine supplement of daily Portuguese newspaper Diario de Noticias on Saturday.

"I like living here because I don't fit into the bad side of American psychology. The British are much more intelligent and civilized than the Americans," the 34-year-old added.

Which makes this headline about the Polonium-210 spy poisoning all the more curious:

Polonium Restaurant' sees business improve in poisoning aftermath

Hmmmm. That doesn't seem that terribly wise, but then, I'm not British.
Of course, an American-hating Liberal's definition of more intelligent is fluid, I'm sure.
You gotta love it when people who have reaped more rewards than most could ever possibly dream of, decry the very system that enabled them to reap those rewards. Not.

A product of wealth and privilege from the day she was born.
I'm sure the only thing she likes about commoners is their money.
She hasn't gotten any of mine for a long time.

Good for you, Gwen. Stay the hell over there, and never again gain anything from our people or our system.
I guess we all knew you were a hypocrite when you spouted off all your tree-huggy crap and drove around in your SUV.

Please don't come back. We'll manage.

In other news:

L.I. Taco Bells Close For Decontamination
Number Of Confirmed Cases In N.Y., N.J. Reach 39
Source Of Bacteria Undetermined, Food Sent To Labs

(CBS/AP) NEW YORK An outbreak of E-coli bacteria has sickened more than a dozen people on Long Island, including several who ate at Taco Bell. Officials have asked eight Taco Bell restaurants be closed.

Maybe they should change their catch-phrase to "Run for the Shi**er.
Anybody want to chip in and send Gwenyth a burrito or two?

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Is It Possible?

Q: Is it possible for Oleg Volk to be any cooler or more profound?

A: While technically possible, it is highly unlikely.


Many of us will never be subjects, and politicians and anti-rights groups would do well to remember that. If you want citizens, you are in the right place; if you desire subjects, you would be wise to go elsewhere.

As always, thanks to Oleg Volk, of A Human Right, for the great picture, and the great sentiment.

Friday, December 08, 2006

France 24: Commie Du Jour

So, the Frogs are going on-air with an international news station:
Jacques Chirac's dream of a global TV news network á la française, to counter Anglo-Saxon global media dominance, becomes reality tonight as France launches a bilingual 24-hour news service.
Those dang Anglo-Saxons! (Does that mean "Jooooooos!"?)

Of course, being the superior news network you have come to expect, C-U-G Headline News has uncovered mucho information about the new "all frogs all the time" network (France 24).

Here we have a picture of the station's new transmitter tower, surreptitiously taken by ace reporter, American patriot, and gun nut, jimmyb:

Additionally, here is a leaked memo containing possible French News Tag-Lines:

Like MSNBC, only smellier.

Watch us! We hate America almost as much at the American MSN and universities!!

All the Leftism that's fit to air.

Now with more condescension and snooty looks!

Don't hit us, we give!

If you can find news reports that sound any gayer, watch them.

We can hire Melissa Theuriau, and you can't.

After some intense research, we have uncovered these Fun Facts about France 24:

It smokes.

John Kerry, a major shareholder, will christen France 24 by breaking a bottle of over-rated, over-priced wine on it. He will then slander American troops.
(Go to college kids or you'll end up dead on a beach in Normandy!)

The resulting crash of glass will send 3/4 of the population running.
Alert level: Cower (sniveling optional).

It's called France 24 because the French government is hoping to steal some ratings from curious "24" fans. Jack Bauer will probably punch them in the face later.

There are plans for a new French alternative life-style show called "Cheesy-Poofs".

It has a competitively priced subscription fee, and is totally free for Germans and angry Muslims.

A plan is already in place to appease, and then surrender to, the al-Jazeer Network.

It has a little white flag waving in the bottom left-hand corner.

AccuFire 3000 Doppler Unrest-Radar - Gives hourly updates for the latest information on burning cars and buildings, as well as up-to-the-minute info on roving gangs of rioting Muslim youths.

The Sharia Hour of Power Show!

Guest op-eds by Pepe LePew. (Heh. Le cool.)

First week: 20 minute op-ed piece on why soap control/registration is imperative to national safety. (Of course, we all know this will lead to soap confiscation over there...)

Coming attractions:
30 week series on pre-emptive surrendering.
30 minute true French crime show with Inspector Cleuseau.
30 second show on French military victories.
3 second show on how to be polite.
0.3 second show on bathing.

Look for the new show France's Most Wanted: Featuring John Kerry and Jerry Lewis.

When signing off, instead of waving goodbye with one hand like the stupid Americans, they will sign off by raising both hands. Very high, and very slowly...

Looks like a win-win, folks.
I hope this report was insightful for you.
Just doing my part to culturefy the masses.
I feel so Euro now.

Diversitudiness, thy name is CUG.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Never Forget

In memory of those who lost their lives, and those who fought on for them - then - and in the years to come.

Never forget.

Whoops! Too late.


And of course:
"America must understand that with anti-American governments in Latin America and with Islam growing and reinforcing, including in the U.S. itself, the next step would be a total defeat on their (American) land, not a relative one like they are facing in Iraq," he [Abu Ayman] said.

"The report proves that this is the era of Islam and of jihad," said Abu Ayman, a senior leader of Islamic Jihad in the northern West Bank town of Jenin.
Perhaps it does, Abu.
Perhaps it does...


I listen to a Cincinnati radio station while driving to work.

The Kentucky Lottery has a commercial based on the 12 Days of Christmas.
But they changed the words to (something like) "On the first day of the holiday, my true love gave to me...".

We've come far, haven't we? It doesn't even make me angry, anymore.
Just sad.

Merry Christmas.
(Hope that didn't offend you.)

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Traitors All?

Congress open to passing bill on immigration

Congress will approve an immigration bill that will grant citizenship rights to most of the 12 million to 20 million illegal aliens in the U.S. after Democrats take control next month, predict both sides on Capitol Hill.

What is with politicians wanting to legalize illegal behavior?
Precedent and incentives are not gifts to be traded against the wishes of, and at the expense of, the electorate.
People do NOT want amnesty for illegals. It is unfair, and dangerous to the country.
Very few on either side of the aisle seem to recognize this.
The President doesn't seem to understand this either.

Democrats in both chambers say they will start with some form of legislation first drafted by Sens. John McCain, Arizona Republican, and Edward M. Kennedy...
Good Lord.
Between this and the NAFTA SuperCorridor/North America Union, I don't know if I should quit voting, or just move.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Another Day at the Circus

Woman Sentenced for Condom Explosives

BOSTON -- A former strip club waitress was sentenced Wednesday to five years of supervised release after she pleaded guilty to mailing threatening letters and flammable material, including condoms filled with a potentially explosive mixture, court documents said.
Rumor has it the police were going to force every one to leave all of the buildings involved, but then changed their minds.

They didn't want to be accused of having a premature evacuation.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Teddy Float

Dedicated to Ted "The Swimmer" Kennedy.
(Click to hugificate)

Is this in poor taste?

Of course it is.
But then, no one has ever accused me of being tasteful or tactful.

Culture of corruption, indeed.

The text of the ad follows:

If Ted Kennedy drove a Volkswagen, he’d be President today.

It floats.
The way our body is built, we’d be surprised if it didn’t.

The sheet of flat steel that goes underneath every Volkswagen keeps out water, as well as dirt and salt and other nasty things that can eat away at the underside of a car. So it’s watertight at the bottom.

And everybody knows it’s easier to shut the door on a Volkswagen after you’ve rolled down the window a little. That proves it’s practically airtight on the top.

If it was a boat, we could call it the Water Bug.

But it’s not a boat, it’s a car.

And, like Mary Jo Kopechne, it’s only 00 and 44/100 percent pure.

So it won’t stay afloat forever. Just long enough.

Poor Teddy.

If he’d been smart enough to buy a Volkswagen, he never would have gotten into hot water.
Maybe we can have a Robert Byrd commercial selling sheets for Sears next.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Thanksgiving Day Weekend.

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!
Thanks to all of you who stopped by, and back at ya!

Here is a short (and not all-inclusive) list of things I am thankful for:

Our Lord and Saviour, without whom this list wouldn't have been possible.

My family, both local and remote.
What else can I say, except how much I love them. (Thiiiiiiiiiisssss much!!!).

I just wish we were as normal as the family in the picture...
(I'm kidding!! Everyone in my family is almost every bit as normal as I am.
And that's good, right?)

My country.
God Bless the U.S.

John Moses Browning. Gunmaster extraordinaire. Genius.

Friends. God love 'em.
And friends that have full-auto weapons they let me shoot too!!

(Target peppered with a genuine Sten in 9mm, as well as with a sweet H and R Reising Model 50 in 45 ACP. I'm bringing the camera next time to get some pictures of them!)

And let me also mention that I am thankful to all of you who come here and abuse yourselves with my ramblings.
Thanks bunches!!

Hope all of you had a safe and happy holiday.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Conservatives Are More Generous

Not terribly surprising, as we already know that red states are more generous than blue states when it comes to charity...

Philanthropy Expert: Conservatives Are More Generous
By Frank Brieaddy
Religion News Service

SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- Syracuse University professor Arthur C. Brooks is about to become the darling of the religious right in America -- and it's making him nervous.

The child of academics, raised in a liberal household and educated in the liberal arts, Brooks has written a book that concludes religious conservatives donate far more money than secular liberals to all sorts of charitable activities, irrespective of income.

In the book, he cites extensive data analysis to demonstrate that values advocated by conservatives -- from church attendance and two-parent families to the Protestant work ethic and a distaste for government-funded social services -- make conservatives more generous than liberals.

His book, he says, is carefully documented to withstand the scrutiny of other academics, which he said he encourages.

The book's basic findings are that conservatives who practice religion, live in traditional nuclear families and reject the notion that the government should engage in income redistribution are the most generous Americans, by any measure.

Conversely, secular liberals who believe fervently in government entitlement programs give far less to charity. They want everyone's tax dollars to support charitable causes and are reluctant to write checks to those causes, even when governments don't provide them with enough money.

Such an attitude, he writes, not only shortchanges the nonprofits but also diminishes the positive fallout of giving, including personal health, wealth and happiness for the donor and overall economic growth.
All of this, he said, he backs up with statistical analysis.
Two points:

1. If the opposite findings were in the book, would this author be on every single news program in the country, or what?

2. Is a little unfair to say that liberals aren't particularly generous at all, as they are well known for extorting money from people (read tax-paying citizens) at the barrel of a gun, with threats of violence and imprisonment, and then dispersing it to those they wish to buy votes from.
(And before you bitch, note I didn't say Democrats - there are plenty of liberal Republicans at the trough of stolen cash.)

Yep, liberals are real generous with other peoples' cash, just not with their own.
I wonder what it feels like to be morally superior...

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


When she is good, she is very, very good,
and when she is bad, she is better still.

"Democrats couldn't care less if people in Indiana hate them. But if Europeans curl their lips, liberals can't look at themselves in the mirror."

and this one -

"The New York Times editorial page is like a Ouija board that has only three answers, no matter what the question. The answers are: higher taxes, more restrictions on political speech and stricter gun control." - Ann Coulter

She cracks me up.
I like Ann sometimes, because just liking her pisses off so many liberals.

Pity she doesn't have a book out that I don't already have, or I would go buy one.

Maybe a t-shirt...

The Jews In The Attic Test

I think I found a new "smell" test for laws and the role of government (in anything).
It's simple, elegant, and quite an attention grabber; it makes you think.


With much thanks to Joe Huffman (of "The View from North Central Idaho") for his gracious permission allowing me to use this.

To the best of my knowledge I am the originator of this test and the name I use to describe it. It first came about in 1999 while I was working with Cease Fear (Cease Fear predates The Pink Pistols by about a year although the Pink Pistols is far more successful).
We were put hand-outs in the shops in the Capital Hill area of Seattle for NRA Refuse to Be A Victim and Home Firearm Safety classes. The Capital Hill area is well known LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi, and Trans-sexual) community in the Seattle area. Our goal was to teach people of the LGBT community how to defend themselves against people who would attack them (gay-bashings). Several of the others and I in Cease Fear were certified NRA firearms instructors and were willing to donate our time to help make their lives safer.
One of the discussions we had amongst ourselves as we walked from shop to shop was how to explain to others how important our right to keep and bear arms was to our freedom.
People tend to understand the importance of freedom of speech and the freedom of the press pretty well and some of the other rights guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. But the Second Amendment was and is viewed as unimportant and perhaps even counterproductive by many in today's society.
I explained to the others in my little band of activists that I looked at all laws that restricted freedom with a view to the impact it would have in a worst case scenario of our government run amok.
Will this law make it difficult or impossible to protect innocent life from a government intent on their imprisonment or death?
Although I pretty much made everything up on the spot I told them I called this test my 'Jews In The Attic Test'.
Furthermore I told them that if it fails this test no further discussion is really needed, the law must be opposed in the most vigorous manner "

Some laws that fail the test and why:

bulletGovernment mandated ID cards and the authority to demand them at any time. The oppressed class will be unable to masquerade as a member of the neutral or oppressor classes.
bulletSearches without probable cause. Imagine you are attempting to smuggle your "Jews in the attic" to a safer hiding place. If the police at the roadblock can search all vehicles then you and your precious cargo are headed to the "work camps".
bulletGovernment monopoly on medical care. This is a bit surprising -- isn't it? If it is illegal for you to pay someone for anonymous health care then how can your "Jews in the attic" receive health care?
bulletFirearm or firearm owner registration. The registration information can be used to confiscate the firearms used to protect innocent life -- as it was under the 1938 Weapons Control Act in Nazi Germany.
bulletElimination or severe restriction of anonymous financial transactions. The purchase of food and other supplies for your "Jews in the attic" would show up in the records as being excessive compared to what your needs were. Just as power consumption records are used today to catch home marijuana growers.

I continue to use this test to this day and advocate it's widespread use by others.

Joe Huffman rocks. Go check out his stuff.

And remember this test, every time you see your lawmakers plotting, and every time someone says, "there ought to be a law"...

Monday, November 20, 2006

Dear Moonbats:

Remember when you said if Bush got re-elected we would end up with a military draft?

You just forgot to tell us it was the Democrats that were going to try to pull it off.

Rep. Rangel (D-Dumbass-NY) Will Seek to Reinstate Draft

The is the second time he's brought it up.

Are the Dems for real? Or is first and second hand bong smoke messing them up?

Sunday, November 19, 2006

National Ammo Day

Go on and get ya some now, ya here?

It's for a good cause...


At least 100 rounds.
You know I'm going to, and you should, too.

Friday, November 17, 2006

To Avoid Confusion

Sometimes when I speak, there are questions as to what I am referring to.
Case in point -

This is a pop-tart:

A pop-tart sings (kind of), acts (poorly) and sells images of sexuality and eroticism to underage girls after displaying an initial facade of innocence and wholesomeness to rope them and their parents in. They then becoming increasingly slutty as more dollars roll in.
They come filled with simplistic ideas of life and the universe, along with a vapid personality. Pop-tarts generally have a limited useful lifespan, and are expensive to maintain.

This (below) is a Kellogg's Pop-Tart.

It is a warm, delicious toaster pastry, which comes filled with yummy trans-fat and a sweet fruit filling.
Mmmmmm...trans fat and fruit filling....
They have no personality, but who cares when they're so tasty! Very low maintenance.
Economical, but with a very short lifespan (gulp!)

This next picture is of a pup-tard.
(Click for hugification)

A pup-tard is neither a hyper-sexualized "entertainer", nor a warm, tasty toaster pastry.
He is warm however, and expensive to maintain, as he likes to eat most anything.
He comes filled with love, teeth, insatiable curiosity, piss, vinegar, and oodles of personality.
High maintenance, but worth it for the protection, snuggling, and hippy/commie-biting properties.

His potential lifespan is questionable, as it is a variable that changes with inverse proportionality to his bad behavior.
Good thing he's cute and lovable.

I hope this lesson cures any confusion there might have been regarding this terminology.
My goal is your edification.

Thursday, November 16, 2006


They're not the cut and run party. Quit saying
Kucinich Calls for Cutting Off Iraq War Funds

Emboldened Democrats to Urge Iraq Exit

They just want to help; you can trust them.
DPH requires health care providers to report HIV patient names
Think of the children. They should track gun ownership, too. Plus, the government never has any trouble with personal files and records, right?

Quotes of the year (from the guy that helped behead three young Christian school-girls):
"We are not cold-blooded killers,"
...the deaths of the Christian girls "were nothing."
Feelin' the peace yet? (Warning! Graphic link.)

Thank God the Dems are getting rid of that whole culture of corruption:
Abramoff Reports to Prison; Officials Focus on (Harry) Reid

FBI Tape Reveals John Murtha's Role in Abscam Scandal

The Legal Woes Of Rep. Jefferson
This is going to be a fun political season, I can tell already.

I took second place in GOP and the City's weekly caption contest.
I was beaten by the guy that judges the contest. Hmmmmm......
(Actually, his is danged funny, and so are the others!)

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


From the National Ammo Day site:

The goals of Ammo Day:

The goal of National Ammo Day is to empty the ammunition from the shelves of your local gun store, sporting goods, or hardware store and put that ammunition in the hands of law-abiding citizens. Make your support of the Second Amendment known--by voting with your dollars!

There are an estimated 75 MILLION gun owners in the United States of America. If each gun owner or Second Amendment supporter buys 100 rounds of ammunition, that’s 7.5 BILLION rounds in the hands of law-abiding citizens!

Let the politicians, the gun-grabbers, and the international community know that America is proud of its Right to Bear Arms and we will not be disarmed.

The gun/ammunition manufacturers have been taking the brunt of all the frivolous lawsuits brought by the gun-grabbers. These gun-grabbers are trying to put these folks out of business. Well, not if we can help it! And we CAN help it by buying ammunition on November 19!

Now make sure you buy 100 rounds of something on Sunday.
Heck, buy 1000 (or more!). Even if you don't own a gun!!

This will still help the cause, and you can always go buy a firearm on Buy a Gun Day - every April 15th (or before) - to match your ammo.

Or, you can buy some ammo, and give it to ME!!!
I promise I will put it to good use - protecting God, Family and Country. Or by shooting holes into paper or varmints.

Meijer's here I come!!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A New Direction

(Picture shamelessly stolen from IMAO.)

I'd just like to thank all the RINO's for handing over both houses to the Dhimacratic Party and their "New Direction" for our country.

Especially here in Ohio, a special shout-out to Noe, Taft, DeWine and Voinovich.
(That would be a - me shouting "F*** you, you whiny-assed RINO-tards!!" at them - kind of shout-out.)

Now honestly, I think this picture is a little bit of an exaggeration.

Oh, I still see the car in flames, but it's wrapped around a phone-pole, instead of flying off of a bridge.

See, things aren't that bad! :)

Maybe it should be this picture, instead:
With a drunken liberal swimming away from the wheel and the cold, lifeless body of our country's economy floating shotgun.

I hope the Dems "new direction" doesn't change the direction of taxes or gun laws or the number of terror attacks on our soil or the low interest rates or the increased federal revenues or the stock market or...

Of course, if the Republicans don't get their act together on things like immigration and trade (read industry!) and federal spending, this could be their "new direction"

And to Mike DeWine: Good riddance, asshat.
It's going to take me 6 months to get the taste of bile out of my mouth after I voted for you.
I feel so dirty.
But I'm not doing it in '08. I'm done.
They had better run Ron Paul and Tom Tancredo.
There is no Rudy or McCain vote in my future.

Ok, now someone can call me a hate mongering Nazi in the comments!!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Thank You.

And God bless to our service people.
Hope your weekend (and a long one for some) had at least a few moments in it to remember and thank our service people for their bravery and sacrifice on Armistice and Veterans Day.
And happy birthday to the Marines, too.

And finally, thanks to the foreign troops all over the world that work with us, too!

Friday, November 10, 2006


Texas rocks so much that they'll elect a dead Republican over a live Democrat.
Pretty smart folk, there!

Her people even kept campaigning for her!!

Texas Republicans campaign for dead candidate

And she end up kicking some ass!!
In District 29, Republican incumbent Glenda Dawson, who died on Sept. 12, won over Democrat Anthony A. Dinovo.
Dawson snagged 21,284 votes, or 60 percent, while Dinovo had 13,984 votes.

They love guns.
Lots of wide-open spaces.
Little (if any) snow.
Low percentage of hippies.
Good hunting.
Traction Control is there.
They CAN'T have more RINO's than Ohio.
They whip on Dems (as the story above atests to).

And GM has a truck plant in Arlington, too.

Could it work?
Southern CUG style?

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Adults Only

Dear Moonbats,

What happened to the Republicans disenfranchising/cheating/stealing/buying/Diebolding, the elections?

Or do conspiracies only apply when things don't go your way.

Also, please note that you don't see Republicans or conservatives screaming and whining about how they were robbed by the Left's malfeasance.

See, that's how the grown-ups act.
Please take note.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Ohio Election Live Blogging Update

Based on the preliminary results of the local election of candidates and passage of Ohio issues, I will issue this brusque report:

We are, apparently, f***ed.
Have a nice day.

And please send me money to help me pay my higher taxes.

More government, more taxes, more BS, more intrusions, more socialism.

To quote Clint Eastwood in the Dirty Harry movies:


On the Up Side

No matter what happens in the election, at least we'll be done with those *&$^#*@(@*$% commercials tomorrow.

Silver lining and all...

Monday, November 06, 2006


Update: I totally forgot about blaming institutionalized racism and singling out the poor and downtrodden to cheat out of their votes!!!
I'll never make a good liberal, I guess.

Never fear, however, the Democrats won't forget these cards...

Post election:

In races that Dhimocrats win, the will say, "The people have spoken...", "mandate...", "people want progressive values (*choke*), etc.
Then, they will insert whichever KOSsatic DUmmy talking points they can get the most milage out of...
Culture of corruption, terrorist civil rights, global warming, Iraq, kitten mills, jobs, economy (?), quagmire, gas prices, spontaneous combustion, or global cooling.

In races they lose, they will (of course) play the same cards they always do -
Disen-french-fried voters, Karl Rove, Republicans bought the election, or stole the election, maybe leased the election, Diebold stole it, the voters were tricked (i.e. are stupid), voters don't understand (that whole stupid thing again), voters are sheeple (stupid anyone?) or their canidate was too conservative and a DINO.

What kind of odds can you give me?

My own opinion? Most R's that lose will lose because they have strayed from conservative values. Those values which have have gotten them elected time and again over the last decade-plus. Many of these so-called Republicans have taken pandering to a Leftist press in words and actions, to be rewarded with air time, news ink, shallow praise (ooooh!! He's a maverick!) and selective fawning, and many seem to have also become drunk with with the power given to them by US - the citizens. The taxpayers.

While I detest the thought of a Democratically controlled anything (they can't even run abortion clinics, and certainly not Congress!), I can't help but admit that some (but not all) of the Republicans troubles are of their own making.

BTW, that doesn't mean I have forgotten the leftist prism through which the R's behavior is viewed in the MSM.
Undeniably, part of the possible losses will be directly attributable to the never ending criticism of the war (and EVERYTHING ELSE) and the Republican administration.
This is always a detriment to Republicans, but the Republicans are by no means beyond reproach, either.

See you at the polls.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Pie-Hole Accidentally Discharges!!!

(BTW, I thought the picture was appropriate this close to Halloween. Thanks to IMAO for putting it up for me to steal!!)

Re: The latest John "I said you weren't a moron before I said you were a moron" Kerry flap.

I'm glad he said what he said. Honestly.

I wish the rabid, leftist communist/socialists that have stealthily (and not so stealthily) taken over the Communist Democratic Party would be honest like this far more often.

Liberals are elitists.
And when they are honest (which is rare), they will come right out and prove it.

They believe they are more intelligent than, and morally (hahahaha!!!) superior to, the "little people"; and especially the ignorant, unwashed "red-stater type" masses.

You know the type - morons: Military people, Jeebus lovin' Christians (Dem politicians: I'm not a Christian, but I play one on TV...), red-neck gun owners, Neanderthal pro-lifers who don't subscribe to the holiest of sacraments: abortion; intolerant jerks that don't want to publicly fund the homosexual agenda for kids in pre-school through graduate school...

You get the picture.

They wish to rule us for our own ignorant good, and to fulfill their lust for power and feed the delusions of grandeur they have as the self-proclaimed saviors of humanity.

You are not good enough, trustworthy enough, and/or smart enough to make your own decisions, teach your own children, feed yourself, run your own business, or own the implements needed to defend your life, your family, your country, and your home.

They hate this country.
They are ashamed of it and its history.
They despise what it stands for.

They are the appointed/anointed gods born to recreate the greatest nation that has ever been into their own twisted Stalinist image.
They love the dark, Godless, yet seemingly (to them) utopian, image of what they long to turn this country into.
They love their vision.

They love themselves.
But they don't love you.
And they sure-as-hell don't love this country.
And when they tell you they do, they are lying to you, and maybe even to themselves as well.

And you should be fearful of them at all times; but especially when they are in power.
And even moreso when they wish to disarm you to "protect" you.

That Kerry despises the military is no surprise. It is common knowledge for anyone that cares to remember. He demonstrated that decades ago.
And he has not changed one bit since then. Of course, the MSM will jump to his defense, as they do for all prominent people who hate America.

But expensive, orchestrated spin does not change the facts.

So I'm glad Kerry has again, and continuously, shown us where liberals stand.
To liberals, the military is but a tool to use on its own citizens to enforce their will.
But never to be used to slay an enemy, or protect the nation.

There is no real defense for these stances, and that is why their handlers and defenders caterwaul and wail about conspiracies and Rovian plots whenever their true thoughts happen to occasionally leak out.
To distract from and cover and legitimize that which is unholy and traitorous and pathetic.

We are, perhaps, involved in more than one war, even now.
The war at home, with a foe more dangerous than Osama could ever be...

But wait!!

What's that?

Kerry was in Viet Nam? John F-ing Kerry?

Oh, reeeeeeeeeally?

Well then - never mind.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Who Says...

Who says there is no wisdom in television.
And why does this quote make me think of liberals?

"You don't call retarded people retards; it's bad taste.
You call your friends retards, when they're acting retarded."
- Michael Scott, The Office

I choked on my beer when he said that.
The Office is a quirky and fairly funny show.
It might be worth checking out...

Monday, October 30, 2006

Just Wondering

Little Miss Chatterbox of The Chatterbox Chronicles has a great video of Lynn Cheney asking Wolf Blitzer if he and the CNN crew want America to win the war on terror.
It's pretty sweet.

And speaking of CNN siding with the terrorists:

Why does CNN (Caliphate News Network?) have no problem showing US soldiers getting killed, but will not show terrorists getting killed by US soldiers?

Why don't they show US citizens jumping off the world trade center?

Why won't they show terrorists executing reporters and civilians?

I guess the spirit of Ted Turner is still alive and well and roaming the halls at CNN...

Thursday, October 26, 2006

In My Neighborhood

When I stepped outside of my house yesterday, I heard gun-fire.

That's a good thing, round these parts.

It sounds like freedom.


Tuesday, October 24, 2006

This Is a Test.

Here is a question test to check if someone is a VRWC member (or something else):

Q: How many guns do you own?

Possible Answers:

Hippie - Facist!!

Liberal Politician or Hollyweird Star-
I don't have a gun, but my security team members have at least two full-auto ones each, at all times, but that's ok; I'm special.

Liberal Democrat - What exactly do you mean by.... guns?
Civilize people don't need or own guns *sniff*.

Rural Democrat - One, somewhere around here. I don't see why you worry about guns so much. They'll never take them away from people in THIS country.

Republican - Three. One pistol, one rifle, and one shotgun.

Libertarian - As many as I wish and can afford.

VRWC Member- Uhhhh...what do you mean by how many, exactly? You mean like a hard number?
(Starts counting on fingers... on both hands).
I can probably give you a rough estimate. Sort of.
I dunno? How many should I have?
Not enough.

Ultra-VRWC - What the hell is it to you, commie? You writing a book?

Monday, October 23, 2006

A Whopper.

A story told by a now-retired co-worker.

It was a dark and stormy night.
Two in the morning.
I was riding my Harley Davidson motorcycle down interstate XX.
Tired, but fighting on to finish the ride home.

It is raining hard. Lightening, thunder, sheets of water - one after the other.
The water stings.
I can barely see.
But yet, I continue on.

Then, seemingly out of nowhere, a semitrailer pulls across the interstate to turn left, putting his trail at a perfect right angle to my path!
I do the only thing I can do.

I lay the bike down, and slide under the semi's trailer that has crossed my path. Once on the other side, I manage to right the bike out of the slide, while still moving, and continue riding on.

Co-worker: Holy crap, Dude!! Weren't you scared.

Dude: Nah, but my wife was; she was riding on the back at the time.

And the Academy Award goes to....

Friday, October 20, 2006

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words.

For all of you communist sympathizers, and those of you that vote for Commicrats (read Schumer, Clinton, Pelosi, Kennedy, etc.), I hope you find this a "enlightening".

What's that Billy Squire song? In The Dark?

From the UK's Daily Mail:

North Korea might now have The Bomb, but it doesn't have much electricity

As the world grapples with how to rein in the "axis of evil" state which this week conducted a nuclear test, this spectacular satellite photo unveiled yesterday by US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld shows in stark detail the haves and have-nots of the Korean peninsula.

The regime in the north is so short of electricity that the whole country is switched off at 9 p.m. - apart from the capital of Pyongyang where dictator Kim Jong-il and his cohorts live in relative luxury. But even there, lighting is drastically reduced.

The result, as shown in this picture taken one night earlier this week, is a startling contrast between the blacked-out north and the south, which is ablaze with light, particularly around major cities and the capital, Seoul, in the north-west of the country.

Mr Rumsfeld showed the picture to illustrate how backward the northern regime really is - and how oppressed its people are. Without electricity there can be none of the appliances that make life easy and that we take for granted, he said.

"Except for my wife and family, that is my favourite photo," said Mr Rumsfeld.

"It says it all. There's the south, the same people as the north, the same resources north and south, and the big difference is in the south it's a free political system and a free economic system. "The people in the north are starving, their growth is stunted. It's a shame, a tragedy." An aide added: "This oppressive regime is too busy trying to make war to make life comfortable for its people"

Darkness, gloom.

Literally, and figuratively...

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Please Recycle

Use STERILIZED, fumigated, and de-hempified hippie mulches and fertilizers.

This message brought to you by the non-profit Conservative UAW Guys for a Green, Hippie-Free Planet.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Can There Be Any Doubt Left...

that the apocolypse is almost upon us?

Wham! Reunites For Xmas Concert

London, England (AHN) - Quintessential '80s band Wham! will reunite for a Christmas concert at London's Wembley Arena, 20 years after their split.
Wham?!!??!? Freaking Wham?!?!!!
This demonstrably portends the end times, people.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go get right with the Lord and then go max out all my credit cards... ;)

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Kitty Kahr

Who says cat-blogging isn't cool?
This picture of Kitty with a Karh

was inpired by this picture of Mel, sporting the Kalashnikitty shirt (and what looks to be a Kalashnikov rifle, AKA an AK-47)

which was taken during the Gunbloggers Rendezvousat the beautiful Washoe County Parks Department Public Shooting Range, pictured here:

Now don't you wish you would have gone?
Gunbloggers rule.

Range report on the Kahr MK9 Elite 98 forthcoming.

Monday, October 16, 2006

What Double Standard?

The fair and balanced MSN:

Networks Biased in Reporting Sex Scandals, Report Says
By Melanie Hunter Senior Editor
October 12, 2006

Over the past 12 days, more than 150 stories on Foley aired on morning and evening news shows on ABC, CBS, and NBC, the Media Research Center, parent company of Cybercast News Service, found. Compare that to 19 stories over one year in the scandal involving Mel Reynolds - a Democratic congressman from Illinois convicted in 1995 of having sex with a 16-year-old campaign worker.

"The numbers are clear and shocking: 152 stories on Mark Foley over 12 days, yet only 19 stories on Mel Reynolds over an entire year. This double standard reeks of political partisanship and proves how far the liberal media will go to downplay the sexual degeneracy of a liberal Democrat and trumpet the sexual degeneracy of a Republican," said MRC President Brent Bozell in a statement.

Reynolds also conspired to have sex with the teen's 15-year-old friend, solicited child porn, and was convicted on 12 counts of sexual assault and obstruction of justice.

Color me shocked.
I think the Dems should tell us who knew what, and when did they know it.
Or is that too partisan?

Also note, this guy actually had sex with a MINOR. Not disgusting emails or IM's.
But sexual contact. No biggy, if you're a Democrat, I guess.

Do as they say, not as they do.
On second thought, you probably shouldn't do as they say OR do.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

It's All a Plot

Sunday Morning.

Northwest Ohio.



Of course, this can only mean one thing:

The Rethuglican weather machine run by the Halichimpy and Co. cabal is cranking down the temperature so I have to crank up the heat, to fill the coffers of their rich, oil-baron buddies at the expense of the proletariat, kittens, and the elderly!!!


We now return you to the reality based community...

Friday, October 13, 2006

Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden in concert Tuesday, October 17th in Auburn Hills at the Palace.

Man, I sure would like to go, but I don't think it's going to happen.

Dang. I kind of miss the 80's sometimes.

Rock on, metalheads.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A Grim Milestone

This is somewhere around my 1000th post.

Be afraid.

Be very afraid.

But keep coming back, too!! :)

Just to keep in the spirit of gun pR0n, here is a picture of the GBR host and instigator, Mr. Completely, shooting a .480 Ruger! This cannon is known round these parts as "hog-leg".

To keep in the spirit of my political agenda, I am also stating my belief that he was probably taking some pot-shots at a group of mountain-hippies, at my behest.

Don't worry, though.
They were only warning shots...

The .480 Ruger courtesy of Kris.
The right to self-defense and Second Amendment rights are courtesy of God.

Here is some linkage about the Rendezvous, shamelessly stolen from Mr. C!

Happy reading.
And happy 1000th to me!!

Y'all come back now; ya hear?

Dan McKown

Ahhhh...what can one say about the first Gun Bloggers' Rendezvous, set up by the famous Mr. Completely?


But the most compelling part of the trip was the address given by the guest speaker, Brendan "Dan" McKown.

Dan was shot 5 times by 20-year-old Dominick S. Maldonado, on Nov. 20, 2005 at the Tacoma Washington Mall.
He is in a wheelchair as a result of his injuries.

As unlikely a speaker as Dan would seem to be for a Gun Bloggers' Rendezvous, I couldn't imagine a better selection.

He was intense.

And strong.

And eloquent.

And, dammit, he was funny, too.
Describing the encounter with the shooter, he related something close to this:

"So then I said, 'Young man, I think you need to put down your weapon,' which apparently translates in street lingo to 'Shoot me right now.' "

"All I can hope now is that God has some really big plans for that kid. And I hope he has some big plans for me, too. That's all I keep saying, 'God, your will be done.' "

The man was truly inspiring and amazing.
How do you almost die in what is basically a domestic terrorist attack, end up in chronic pain and wheelchair bound, and yet, thank God every day?

I felt about 2 inches tall.

And big as the world too, because my troubles are nothing, relatively speaking.


I guess "wow" about covers it.
And yet it doesn't cover it at all.

And adding insult to injury: The Tacoma PD/Prosecutor's Office has NOT returned Dan's UNFIRED weapon from the case. Great job, f**ktards. Disarm the victim. We're all safe now.

We'll never know how many lives Dan may have save.
He was the last person shot, and the one to draw a weapon on the shooter.

God bless you, Dan. And thank you.

Addtionally, the wife and I also met some totally-way-cool-awesome bloggers.
Man, was I humbled.

More to come.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Still trying to catch up from not being around home. It's aggravating.
The payoff was, I got to meet and spend time with a bunch of way-cool gun-bloggers.

Eat your hearts out, and thanks for your patience!!

RT said the cat pic was starting to freak her out, so here is a picture of my buddy Jake, who missed us a lot, as you can tell by this evidence.

Stay tuned for gun-bloggy goodness!

Monday, October 09, 2006


Back from Reno and the Gun Bloggers Rendezvous.

Quite a trip, and the computer quit working on the way there!

Much to report, and tons of linkage forthcomeing, time permitting.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

You Know What Pisses Me Off?

When a radio station doesn't play the slow instrumental lead-in to Aerosmith's "Sweet Emotion", and just starts it right with the fast rockin'.

That just irks the hell out of me.
The song was written with said intro by the artists, and was intended to be played that way.
Plus, it adds to the mood and impact of the song.

I don't like my movies colorized, either.

I guess I'm just a purist.

Oh, yeah.
I also get pissed when politicians turn out to be selfish, perverted, two-faced, gay, practicing ephebophiles that play the "oh it's not my fault because I'm a drunk and I was abused as a child" card, too.

Thanks a lot for your help with the elections, Foley.

Thanks to Yiannis Pavlis for the pissed off kitten picture!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Dirty-Hippy Logic

Here is a distillation of some of the college campus junk I hear:

Students that exactly mimic 95% of the teachers and 90% of the media are free thinkers.

Students that reflect the main stream of America and 5% of their teachers are brainwashed mindless masses.

Isn't that simple.

Cannabis really DOES lead to enlightenment!

We now return you to the mindless automatons, already in progress...

Damn, I hate hippies.