Sunday, January 15, 2006

Almost Time!

Update: I do have gasoline for my back-up generator.
Update: I do have back-up magazines for my .45.
Update: In true 24 fashion, the show has once again pi$$ed me and my wife off, by making us wait to see what happens next!!!

A real conversation at work towards the end of the day Friday.

Co-Worker: What are you doing this weekend?

Conservative UAW Guy: Well, Sunday night I'm going to be home with the phones unplugged, all the doors locked, two pistols, some munchies, a brew, and a very large "Do Not Disturb" sign hung on the front of the house.

CW: What?!?!?! Why?

CUG: Dude! The season premier of 24 is on! Do you live in a cave or something?
I'm psyched!!!

7 hourse and 5 minutes to go!
(Boop-beep, Boop-beep, Boop-beep....)

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