Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A Chicken in Every Pot.

I have been nominated in two different catagories for the "Best So Far Blog Awards" awards over at Bloggin' Outloud!

I would like to thank the Academy....
But really, I would like to thank Peakah of Peakah's Provocations, and Zaphriel/Matthew of Liberty Just In Case, for the honor!!!

That being said, let me now state the obvious: GO VOTE FOR ME!!!
I'll lower your taxes, enact a nation-wide concealed-carry law, and outlaw socialism in America!!!
Also, I will issue free DVD's of 24, to be paid for by money and property confiscated from evil and/or traitorous enemies.
This includes entities such as the ACLU, SAG, NAMBLA, and CBS.

I also note that many of my blogging friends are nominated over there, as well.
You are all dead to me now. Good luck to all of you as well!!

Seriously, though... Good luck to all, and good luck to me!

I'm jimmyb, and I approved this message.
I also totally rock.

Paid for by the Committee to Totally Get As Many Superfluous Blog Awards As Possible for CUG, copyright 2006, 14, blue, hike!

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