Monday, January 09, 2006

Hooray! I Suck...

less than I did last week!!!
After my bout of depression due to my abysmal shooting scores, I went to practice some more.
And more.
This, (below) is one of the results. That's a 91 (3X) out of 100.
Passable, to be sure.

But Spock! Can he do it Tuesday when actually shooting in the league?

Logically, Jim, he can. But that does not mean he will...

We shall see tomorrow.
(FYI, the black 9 ring is 3" across.)
This is what I scored in practice in rimfire and center-fire, respectively.

RF 247 254 253 244
CF 136 159

These are shot at 50ft, one handed. One slow fire target and two timed fire targets, with 10 shots/target for a total of 30 shots up to 300 (perfect score) points.
Slow fire - 10 shots in up to 10 minutes.
Timed fire - 5 shots in 10 seconds, two sets on two targets.
30 shots grand total on 3 targets.

I can't practice as much center fire due to A. Cost, and B. a shortage of target ammo, which is specialized (ie handloaded). I'm getting re-set up to reload now, but have to rely on others right now. This means conservation (boo!) of ammo.

That is going to change, though!

Also, I got a 96 (out of 300, ouch!) my first center fire heat, not a 36 as I said in an earlier post.
Not great, but far better than the 36 I mistakenly thought I had!

I won't bore you with much more of this, unless I really suck again.

Practice, practice, practice! :)

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