Thursday, January 05, 2006

Let the Rididcule Begin.

To counterbalance my performance in the GOP and the City contest (previous post), I submit to you my handgun competition performance...

So the other night was my first night in the pistol league (like a bowling league with REALLY fast balls and no pins).

Ask me how I did...
Go ahead...
Ask away...


Here's how it started:

I started out lame

Then I bit.

Then I stunk.

Then I sucked.

Then I blew.

Then I totally sucked.

(Please no sexual references in the comments, or I will change them to your detriment, and my evil humorous pleasure. However, feel free to disparage my shooting "skills" all you wish.)

In my defense, I would have fared ok in the rimfire (.22) competition.
I wouldn't have even come close to winning, but I think I would have had a moderately acceptable score (for me).
However, my sucky junk-a## WINCHESTER T-22 target ammo misfired on me several times, costing me points I needed badly.


Next time I'm using Eley or Jagd-Und Sport. I will have to do research: Yay!

In the center-fire (.45 ACP for me and most) I just plain choked, sucked, flaked, spazzed, whatever.
I did fair in practice the night before, not stellar, but I would have just been in last place, not lapped 700 times like I was.
I had 36 96 or something out of 300!!!

We shoot one slow-fire, and two time-fired targets for rimfire and centerfire each, 50 feet, one-handed (which I never do, until now). Timed is 2 sets of 5 shots, 10 seconds per set.
10 shots per target for a possible total of 300 points.

Most of the real shooters were WELL over 200, and some real close to 300 (270-280ish).


However, mostly unperturbed, I shall carry on so I can PROUDLY be in last place and the real shooters say, "Wow, you don't totally and unequivocally suck-a## at shooting, CUG".

I'd settle for that....

I still had fun, though.
The silver lining: I need to practice, practice, practice! :)
(Pictures of firearms used forthcoming.)

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