Tuesday, January 24, 2006

They're So Cute When They're Sleeping...

(Click on pictures for a better view!)

My first 50 rounds of .45 ACP I reloaded all by my lonesome!
Mmmmmmm....little lead nuggets of speedy goodness!!!
These particular rounds had the brass polished before assembly in corncob media.

I'm using Federal Match large pistol primers, 4.7 grains of Accurate Solo 1000 powder (down from 5.4 my friend was loading for me), and pushing 200 grain SWC (semi-wad cutter) Laser-Cast bullets made by Oregon Trail.

49 out of 50 reloads worked peachy!
1 wouldn't chamber (it was out of the middle of the batch, too). Curious.
May have to gauge them all for a while.

Off the bench, these rounds were holding a group about half-dollar size, or less. Of course, standing, one-handed that group size grows to roughly the size of Wyoming.
But at least now I can make plenty of ammo to practice with!

The gun:

The gun is a Series 80 Mark IV Gold Cup - National Match, by Colt Firearms (of course).
It has a 30mm Tasco red dot scope on top, with no magnification. It's an older scope, but functional.
The trigger pull is in the 2 1/2 to 3 pound range. It has just a little bit of creep, but ultimately breaks clean at the end; still pretty sweet, overall.
It is a lovely piece, handles beautifully, and sits in my hand like it belongs there.
It has a few cosmetic flaws, but nothing unexpected for a gun of it's age (made in the 80's) that gets used.
It has been well cared for.
It is just plain purty.

I purchased this .45 for the expressed purpose of shooting target competitions, along with a Hi-Standard M107 Military model 22 pistol (to be seen later) to shoot center-fire and rim-fire, respectively.
I'm having trouble with the Hi-Standard ejecting properly, so I'm using a MK II Ruger until the problem is resolved...

Scores to date (3 of 10 weeks):

Rim-fire - 184, 199, 230 (getting there)
Center-fire - 96, 188, 136 (ick!)

Shooting tonight (but not my own loads, I have others to use yet); we'll see what happens.

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