Friday, February 03, 2006

Free Energy Independence!!! Save the Planet!!!

Tired of high energy costs?!?!?!

If you vote for me in the Best So Far Awards at Bloggin' Outloud, and I win , I promise I will solve the US energy crisis by burning hippies in an efficient manner.

Usually, when someone lights a hippy on fire, the energy produced goes to waste, but under my plan, we'll use it fo fuel the country and reduce our dependance on oil from murdering, despotic, human rights abusing, mysoginistic, homophobic, terrorist funding regimes oil-producing middle-eastern governments. These are the same countries that Doctor Phat Tony recieves campaign funds from, and he is known to drink beer with these people quite often.

Foreign beer...

Now, controlled burning of hippies takes away some of the glee and spontenaity of igniting a hippy on a whim, but it is good for the country.
Some may say, "But CUG!! Won't burning hippies stink, and pollute the environment?"
To which I say:
Yes, hippies smell. And burning them, while making them smell a little better, does not change the fact that the process still stinks.

However, with GW's Clear Skies Initiative, we will use money from evil, incredibly wealthy, baby-duck stomping, traitorous-regime funding doctors to install hippy-stench scrubbers on all tard-fueled generating plants. This will keep the neighbors, and the envirotards, happy.
Of course, most of the envirotards will be fuel anyway, but at least the neighbors will be happy.

I'll start with Sheehan, Chomskey, Moore, and Churchill as the first fuel-tools.
Moore should produce enough fuel to last until spring all on his own!!!

I'm sure Dr. Phat Tony and the ACLU will try to stop me, nay us!!!
But with your help, we shall overcome.
So hurry!!! Go vote for me at the Best So Far Awards at Bloggin' Outloud!!!
Save our country!
And the world!!! Vote for ME!!

Peace out, yo.

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