Wednesday, February 15, 2006

It's Always Something.

Should I laugh or cry?

As we recall in the ongoing adventures of jimmyb sucking at the shooting competition, a few weeks ago, the shock-buffer in the old Gold Cup took a poop (to put it mildy) adversely affecting the final score in the center-fire competition (which was a measly 127 0X, 300 being a perfect score).

To top this mechanical failure, last week, my brand-new ATN Ultrasite broke right at the beginning of the competition. Of course, my practice went ok; it just broke when I started shooting for real.


Panic mode. 10 out of 100 points on the first target (of 3). Shooting open sights now, with a scope rail above the sites making a lovely low-light condition for my poor eyes. AAAHHHGGGGG!
Will these mechanical failures never end?!?!?

Second target (timed, this time). Something shy of 40 points (33? 37?).
Steam coming out of my ears.
But, I have no choice but to carry on; stiff upper lip and all.

The rapid fire target is last (5 shots in 10 seconds, twice. One handed, 50 feet).
Then I shot THIS!

This is the best one I've ever shot in actual competition.
I still ended up with only a 130 2x because of the first two targets, but dang!

Maybe I should shoot open sites all the time.
After testing, I do better scoped still.
Man, if I could shoot 3 like that consistenly....!!!

But with some coaching (THANKS H AND D!!!), and practice, I am starting to get some decent scores in practice.
And in this week's competition I beat my all of my scores in rimfire and centerfire both!

As of week 7 (note the last scores of each!!! I broke 200 in centerfire! Yay!):

Rimfire: 184 1X, 199, 230, 194 2X, 237 1X, 214 1X, 260 2X (woo-hoo!).

Centerfire: 96, 188 1X, 136 1X, 184 1X, 127, 130 2X, 205 2X (getting there).
A big thanks again to H and D for the coaching!!! Yee-Haw!!!

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