Monday, February 06, 2006

It's Over...

Well, the Best So Far Blog Awards are over and the results are in at Bloggin' Outloud.
Yours truly, after a grueling battle with Dr. Phat Tony, managed to take respectable 2nd and 3rd places in the "Best Humor" and "Best Personal" blog categories (respectively).

Dr. Phat Tony and I were so intent on smiting each other that we didn't particularly notice that blogger Lazy Daisy was beating us in the "Best Humor Blog" category, and ultimately took first place.

In the true fashion of the Democratic Party, I lay the blame for my loss squarely at the feet of George W. Bush, Dr. Phat Tony, global warming, and the Republican Party/Haliburton Industrial NeoCon Death/Weather/Soft-Serve-Ice-Cream Machine.

Because of this whole sordid situation, I have decided to post some
Filthy Lies About Lazy Daisy

1. You probably noticed that there was a lot of problems with Blogger last week.
Blogger is where the contest was, where my site is, and where Dr. Phat Tony's site is.
Lazy Daisy is NOT ON BLOGGER!!!!
Co-inkydink? I think not.

2. Her site wouldn't be so funny, except her website exudes LSD molecules through evil little snowflakes which subsequently seep into the bloodstreams of hapless readers.

3. Remember "Cop Rock"? Yep. LD is to blame.

4. Lazy Daisy is neither "lazy" nor a "daisy", but is actually a highly motivated and hard-working blue agave cactus!!!

Thanks to all who voted for me, and for those of you who didn't, screw you, and may a pox befall your house!!! perhaps I can persuade you to vote for me next time by being a better person and a better writer! :)

Also, thanks to Dr. Phat Tony who made me laugh, and inspired me to evermore insanity.

And finally, does anyone know where I can buy some plant killer? Uh, for my garden. Errr, email me.

Final Results -

Best Personal Blog:
1, Sharp Shooters (aka SYLGF now with more Wyatt!!!) (112)
2. Trying to Catch Up (94)
3. Conservative UAW Guy (61)

Best Humor Blog:
1. Lazy Daisy Log (103)
2. The Conservative UAW Guy (96)
3. Dr. Phat Tony (84)

Best Political Blog (All of these are great, BTW. CUG):
Peakah's Provocations (24)
InsoluBlog (19)
Liberty Just In Case (18)

(Plus there are 3 other categories, go check out Bloggin' Outloud to see them!)

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