Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Links Just for You!!!

Interesting stuff just for you!!!

How to say "F### You" in Russian.

Did you know that Lions and Rotary clubs are tools of the Jooooooos!!??

About danged time: Bush seeks to slash public broadcast funds.
Wouldn't it be nice if "slash" meant "eliminate"!?!?

Cool game - Red Square. Small size. Not in Russia.

Did you know Pelicano worked for the Clintons?
If you read the World Net Daily Article you did: Clinton dirty trickster faces 110-count indictment .
If you read the LA Times, they kind of forgot to mention that: Lawyer to Celebrities Is Subject of Inquiry.
I'll bet if he worked for Bush they wouldn't have forgotton, just like they can never mention Haliburton without Cheney's name...

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