Wednesday, February 08, 2006

March for Life Display.

This was a display set up at a local church during the March for Life week, to symbolize the number of dead from abortions (146) in our local 4 county area in 2005.
(Click on it for a better view).


Is there a pair of shoes that could have belonged to the next Einstein, or Martin Luther King, or Ronald Reagan? God only knows.

And spare me, "at least they won't be poor or criminals" or "it was the woman's choice" or "they're better off" comments. I will delete them, or worse (you regulars know what I mean).

There will be another post for that discussion.

I ask, no, I demand respect regarding this post. Not too much to ask.
99.99% of my posts are fair game, and 99.99% of comments here stay unaltered and are not deleted.

This one is just for silent reflection.

Comment respectfully if you wish, but be forewarned, I will trash your comments if I don't like them.
And if you wish, say a prayer for these lost (to this world) souls. And one for our country.

Thanks to JimH for the pic.

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