Tuesday, February 21, 2006

No Static At All....

(Please note that FMRagtops blog is black in color, which makes this very funny...
errr...to me.)

With MASSIVE apologies to AC/DC!
(Whom I've seen several times! Yay!)
To the tune of Back In Black, by AC/DC:

Back in black
He ain't on crack
He' s been gone too long
I'm glad that he's back

He's got a blog
in our gang
when he quit bloggin' we all said, "Well Dang!"

But now he's back in the groove, and he's makin' his move
nobody does posts like that and then dream interprets too

So just look at him now, and then hear what he say
Tell all the leftard bloggers to get out of his way

Cause he's BACK
FM's back!
Yes he's back!
FM's back.

Cause he's baaa aaa a aaaaack etc.

Back in black
FM's back in blaaaaaack!!


Outa sight!!!!

Please help me welcome Fmragtops back to the blogododecahedron!!
He's been on hiatus since mid-December.

Welcome back, yo!
(Did you catch the title of the post? Bonus points if you got it without searching it!)

Ok, now break's over!
Now get wit Teh Funny, FM!!!!!

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