Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Times, They Are A-Changin'

Alito Confirmed

Oh my! Where will the liberals move now? Canada's out, because of the evil conservative election fascist takeover there.
I suggest China, as their governmental model seems to most closely jive with the liberal mindset. They're about as good on human rights, too...

It's a dang shame too. Getting a guy in there that will follow what the Constitution says.
That bastard!!!! How dare he uphold the Constitution of The United States of Amurka, when there's a socialist agenda at stake! (/sarcasm)

Here's a few things you'll be seeing coming out of the new Supreme Court over the next few years -

Unconstitutional: Gun Registration.
Constitutional: Uterus Registration.

Unconstitutional: Needles for junkies
Constitutional: Blood for oil.

Unconstitutional: Murdering the unborn.
Constitutional: Murdering commies, hippies and poor people.

Unconstitutional: Immigration.
Constitutional: Outtigration

Unconstitutional: Outlawing the 10 Commandments.
Constitutional: Outlawing CBS and DU.

Unconstitutional: The ACLU.
Constitutional: Haliburton.

Unconstitutional: Flag burning amendment.
Constitutional: DUmbass burning amendment. (That's when you say to a KOSsack or DUmmy, "Buuuuuuuuuurrrrrrn!!!")

Unconstitutional: Al "I am not a bloviating, robotic psychopath, no really, I'm not" Gore being president.
Constitutional: George W. Bush being president (Oh, wait! They already did that one!!!)

Unconstitutional: Dirty dancing.
Constitutional: Little-kid goofy-dancing.

Unconstitutional: Hybrid-car ownership (due to the new "that's totally gay" clause recently found in the Constitution).
Constitutional: Unregistered machine-gun and tank ownership.

Unconstitutional: Confiscating properties for big business (which the LIBERALS on the court voted FOR!).
Constitutional: Confiscating properties for the Catholic Church.

Unconstitutional: Methadone clinics.
Constitutional: Sacramental wine clinics.

Unconstitutional: McCain-Feingold.
EXTREMELY Constitutional: The Conservative UAW Guy and his website, WHICH YOU NEED TO GO VOTE FOR!!!!
RIGHT HERE: Vote for me, jimmyb, the CUG, cause I'm a helluva nice guy, and I'm personal friends with Sammy "The Shark" Alito, and Anthony "Fat Tony" Scalia.

After you vote for me, please go buy some bacon and a machine-gun.

(Heh. You'll probably see many of these repeated at KOS, DU, and Ted Kennedy websites.)


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