Wednesday, March 29, 2006

ePostal Pistol Competition: Vortex

Click on target to see the perfect score! Woo-hoo.
The results of the e-Postal Handgun Match: "VORTEX" are in over at Mr. Completely's place.
And guess who came in FIRST! in the rimfire AND centerfire auto classes.

Did you guessed a witty, intelligent and dashing union guy?
Well you're wrong!!! It was me!!! Ha!

Mr. C even used my target as the picture for the post!

Mr. Completely (whom I only beat by one measly point in the rimfire!!) says this, about "Deadeye CUG":

Jimmyb is back on track, winning two classes. He managed to sneak by me in the rimfire class, but next match I'll be watching for him. CUG, you are a marked man! I think someone needs to bring him back to earth in the next e-Postal match. Until then he's probably going to be just unbearable.

Wonderful. I have a professional speed/pin/plate shooter gunning for me now. Greeeeaaaaaat.
And what's this about being unbearable?
I mean, do you think I'm going to say, "I am an awesome shot.", or "Step up, Wyatt! We'll see who's FIRST!, gunslinger!!" or "How do you spell bad-ass shot? C-U-G."

I am shocked. Where do people get the idea I'm so narccistic, self-centered and vain.

Oh yeah, they know me.
Never mind.

Also, let me add:
I am an awesome shot.
Step up, Wyatt! We'll see who's FIRST!, gunslinger!!
How do you spell bad-ass shot? C-U-G.

Phew! I feel better now.

Also, my buddy s-tay is moving up the ranks now, too.

I also was only second in overall scoring, being beat by 5 points by Marc, shooting a Smith revolver! Between that, and Mr. C breathing down my neck, I need to practice, practice, practice!!! (Hooray!!!)

Go check out Mr. Completely's in the next few days for the next contest!!!
Happy (and of course, safe) shooting.
And thanks, Mr. Completely!!!

Here's the rimfire and center-fire (auto) standings (make sure to check out the whole thing, though!):


Place Name O/H B/R Score Caliber Handgun
Sight Class

1 jimmyb 88 140 228 .22 Ruger Mk. II Red Dot Rimfire
2 Mr. Completely 97 130 227 .22 High Standard Red Dot Rimfire
3 Marc 99 90 189 .22 S22 Red Dot Rimfire
4 LouG 67 119 186 .22 Ruger 22/45 Red Dot Rimfire
5 Billl 86 93 179 .22 Ruger Mk. II Iron Rimfire
6 AnalogKid 85 90 175 .22 Ruger Mk. II - 10 Iron Rimfire
7 s-tay 77 86 163 .22 Ruger Mk. II 2x Leupold Rimfire
8 s-tay 73 71 144 .22 Colt Match Target Iron Rimfire
9 NateG 73 61 134 .22 1911 w/.22 Conversion Iron Rimfire
10 Freddyboomboom 51 50 101 .22 Ruger Mk. II Iron Rimfire
11 Freddyboomboom 43 37 80 .22 Walther P22 Iron Rimfire
12 Mrs. NateG 11 31 50 .22 1911 w/.22 Conversion Iron Rimfire


Place Name O/H B/R Score Caliber Handgun
Sight Class

1 jimmyb 71 85 155 .45 Norinco 1911 Iron Centerfire
2 Josh 63 76 139 .45 Kimber CDPII Iron Centerfire
3 AnalogKid 51 60 111 .45 1911 Iron Centerfire
4 NateG 51 52 103 .45 Springfield GI 1911 Iron Centerfire
5 Freddyboomboom 21 31 52 .40 Walther P99 Iron Centerfire

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