Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Heard About This One Yet?

Can I get a "WTF?" from the choir?
I had mixed feelings about the port deal, but this seems more mission critical here.

From Financial

Fears grow over new Dubai revolt

....officials were concerned that the pending investigation of Dubai International Capital’s £700m ($1.2m) purchase of Doncasters, a privately-held British aerospace manufacturer that works on sensitive US weapons programmes, including the Joint Strike Fighter, could provoke a similar backlash and further damage the relationship between the two countries.
What the hell is going on here? Is this a plot to buy us out a piece at a time, or just a strange coincidence? Why can't we keep selling all of our sensitive technology and manufacturing to our friends like the Chinese?
I know I sleep better at night knowing that when we need to make the weapons of war, the Communist Chinese will be our main supplier.
Oooh. I hope we don't piss them off, though.

Although the proposed transaction has not yet drawn much attention in Congress, the first signs of unease emerged on Tuesday when John Barrow, a Democratic lawmaker, released a letter demanding a tour of Doncasters’ Georgia facility.

A DEMOCRAT?!!?! Being a pro-America, pro-defense kind of guy?!?!!
Oh wait, he's up for election.
(I did a little background on him, actually. He's ok. For a Dem.)

“It is reported that your facility produces turbine engine parts critical to tanks and military must assume [it] plays a necessary and substantial role in the nation’s ongoing military efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan,” Mr. Barrow wrote.
Rock on, Mr. Barrow.

The Treasury has said the deal will be subject to an extensive 45-day investigation, pushing back the completion to as late as May.
Well, as long as it's going to be extensive...
Wait a minute!!

President George W. Bush, who defended the DP World deal but was unable to quash the rebellion by members of his own party, has emphasised the UAE’s role as an ally in the “war on terror”.
If he uses the "v" word one more time and it's not to veto a spending bill, I'm going to scream.

Dude, where's my party?
GW has never vetoed anything, but plays that card up front for the UAE boys?
Way to show the moonbats that Michael Mooreon was right, George.
He wasn't, but you didn't help that.
Yeah, no one can make any "big oil" inferences from that whole deal. Sheesh.

Smaller government?
Don't make me laugh.

The same guy who said he sign the "assault weapons ban" if it got renewed.
Gee, thanks.
What a feel-good piece of crap that law was. Good riddance.
But no thanks to George.

Maybe this can be an opportunity, instead.
Maybe we can start to look at the loss of industry as a security issue, not to mention the employment aspects.
In a big war, one needs two things desperately:
Natural resources (that are readily available) and manufacturing capability.

Resources we have, but they are less available every day, thanks to the EPA, tree-huggers, and their ilk.
I don't think I have to mention manufacturing.
We're losing both, under Democrats and Republicans.

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