Sunday, March 19, 2006

HR 4472 and John Conner

Update: The renowned crime blogger Lost in Lima Ohio enlightened me to another blogger who lives in the Columbus area, and has some great info on this.
Go visit Beyond Frazzled for the latest scoop!!!
(And visit Lost in Lima too!!)

Judge John Conner is a despicable asshat.
He gave an admitted child rapist NO JAIL TIME!!!
Just probation, because the rapist has a disease.

Well boo-f**king-hoo for him.

I've got the cure for that disease.
It has a five inch barrel, and a 3 pound trigger, and was designed by the one and only John Moses Browning.

We need to start executing these people or locking them up for life.
Ok, lets just execute them.

Judge John Conner (who, of course, is a Democrat - there's a shocker) needs to go...

From Suzie's Assorted Babble:

Beware it is coming..... but many of you already know that. I hope you watched "The O'Reilly Factor" on FNC last night and will Wednesday 3-15-06 in reference to Andrew Selva and Judge John Connor!!! What is wrong with some of the people in Ohio that elected this guy??? Wait to you hear about this......Oh yeah, other than the children safety supporters around here....others will run from this like a scalded dog. AND IT PISSES ME OFF!!!

Little Miss Chatterbox, from the Chatterbox Chronicles, has this as well:

Despicable Judge #2--John Connor

Our society needs to really re-think what our priorities are. If a rape of a child doesn't deserve prison time I don't know what crime does. I think rape is worse or at least equivalent to murder. When you rape a child you take part in destroying part of their soul and our justice system needs to reflect that.

The other shocker is that Connor is a democrat. I hate to be partisan on an issue like this but liberals seem to more concerned with the rights of predators than the rights of innocent children.

You can start by contacting Ohio Governor Bob Taft on your feelings about this judge. And the good news is he is already listening to those who have contacted him and he has released this statement. The other good news is the Ohio Legislature is moving to get rid of this judge. If you live in Ohio you can also sign a petition. For more info go here.
Also, go here to see information on HR 4472, again by Suzie:

HR4472 Child Safety and Violent Crime Reduction Act and Family Watchdog

It has information regarding the bill and links to send a sample letter to your representatives.
Let's all go there.

Enough is enough...

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