Thursday, March 30, 2006


BR sent me an email with this pic, and the following message:
How much GOP mail do you get wanting money? I'm gonna start sending this.

I think I may, too.

I have no problem at all with immigration. LEGAL immigration.
But illegal immigration is a different story.
It's illegal (duh), it sets bad precedent, and it is TOTALLY unfair to those who actually follow the rules to become citizens.
Also, it by default, lets criminals into the country.
And potentially (probably already) terrorists, too.

Democrats should be on board with protecting the borders, big-time!
Aren't they the party of fairness?
Oooh, that's not fair, lets make a law.

Well this problem not fair to the law-abiding immigrants, or present citizens.
But Dems see votes here. That's why they A: Support illegal immigration, and B: support amnesty, and C: Don't want voter ID-ing.

All of this this is not fair to legal citizens who vote, either.
How many of our votes have been nullified by a vote from someone who shouldn't have voted in the first place?

You know, just like when all the dead people vote for Democrats.
Stoopid zombies.
And if you shoot them, the Democrats will whine and moan about the rights of the undead.

Here's a pic (above)of our flag being double besmirched by the "friends" to our country we're supposed to give a free pass to.
Thanks to Michelle Malkin for the pic: The American Flag Comes Second.

Additionally, this "they're doing jobs Americans won't do" is a bunch of crap.
And yes, I know GW is one of the one's saying that.

Well, illegals drive down wages.
Businesses save tons of money not paying insurance, unemployment, min wage, etc.
C'mon Dems. Where's your disdain for big business now?
Enforce the laws.

Also, I've seen interviews of illegals that are electricians, iron-workers, carpenters, dry-wallers, plumbers, etc. All of these are skilled trades.

I'm an electrician/maintenance guy, by the way.
Don't tell me what jobs I'm willing to perform.
I used to bale hay and straw when I was younger too.
In farm fields.
Let's try another argument than the "people won't do it" one.

Below is an email I sent to my RINO congresstards. I also called them.


Please protect our borders, our country, and our jobs.

Immigration is fine.
Illegal immigration is ILLEGAL.
And should be a felony.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

Mr. and Mrs. jimmyb

Contact your reps and let them know what you think.

US House of Representatives.

US Senate

They even have a site specifically designed to write them:

And to any who will call me a racist in the comments; which race are you talking about?

I don't care if they are 6 foot tall Nordic blonde women coming across the border, they need to follow the rules.
(Although I have some friends that would probably create a special express line for that particular group.)

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