Monday, March 13, 2006

It Was Kind of Cool.

Guess who got to see Karl Rove speak on Saturday night!!!

Yay! It was me!!!
Along with several hundred evil conservatives!!
Even cooler, I went with the Rabbit Priest, the Anti-Hippie, and a fine, upstanding member of the local law-enforcement community.

The Lincoln-Hayes Banquet is the largest annual Republican banquet in Ohio.
Although I do have some issues with Republicans right now (mostly for acting like slightly right-leaning Democrats), I still thought it'd be an interesting time (I went last year, too).

Sam (I drive gay foreign made Honda engines now because I'm a sell-out and traitor to my local GM community that helped me get where I am) Hornish the race-dude was there.
I was hoping he would choke on a bone shaped like a Honda emblem.
Maybe next time.
I'm not even a racing guy (NASCAR, BLOGSPOT, Indy, Putt-Putt, whatever...), but screw you Sam!

(Although I AM glad you're not a Dimocrat, Sam. Now come back to you roots!!!)
I think this is a picture of him below:


Now, while Sam is gay (SEE!!! This is the party of inclusion!!!), Karl Rove's speech was pretty cool.

Some good points, but quite honestly, he didn't address some stuff he should have (could I have some PORT whine, please).
However, he was pretty funny, too. So I forgave this aforementioned transgression.
I am a humor guy, after all.

Paul Gilmore spoke. He's pretty cool. In his 9th(?) term.

The Anti-Hippie was on two TV news programs too, as part of an audience shot!!!!!

I was sitting right next to him, but they just focused right in on him. Probably because he is so young - 17.
I figured I was most likely left out of the shot as my chiseled features and ridiculously stunning good looks would have detracted from the story.

Also, we got to listen to Mike DeWine speak after the dinner, which consisted of baby-seals, whale meat, and 12-year-old bottles of pure evil.

I was kind of hoping DeWine was announcing his switch to the Democratic party or his resignation, but alas, it was not to be.
I did get to hear that he was one helluva guy, and we should vote for him in the primary.

Good luck with that, asshat.

A cool note:
This picture (below) is of yours truly, jimmyb, with the next Governor of Ohio (God willing), Ken Blackwell!!!
Hooray!!! My brush with greatness.
You go, Ken!!

For you racist type liberals, yes, Ken is black.
Yes, he is a Republican.
And yes, he has my vote.

He is not a race-traitor or a token or any other vile, despicable words you want to come up with, that I won't even print here. I'm sure Ted Rall will call him the N-word if he wins.

It's a big tent, folks - everyone is welcome. Now we just need real conservatives (like I believe Ken is) to run for offices. DO YOU HEAR THAT RINOS?!?!?!?!?

Additionally, DAMN!!! He's a big dude! Note that I am 6'1" and over 200lbs.
A governer that moonlights as a linebacker, perhaps?

Could this be CUG standing to the future President of the United States?
Ya never know.

Oh, and my pushy (bless his heart) brother, the Rabbit Priest has almost got me talked into running for county commisioner.
We shall see.....

At least I would be a Republican that was just that. Republican. And Conservative.
Oh yeah, and a big Libertarian streak to go along with that!!!

Finally, here is a water (heh) mug I got at the dinner.
The glass was formed by fire made from stolen oil.
Or was it oil we traded for blood?
Or was it both?
I can't remember.

I may go back next year, if the Republicans can get on track instead of being faux Democrats.
Stoopid RINO's.

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