Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Maybe He'll Use Black Magic To Win....

Why is it that so many entertainers are polititards?

Sup wit dat?

"There is more value in placing a flower in a rifle barrel than making war," he said. "As Jimi Hendrix used to say, musical notes have more importance than bullets."

- Carlos Santana, at a gathering of traitors, commies, hippies and pu**ies.

Oh, reeeeaaaallly?
The brilliance of this statement is almost beyond my comprehension.

I guess whether musical notes or bullets of are of more import depends on one's perspective.
If you have an armed security detail and personal bodyguards, as well as more money than God, I guess musical notes are paramount.

We should test this:

Let's have Carlos Santana and Dick Cheney duel at 20 paces - Cheney with a Colt (or Ruger, or Smith and Wesson, or Beretta, or Kimber or... well, you get the picture) ,

and Carlos with a Paul Reed Smith guitar.

1, 2, 3 GO!!!

Heh. Only an imbecile brings an axe to a gunfight.
(My money would be on Cheney, BTW.)

What an idiot.
But sadly, Carlos the Commie knows this is BS, too.
It's just liberal BS that everybody in there right mind knows is crap, but many won't admit it.

Show me one war, one conflict, one fight that has been won by musical notes.
Well, except for musical chairs maybe.
But I'll bet you could still win that if you had a .45 ACP.

Disclaimer: This post does not change the fact that Carlos is a very talented and accomplished musician.
I actually like his stuff.
He's still an asshat though.....

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