Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Must See TV.

I was watching a show (because my lovely wife was watching it) called, "I Shouldn't Be Alive", on The Discovery Channel.

Now, regular readers of this so-called "blog", know that my goal is to be Supreme (and generally, Benevolent) Dictator of the Planet.
Now, Supreme Dictator of the Universe is not off of the table, but I need to delegate better before I move that far up.
(Of course, I don't mean like God, or a god mind you!!! This is a just political aspiration. Be realistic!)

Anyhoo, I was watching "I Shouldn't Be Alive" and it gave me an idea for my own television show called, "You Shouldn't Be Alive", where I get to smite (or otherwise dispatch), in interesting ways, people that are enemies of the state, terrorist sympathizers, commies, dirty-hippy-Marxist-college-professors and pretty much anyone else I can't stand.

Maybe I'll just beat Ward Churchill to death with a huge bong on live television as an opening show.
You can almost guarantee there will be pikes and impalement involved here somewhere!!!

The sweeps-weeks episodes will be legendary!!!

"You Shouldn't Be Alive" would be sponsored by the NRA, Colt, Smith and Wesson, Sturm, Ruger and Co. and the Bacon of the Month Club.

First season guests will include Michael Moore, John Murtha, Noam Chomskey, George Soros, and Babs!!!
Also, because I'm fair and balanced, Republicans Olympia Snow and Bob Taft may be on, too.

Check you local listings for air times.
Of course, this will air on Fox.

And don't forget to vote for me for Supreme Dictator when it comes up, too!!!

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