Sunday, March 05, 2006

Notes for You!

Note 1: I snagged 12th place in the Captions Outrageous! contest over at The Right Place!
What a good crowd!! Teh Funny is alive and well there...

Note 2: I forgot to mention that the Carnival of Bauer is up over at Blogs4Bauer.
Duh. My bad. Lot's of great stuff, and the famous SarahK (of IMAO fame) even posted!!!

Note 3: I could give a s**t about the Oscars, and will be doing anything else other than watching mega-rich, elitist, Marxist asshats pat themselves on the back while they advance their evil socialist agenda, along with their crappy moonbat movies.
(Heh. Email me and I'll tell you what I really think...)

Note 4: I'm going to be an occasional guest-blogger over at Samantha Burns place.
Check out the Vanilla Ice/Jim Carrey vid she posted.

Note 5: This is a meerkat:

That is all. ;)
Uh, for now.

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