Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Oh, It's On Now, INDEED!!!

Over GOP and the City this week, the roles of myself and that rat-bastard Wyatt Earp (of SYLG fame) have been reversed (from last week) in the weekly Weekend Caption Contest.

So, in the spirit of pettiness, sloth, and poor sportsmanship, I have stolen his post from the previous week (Oh, It's On Now!) and changed the names.

I do this mainly to irk Wyatt, and because I'm lazy....
So here it is:

That son-of-a-b***h CUG Wyatt beat me again in this week's GOP and the City Weekend Caption Contest. Jimmy Wyatt won this week's matchup, and I took second; otherwise known as the "First Loser."
"These transgressions will not be forgotten."

Ha! Take that, Gunslinger!!!

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