Saturday, April 29, 2006

Update: Prayer Request.

Still asking for prayers.

I'm a wreck inside.

My wife and daughter are everything to me.

I'm calm on the outside.

My wife seems calm, but maybe she's like me.

Thanks so much for all of your well wishes and prayers already recieved.

I still hate commies.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Prayer Request (Again).

The beloved wife, Mrs.b is scheduled for a heart cath on Tuesday.
She's in her 30's. WTF is up with that?

Please pray for her to be well, and for the surgery to go well.

Probably light blogging for a while.
Mood is depressed.

I still hate commies, though.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Shut Out!

GOP and the City's most recent Weekly Caption Contest is missing one thing in the top 10...


I've been shut out, shut down, skunked, and boarded the train to total Loserville, Ohio (which is actually Cleveland!! - Just kidding!!).

Wyatt made the cut, but only the last in show, with a 10th place.
Yes, he beat me again.

However, on bit of good news, my co-worker BC to a fantastic 2ND PLACE!! Woo-hoo!
Congrats BC! (It was a funny one).

Go check out teh funny, here.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Ruger Mark II 22 Pistol.

(Click on pic for a better view!!!)
Above, is the pistol (it's actually my wife's, but I adopted it) that I have (usually) been shooting my rimfire competitions with.
There are many like it, but this one is mine.

These competitions include the (mostly) NRA rule 50 ft pistol competition (slow, timed and rapid fire targets for 300 points), as well as the Mr. Completely's super-funtastic ePostal contests, which got me shooting competitions in the first place.

(BLAST YOU MR. C!!!! *shakes fist in air*)
My name's jimmyb, and I'm a gunaholic...

Well, the above pistol was purchased new from a friend/gun dealer who has since left us, sadly.
I bought it for my wife, but have since adopted and adapted it, since her shooting interests have waned (temporarily, I hope) until she gets her eyeballs tended to.

This weapon is a factory-blue, bull-barreled 22LR with a standard 10 shot magazine.
It came (from my dealer) with a B-Square rail, and a Tasco red dot scope.

The rail mounts with a screw where the front sight is, and a dove-tail piece where the rear sight goes. This is a little cheesy, but functional.
When my gunsmith (H) finishes with my stainless MK II, then I'll get this one properly drilled and tapped for a standard Weaver mount. I expect this modification to be done in the next few weeks.

Like all Rugers that I've owned, this gun operated flawlessly, but needed a trigger job.
H to the rescue once again. He dropped in a trigger kit, plus did a little finessing and caressing, and has it down into the area of 2.5 or 2.6 pounds. It breaks clean, with no noticeable (or very little) creep.
When I get it back to H for the drill and tap job for the rail, he'll finish it down to close to 2 pounds.

This has made a huge difference in my scoring ability, and it should be a little better yet.

I have also added a Volquartsen grip that has finger-grooves and a thumb-rest.
I was a little leary ordering a grip (from Midway) that I couldn't hold first, but it was on sale for 20 bucks, so I figured what the hey! I can always sell it.
Turns out, it fits my hand in a totally sweet way.

I don't have big old meathooks or girly hands.
More like the hands of a surgeon. ;)
But this grip fit great. I would recommend these to anyone who has "average" sized hands or a little bigger.
Better yet, find someone who has a set first and see how they feel.

It's unreal how much a set of grips can change the feel of your weapon, and help your scores, too.

Another mod I have added to this was that I got rid of the Tasco red dot (which did a fine job, BTW) and put on an ATN Ultra sight. Granted, I paid too much for it, because I had to get it through Amazon because I had a gift certificate, but it works great on the 22.

This particular scope has 11 brightness settings, and 4 different reticules.
I just use the red dot one, but the others may have use at a later time...

Side note: I had my original ATN sight on my .45 and the main screw that holds it on the scope on to the rail mounts stripped out.

A fluke?
I don't know.
ATN replaced it with no questions, but now I am hesitant about putting one on higher powered firearms. Anyone have input on this subject?

Even before the admittedly mundane upgrades, this gun, like most MK II's, is a shooter.
At 50 feet, off of a bag, I can hold roughly half-dime sized groups all day long.

But is it dependable?
You bet your bippy!

CUG's official recommendation:
If you don't have one, go get one!!!!

Was There Ever Any Doubt?

I was never worried taking this test...


(100% dark & bitter, 66% working class, 100% genuine)

Okay, we all know Guinness is the best possible score on any "What Kind Of Beer Are You" test, so you can just go on and pat yourself on the back now. Like the world's most famous brew, you're genuine, you've got good taste, and you're sophisticated. What else can I say, except congratulations?

If your friends didn't score the same way, get ready for them to say: Guinness is too heavy; it's an acquired taste; it's too serious--and they probably think those things about you at times. But just brush 'em off. Everybody knows Guinness is the best. Cheers.

My test tracked 3 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 82% on dark
free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 32% on workingclass
free online datingfree online dating
You scored higher than 65% on genuine
Link: The If You Were A Beer Test written by gwendolynbooks on Ok Cupid, home of the 32-Type Dating Test

Full bodied; that's me!!

Monday, April 24, 2006

ePostal Contest: Killiards!

The ePostal targets for the e-Postal Handgun/Airgun Match "Killiards" are due in TONIGHT!
(Sorry I didn't post earlier Mr. Completely!!! Remind me next time and I'll post a couple days early!)

This is my first postal contest with my ATN sight back on the old MK II.
Not too shabby. A perfect score (see pic) off the bench, but I couldn't break 20 (out of 30) to save my life shooting off-hand.
(From Mr. C's site: Hitting the ball counts as one point. Hitting the center ring gives you a bonus point.)

Also, S-tay and Sunshine are a Jack and Jill team, and are newlyweds to boot!!
Sunshine is a new shooter, too.

More shooters means more freedom and more safety and MORE FUN!!!
Get someone trained today!!!

And a big thank you to Mr. Completely for another fun contest!! Yee-haw!!!

Here are the scores for myself and my friends:

jimmyb Ruger MKII semi, 5 and 1/2" barrel, ATN red dot scope 0X (yeah, new scope)
Bench - 30 (Oh, yes. That is a perfect score.)
Standing - 20 (ONE HANDED! - Not so perfect a score! Interestingly, I shot a 13 and a 15 w/two hands!)
Total: 50

s-tay - Ruger MKII 7"? barrel, semi, red dot 0x (he ditched the 2x scope!)
Bench - 15
Standing - 16
Total: 31

sunshine- Ruger MKII 7"? barrel, semi, red dot 0x (he ditched the 2x scope!)
Bench - 13
Standing - 14
Total: 27

Nice shooting, kids!!
(Heh. I can call them kids because I'm old...)

PC Warning.

A couple of quick jokes.

They are lame. Feel free to use them at your own peril.

A radical Islamist walks into aBOOOOM!!!
How many Palestinians does it take to screw in a lighBOOOOM!!!
A priest, a rabbi and an imam are on an airplBOOOOM!!!
Why did the Islamofacist cross the roBOOOOM!!!

Heh. Splodeytards.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Is It Ironic They Have the Word Ham In Their Name?

I know Hamas hates the West, and wants to eradicate the Jews from the planet; they have made no bones about that.

But there is one line from the article below that made me laugh.
From Reuters News:
Hamas: Israeli move "a declaration of war"

By Nidal al-Mughrabi

GAZA (Reuters) - Israel suspended formal security ties to the Palestinian government on Monday in what Hamas said amounted to "a declaration of war".....

...Thousands of Palestinians poured onto the streets of Gaza, protesting Western aid cuts and a spike in Israeli military strikes since election victor Hamas took control of the Palestinian Authority in late March.
Protesting aid cuts from the great Satan and the culture they want to eradicate?
You should be demanding that, you hypocrites!!!

So, are they illegal immigrants, leftist commie college students, or French?

Aren't these the asshats that were dancing and celebrating in the streets when 9/11 occured?
(There is a cure for that!)
The same folks who overwhelminly elected a terrorist organization party to lead them?

Get a job, you freakin' hippies.
Where are your Muslim friends to give you aid and jobs and food and medicine?
Or are Palestinians the bottom rung of the ladder in the middle-East?

I wonder how many of my tax dollars helped build a suicide bomber belt, or bought an American flag to burn. It may be time to implement the "Anti-Happy Dancing System".

How do you say "Screw You", in Arabic?

Thursday, April 20, 2006

That's More Like It!

(Click image for a larger view.)

Oh, yeah. That is a 94 3X target shot under timed conditions.
Allow me to say, Yee-Haw!
This was a semi-competition (score them, but don't keep the scores; just for fun.)
Still, it was in a timed competition with other shooters on the line.
The closest approximation I can get to a real competition until the next season starts.

The targe was shot with a MK II Ruger with an ATN red dot sight.

Total score - 273 5X.
That's pretty much up there with the big kids (at least where I shoot!).

If it can be done once, it can be done again.

But, the big question is:
Can it be done consistently?

We shall see...
(Also shot a 225 in the center-fire. Conclusion: eh. Not bad for me.)

Of course, my regular readers know what this means:

Just Asking, Mkay?

Dear violent, psychotic, Muslim extremists and splodeytards:

Is your god so ineffectual that you have to do his killing and raping and maiming and exploding of innocent women and children and men for him?

I mean, can't he do it himself?

Maybe you should get a god that doesn't delegate so much.
You know, a self-motivated, go-getter type.

And maybe one that isn't so easily offended.
Cartoons? Sheesh!! What a sissy.
My God got His Son/Himself crucified, and He got over it.

Oh, I almost forgot.
A beleated Happy Easter and a blessed Passover to you! :)



The Easter Bunny.

This one has been making the rounds in the blogododecahedron.

The Easter Bunny Hates You.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Running Late, and Brutalized Again!

I took 10th place this week in GOP and the City's super-fantabulous Weekend Caption Contest.
I guess I'll settle for just being in the running! ;)

Of course, I have once again been bested by the Philly detective/gunslinger, Wyatt Earp.

Call my committeeman!!!

Also, congrats to Cowboy Blob, for the winning entry!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Help A Sister Out!

Michelle Malkin is (once again) the target of attacks by a leftarded, racist, hate-filled lefties.
(Are there any other kind?)
The double standards employed by the left are once again awe-inspiring, and sickening.

As usual.

Here is the post about the whole story - (she published information from a public press release!!! That hussy!!):


Disgusting; but not surprising. This isn't the first of this kind of stuff.
FrankJ, of IMAO, provided the above graphic and the side-bar graphic as well, in the post:

Support Your Local Malkin!

FrankJ, of course, rules. (He is my blogfather, ya know.)
Head on over and grab a graphic, post it in your side-bar, and help a sista out!!

One last point from yours truly, jimmyb:

***As a conservative, let me assure you I can overlook shortcomings like being female, or gay, or a Democrat, or a minority. ***
I'm compassionate like that.
Unless we're talking about rabid, hate-filled moonbats!

Then I have a zero-tolerance policy.
Terminate with extreme prejudice.
Or at least give them a stern talking to!

***Disclaimer: If you really believe I think those are shortcomings, you're dumber than I thought.
Well, except for maybe the Democrat part...

Goth Humor.

Q: Why did the atheist cross the road?

A: Why does it even matter...? Life is pointless.

I had a pretty good Easter.
I hope all of you did too.
Just in case you didn't know, life is not pointless!!

Heh. Good Idea.

From Jay, at Stop the ACLU:

If you feel strongly about our border problem, make sure to take a look at this site.

The Send-A-Brick Project was created by concerned citizens to send bricks to Washington encouraging our Congressmen to stand tough on border security.

Each brick sends a message to our Senators and Representatives that we want our borders secured before any other action is taken on illegal immigration.

Veeerrrrrrry interesting....

Monday, April 17, 2006

A Conservative's Rally FOR Immigration

My friend Zaphriel (aka Mattew), over at Liberty Just In Case, has this pro-immigration post up over at his site:

It is a compilation of pictures and commentary from a recent pro-LEGAL immigration rally (in Nevada), that of course, the main-stream press did not cover.
Matthew closes with this:

All we want is border security…
All we want is respect for our laws…
All we want is a secure nation…
Natural Born and Legally Immigrated.

Well said, friend.
Make sure to go see the whole post; it's well worth your time.

Zaphriel Rallied FOR Immigration

And make sure to read Liberty Just In Case regularly!!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Thank You, Jesus!


Matthew 28:
After the sabbath, as the first day of the week was dawning, 2 Mary Magdalene and the other Mary came to see the tomb.
And behold, there was a great earthquake; for an angel of the Lord descended from heaven, approached, rolled back the stone, and sat upon it.
His appearance was like lightning and his clothing was white as snow.
The guards were shaken with fear of him and became like dead men.
Then the angel said to the women in reply, "Do not be afraid! I know that you are seeking Jesus the crucified.
He is not here, for he has been raised just as he said. Come and see the place where he lay.
Then go quickly and tell his disciples, 'He has been raised from the dead, and he is going before you to Galilee; there you will see him.' Behold, I have told you."
Then they went away quickly from the tomb, fearful yet overjoyed, and ran to announce this to his disciples.
And behold, Jesus met them on their way and greeted them. They approached, embraced his feet, and did him homage.
Then Jesus said to them, "Do not be afraid. Go tell my brothers to go to Galilee, and there they will see me."
While they were going, some of the guard went into the city and told the chief priests all that had happened.
They assembled with the elders and took counsel; then they gave a large sum of money to the soldiers,
telling them, "You are to say, 'His disciples came by night and stole him while we were asleep.'
And if this gets to the ears of the governor, we will satisfy (him) and keep you out of trouble."
The soldiers took the money and did as they were instructed. And this story has circulated among the Jews to the present (day).
The eleven disciples went to Galilee, to the mountain to which Jesus had ordered them.
When they saw him, they worshiped, but they doubted.
Then Jesus approached and said to them, "All power in heaven and on earth has been given to me.
Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the holy Spirit,
teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, until the end of the age."
Have a blessed and happy Easter. :)
And a happy Passover, too!!!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

If You Insist.

Maybe we should send him a few blessings with multiple warheads on them.
Allah works in mysterious ways, you know.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Even Californians Think Hybrids Suck.

Poor, little hybrid drivers just can't get any respect....
From the LA Times:

In Carpool Lanes, Hybrids Find Cold Shoulders
By Amanda Covarrubias, Times Staff Writer
April 10, 2006


But increasingly, hybrid owners say they feel like the victims of road rage.


Carpoolers accuse them of driving too slowly in order to maximize their fuel efficiency, and of clogging diamond lanes that were once clear.


Hybrid motorists even have a term for the ill will: "Prius backlash."
"There's a mentality out there that we're a bunch of liberal hippies or we're trying to make some statement on the environment," said Travis Ruff, a real estate agent from Newbury Park who drives a Toyota Prius.

Well Travis, hat's only because you're a bunch of liberal hippies trying to make a statement.
Here is a tranlation from CUGster-fish:

"Boo-hooo-hoo!!! Those mean enviroterrorists won't defer to our obvious intellectual and moral superiority. Why do small-minded, neanderthal idiots hate us so much?"

But the Prius backlash isn't confined to California's carpool lanes. On a recent episode of Comedy Central's "South Park," one of the cartoon characters persuades everyone in town to buy a hybrid car. But hybrids end up creating their own air pollution. Not smog. "Smug."

Hahahaha! Matt and Trey still have it!
Smug is actually quite apt.
Right, Alec and Babs?
Don't you wonder what the Hollyweird folk drive.

I suppose one would get in trouble if they offered a bounty on gay, slow, tree-huggy cars.
I would probably squish one for free with my truck, under the right circumstances.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Police Brutality.

Bested once again by Wyatt in the Weekly Caption Contest over at GOP and the City.
I did, however, take a respectable 3rd place (second loser status).
Go check out teh funny there.

also got the "nastiest caption, ever" accolade.
I think maybe he's strong-arming The Man.
(Uhhhh....can "the man" strong arm "The Man"?)

Isn't there some law about me having to take such a beating by a cop all the time?
This is brutal.
(That his caption was funnier has no bearing on this rant, BTW.)

Watch your back, doughnut-boy!!!

Monday, April 10, 2006

To Some, This Is No Surprise.

This is an excerpt from an article out of England regarding global warming.
I suggest to all to go read the whole thing, but the below paragraphs are a nice synopsis of what many have been saying for a long time...

There IS a problem with global warming... it stopped in 1998
By Bob Carter

For many years now, human-caused climate change has been viewed as a large and urgent problem. In truth, however, the biggest part of the problem is neither environmental nor scientific, but a self-created political fiasco. Consider the simple fact, drawn from the official temperature records of the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia, that for the years 1998-2005 global average temperature did not increase (there was actually a slight decrease, though not at a rate that differs significantly from zero).


In response to these facts, a global warming devotee will chuckle and say "how silly to judge climate change over such a short period". Yet in the next breath, the same person will assure you that the 28-year-long period of warming which occurred between 1970 and 1998 constitutes a dangerous (and man-made) warming. Tosh. Our devotee will also pass by the curious additional facts that a period of similar warming occurred between 1918 and 1940, well prior to the greatest phase of world industrialisation, and that cooling occurred between 1940 and 1965, at precisely the time that human emissions were increasing at their greatest rate.


The essence of the issue is this. Climate changes naturally all the time, partly in predictable cycles, and partly in unpredictable shorter rhythms and rapid episodic shifts, some of the causes of which remain unknown. We are fortunate that our modern societies have developed during the last 10,000 years of benignly warm, interglacial climate. But for more than 90 per cent of the last two million years, the climate has been colder, and generally much colder, than today. The reality of the climate record is that a sudden natural cooling is far more to be feared, and will do infinitely more social and economic damage, than the late 20th century phase of gentle warming.
I'm going to go start my truck and let it idle in the driveway now.
Just to spite hippies.


Tom, from Tom's Common Sense had this posted a while back.
It is a good read.
I know many of the readers here hate and/or don't drive American cars, but American made cars are back with more bang-for-the-buck than ever.
And the money stays in our country (mostly)

How do I know? They're all I drive. And only GM ones at that.

US autos now have more of a perceived quality issue, than actual poor quality.
Also, the UAW and GM suffer from spin and self-inflicited image problems.

They still make great cars now, however.

I ask you to read the following, and consider what is written. :)

Number 4 in the list kind of touches me, and has been asked by conservatives regarding other issues. Something to consider; rooting for the home team.

Thanks for the article Tom.

Is It Unpatriotic To Not Buy American Cars?
By Roger Simmermaker, Special to FCN Online

As I sat in an Orlando studio on Jan. 24 waiting to be interviewed on Fox News' "Hannity and Colmes" for the first time, that seemed to be the question I was going to be asked to answer if the introductory comments were any indication. Inthe studio in New York was Malcolm Bricklin, founder and CEO of Visionary Vehicles, who plans on importing cars from China by 2007. Ford had just announced plans to lay off 30,000 workers, and since even Mr. Bricklin (to his credit) says he doesn't want to see so many Americans join the ranks of the unemployed, it was a good question to ask. But the show started with asking Mr. Bricklin a different question and by the time the cameras pointed to me, I was given a different question as well, so I never really got to answer it.

But as I continue to think about it since that interview, the answer I would have given to Sean Hannity is the same as my answer today: If it's unpatriotic to destroy the American middle class, then it's unpatriotic to not buy American cars. As a country, we're drowning in a sea of red ink, and as consumers (those who really should know better, anyway) we're drowning is a sea of "what's in it for me."

Since President Bush has all but ruled out any government help for either Ford or GM saying they have to make a product that is "relevant" (did you know Mr. Bush himself owns a Ford pickup truck?) it's up to the American consumer to realize that a bankruptcy for Ford or GM or both is definitely not in the national interest. Not only would hundreds of thousands of workers lose their jobs, but about 450,000 retirees would be de-funded. These retirees on fixed incomes would see smaller pensions and reduced medical benefits. The workers that remained would see massive cuts in benefits as well.

Big deal, you say? At least American companies still offer their workers pensions. According to a recent article in The Tennessean, Nissan North America new hires won't be able to count on a company pension when they retire. And if you work for Nissan and didn't happen to reach the age of 65 by the end of last year, you won't be participating in the company-sponsored medical plan either.

If American companies can't remain successful and shoulder the burden of health care for their workers, the rest of us will likely pick up the tab in the form of higher taxes through expanded entitlement programs, which are already growing at a rate of 8 percent a year.

84% of all federal spending of our tax dollars already goes towards the "big three" untouchables: interest on the national debt, national defense (including homeland security) and entitlements such as Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. So much for conservatives who wish for smaller government. Generally speaking, few of us want to invite more government intrusion into our lives. But a significantly smaller government these days would result in benefit cuts that would ultimately affect all of us. The days of those who want tax cuts because it means more money in their pockets and means benefit cuts only for someone else are over.

So what's your reason for not buying American cars and trucks? I've heard (and disproved) them all but I'll list a few of the more popular ones here:

1. Quality. According to the latest J.D. Power & Associates Long-term Dependability Survey, Lincoln, Buick and Cadillac all made the top five for 2005. Lexus was number one and number two was mysteriously not reported by the CNN story highlighting the survey. What's even better (if you are a fan of American automakers) is that the average dependability of all GM and Ford models combined was greater than the average dependability for all the Japanese models

2. Too much emphasis on "gas guzzlers." The hypocrisy in this statement is rampant since most people who make it are ardent supporters of the "free market." The trouble for these hypocrites is that a major free market principle is the law of supply and demand. According to Seattle Times columnist Shaunti Feldhahn, consumer demand for big, bad SUVs has doubled in the last 15 years. So much for the argument that American car companies aren't building what consumers want to buy. Just like American companies have been scrambling to satisfy the one percent of car buyers who want hybrids, Japanese car makers have been scrambling to catch up to Ford and GM by offering bigger and badder behemoths (at even worse gas mileage ratings than American SUVs). GM has more models with over 30 mpg. highway (2006 EPA estimates) than any other auto maker. Last month I revealed that my 1996 Lincoln Town Car now has over 160,000 miles with no signs of letting up. What I didn't mention is that my car has averaged 24 mpg since September 2001, which is a result of combined mostly highway driving during the week and mostly city driving on weekends. Not bad for a big luxury car.

3. Foreign car companies will pick up the slack. This argument implies that the hiring of American workers by foreign companies would never take place if there weren't layoffs by American companies first. Even if you view foreign investment as a good thing -- which it isn't -- foreign companies will still invest in America even if we support American companies so they can actually retain our own workers. This argument is almost as bad as the one that implies we need to destroy American manufacturing jobs in general so we can move American workers into high-tech jobs. Why not let the college graduates strapped with tens of thousands of dollars in student loans and other debts take these jobs, and protect American workers in the jobs they choose to have now?

4. American companies can do better. Better at what? What will it take for more American people to root for the home team again? Do you only root for your hometown sports team when they are winning, or do you root for them even when they are down -- no matter what? Let's see. American companies GM and Ford have won numerous quality awards, they have more domestic plants, employ more American workers, support more retirees along with their dependants and families, pay better wages than the non-union foreign-owned plants, have a higher percentage of domestic parts in their automobiles, pay more taxes to the U.S. Treasury, give more to charities for the benefit of this country, and donate more in the wake of disasters like 9-11. Need I go on?

5. GM and Ford need to make cars Americans want to buy. I saved this one for last since it the most ridiculous statement of all. General Motors has the highest market share of any automobile company. To say the company that currently sells more cars and trucks to more people than any other company in the industry -- even if that market share is falling -- is truly ridiculous. Yes, I know Toyota is gaining on GM and may overtake them this year (in worldwide market share -- not U.S. market share -- where GM has roughly twice the market share of Toyota) and GM used to command around 50 percent of the domestic market. But let's be reasonable, shall we? What company in any industry in today's super-competitive economy can command 50 percent of their market? Not even Coke or Pepsi can do that. Which reminds me -- Pepsi recently passed Coke to take the top spot in the beverage wars. Is Coke number two now because they aren't making beverages Americans want to drink? I haven't heard that one yet. Only in America and only in the automobile industry could number two be declared a loser brand. And only if it's GM, not Toyota.

The struggle for GM and Ford to regain much needed and much deserved traction has increasingly become a media war. And it's not just a media war as I reported in my September 2005 article titled Media Bias Against American Automakers. The bias towards foreign automakers has extended from journalists and other newsmakers to everyday Americans with vendettas against their home-team companies in the form of letters to the editor and blogs on the Internet. The Wall Street Journal recently ran a story titled "Are Rumours Hurting Sales" reporting on a Los Angeles resident who started a Web log called "GM Can Do Better." It's not that this individual has not heard the reports of numerous quality awards bestowed upon American automakers. It's that he's skeptical the reports are true.

So there you have it. Foreign car lovers will believe it if Toyota wins an award. But if General Motors' Chevy Impala is documented to have fewer customer complaints than the Toyota Camry, foreign car lovers will grasp at different false reasons to justify their foreign purchases. But the facts are in and their arguments no longer hold water. I'd almost be willing to bet these American car bashers haven't test-driven an American car in years. Right now it doesn't matter that GM has 82 major plants in America and Ford has 35. What matters is that Toyota, Honda and Nissan have eight plants each. It doesn't matter that Toyota and Honda average 65 to 75 percent domestic parts in their U.S. built cars while GM and Ford average 80% to 85%. If these percentages ever reverse, then it will matter to foreign car lovers. Facts simply don't matter to them when they don't happen to be in their favor. To them, as Business Week reported Dec. 12, 2005, "the economy is unstoppable as the Indianapolis Colts" and foreign purchases have no national negative effect. If you watched the Super Bowl last Sunday you probably noticed that the Indianapolis Colts weren't playing.

I'm sure that this article will not sit well with those who automatically receive it as part of their free "Buy American Mention of the Week" subscription and advocate the demise of GM and Ford. And I'm also sure I'll receive many "unsubscribe" requests as a result. But I don't really care. I don't like writing for people I don't like any more than I like giving speeches to groups I don't like. These articles are not designed to make anyone feel less of an American for their past foreign purchases, but rather they aim to persuade American consumers to make the right purchases in the future.

Those who do agree with the facts and the opinions I have presented, I urge you to forward or distribute my auto industry articles to fellow Americans that need to see them. Simply visit <> to see the auto industry articles I've written since May 2005. I'm not sure how much time GM and Ford have left to turn things around given the obstacles they must overcome that have been put there for bogus and unpatriotic reasons. And remember, the next time someone accuses you of questioning their patriotism because of their foreign car, tell them that if it's not unpatriotic to destroy the American middle class, then it's not unpatriotic to buy foreign cars!

Roger Simmermaker, author of How Americans Can Buy American: The Power of Consumer Patriotism, published this article on his Web site, .

My Kind of Peace Sign.

Give peace a chance.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Bang Bang!

Getting there.

That (above) is a score of 93 (out of 100), shooting two legs of 5 shots in 10 seconds, standing, unsupported,one handed.
And yes, it might be a 92, but I'm giving myself the benefit of the doubt because I'm a nice guy!!!

Overall, a 255 out of 300.
(I would kill to be able to do that in bowling.)

Just need to get them all in the dang black!

More practice is needed.

Good thing I have plenty of hole-punchers! ;)

Are These the Same People?

Bob at either orr had this post a few days ago:

What Global Warming?

It's April 5, 2006.
Here at the homestead, it's snowing.
This is not in Canada. This is near Philadelphia.
The furnace is running just to keep the temperature inside at 62 degrees.
Still want to talk about global warming?
Speaking of such a subject, it wasn't that long ago that we were on the verge of an Ice Age...

Science magazine (Dec. 10, 1976) warned of "extensive Northern Hemisphere glaciation.''
Science Digest (February 1973) reported that "the world's climatologists are agreed'' that we must "prepare for the next ice age.''
The Christian Science Monitor ("Warning: Earth's Climate is Changing Faster than Even Experts Expect,'' Aug. 27, 1974) reported that glaciers "have begun to advance,'' "growing seasons in England and Scandinavia are getting shorter'' and "the North Atlantic is cooling down about as fast as an ocean can cool.''
Newsweek agreed ("The Cooling World,'' April 28, 1975) that meteorologists "are almost unanimous'' that catastrophic famines might result from the global cooling that The New York Times (Sept. 14, 1975) said "may mark the return to another ice age.''
The Times (May 21, 1975) also said "a major cooling of the climate is widely considered inevitable'' now that it is "well established'' that the Northern Hemisphere's climate "has been getting cooler since about 1950.''

Short memories, eh?
Science or crass politics?
BTW, one of the best bloggers on the subject of global warming is Bill Strong over at Strong World. He's no kin to noted global warming fascist Maurice Strong.

Are these the same asshats that told me we were going to be out of oil by 1980 or '85, and I'd die of sickness because of no medicines (made from oil), or I'd die of starvation because of no fertalizers (made with oil).
Of course, I was going to starve anyway because the crops were going to die from the new ice-age, so I wouldn't need to worry about running out of petroleum because I'd already be dead!!
Or how about the world-wide collapse in the '80's from the "population explosion"?

I suppose their argument will be, "But this time we're right!".

What would fear-mongers do without the gullible?
They might have to get real jobs....

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Must See Commercial.

Update: Just so you know, I did not have anything to do with this commercial, although it does seem to have a touch of CUG in it, I must admit.

GM should run this commercial, and maybe it'll save my job...

Best. Tahoe. Commercial. Ever.

Take that you dirty hippies!

Thanks to Freedom Folks for the info and the linky-love - Props 2 JimmyB!!!
You guys rock!!!

Say It Ain't So.

Dude, where's my party?

From World Net Daily:

Washington drowns in Republican red ink.
Federal spending rises faster than any time since New Deal.

© 2006

WASHINGTON – Move over Franklin D. Roosevelt.

The 21st century Republicans have outpaced you in federal government spending growth – and it's not a record all members of the GOP are pleased about.

But, not matter how you slice it, federal spending is outstripping economic growth at a rate unseen in more than half a century.

The federal government is currently spending 20.8 cents of every $1 the economy generates, up from 18.5 cents in 2001, White House budget documents show. That's the most rapid growth during one administration since Roosevelt, who served 1933-45, during the Depression and World War II.

Go read the whole thing here.


Tuesday, April 04, 2006

RHOG Rocks.

Grim, over at Right Hand of God, wants flying car.


This (above) is a picture of an '02 Trans Am flying car, made by Citizen Grim at my suggestion, in the post - Flying Cars by Reader Request: 2002 Trans Am.
It's totally sweet.
Awesome job.

He even got the color right.

Below, is a picture of my Blackbird/Trans Am, sans flight mods.

I'm not sure how much it will cost to retrofit it for flight, but I'm looking into it!
Now we just need some pics of the RHOG boys guns!!!
(Hint hint!)

A Late Lunch Musing.

If you could see in infrared, you would almost always know who farted, because you could see it at the time of dispersion.

Nature is a cruel mistress...

Cleft Palate Abortion

This is an old story, but not that old.
And no less disturbing than when it came out.

I think this shows that so-called non-existent slippery slope again...

An abortion because of a cleft palate?

What's next?
Too short? Brown eyes?
How about brown skin, or what if they could tell if someone would grow up to be gay?
How about if we can determine political inclinations?
Or is just ok to terminate based on SOME perceived defects but not others?

Who decides what defective is?
The benevolent government we all know and trust?

From Guardian Unlimited:

Cleft lip abortion done 'in good faith'

James Meikle, health correspondent
Thursday March 17, 2005
The Guardian

Doctors and health officials will consider whether more guidance on abortions is needed following the decision of the Crown Prosecution Service not to prosecute two doctors who authorised a late abortion on a foetus with a cleft lip and palate.

Jim England, the chief crown prosecutor for West Mercia, said the doctors believed, in good faith, that there was a substantial risk the child would be seriously handicapped. "In these circumstances, I decided that there was insufficient evidence for a realistic prospect of conviction and that there should be no charges against either of the doctors," he said.

The inquiry began after a legal challenge over a previous decision by police not to charge the doctors involved in the abortion carried out, in 2001, on an unnamed woman from Herefordshire who was more than 24 weeks pregnant.

Joanna Jepson, 28, now at St Michael's Church, Chester, but then a trainee vicar, found out about the procedure in 2002 when studying abortion statistics and suggested that it amounted to unlawful killing.


She said she might try to get clarification from the courts about whether unborn children in the third trimester have got human rights and what constituted "serious handicap".


Ms Jepson was born with a congenital jaw defect, uncorrected until her teens, and her brother has Down's syndrome. Her lawyers had argued that a cleft palate could not be considered as a severe disability.

The prosecutor's decision coincides with heated debate over whether the 24-week limit on terminating pregnancy should be reduced. The 1967 Abortion Act allows for later termination if two doctors decide a child would be seriously handicapped.

The Department of Health would not comment on the case but the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology said it knew the doctors "were acting in good faith and within the current legislation," adding: "We now need to consider whether further guidance is needed."

Ann Furedi, chief executive of the abortion care organisation Bpas, said: "This is very good news. We were very concerned at the prosecution because this situation arose because somebody who had nothing to do with the particular case took this case to court claiming an offence had been committed."

She added: "Rather than leap into court or the papers, we need to take stock of the circumstance in which women and doctors make decisions around abortion."

The Cleft Lip and Palate Association accepted the CPS verdict.

"Our concern was that if it was beyond all doubt that all it was a cleft lip and palate, then we could not understand why a decision to terminate had been taken," said the chief executive, Gareth Davies.

Hereford County Hospital's management, where the abortion was performed, reported "many expressions of support" for staff.

That last line makes it ok, I guess.
Can you say "eugenics", kids.

Mmmm-hmmm, I thought you could.

Monday, April 03, 2006

...And Your Little Dog, Too!!!!

From Drudge Report -

So "Basic Instinct 2" ain't quite cutting it.
I wonder why....

Thanks to Go Fug Yourself for the creepy pic and the hilarious caption:

Is it just me, or was she a little cuter back in the day?
I'm going to have nightmares now.


New ePostal Contests!! (And a Loss...)

Apparently, I did NOT take FIRST! place in the center-fire auto category at Mr. Completely's latest ePostal Contest Handgun Match: Vortex, afterall.

It appears some brute named Oxen beat me out.
You're on the list, pal!

Man! I need to practice more.

Also, the new contests has been posted!! Woo-hoo!

e-Postal Handgun/Airgun Match "Killiards"


ePostal Rifle Match for April 2006 - "Head-Shot"

Better a-git ya a-shootin'!

The revised results from last month's contest:


Place Name O/H B/R Score Caliber Handgun Sight Class

1 OXEN 74 89 163 .45 Glock 30 Iron Centerfire
2 jimmyb 71 85 155 .45 Norinco 1911 Iron Centerfire
3 OXEN 71 82 153 9mm. Glock 34 Iron Centerfire
4 Josh 63 76 139 .45 Kimber CDPII Iron Centerfire
5 AnalogKid 51 60 111 .45 1911 Iron Centerfire
6 NateG 51 52 103 .45 Springfield GI 1911 Iron Centerfire
7 Freddyboomboom 21 31 52 .40 Walther P99 Iron Centerfire
Beware, Oxen.

I fully intend to relegate you to (at least) 2nd place!
Nice shooting, BTW.
(Sorry to hear about your truck and airgun!!! Stoopid crooks!)

Saturday, April 01, 2006


My mom's surgery went well and she is now home recovering.
All looks reasonably well.

Thank you all so much for your prayers and well-wishes.
God bless you (yeah, even you Fitch; God believes in you!!!).