Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Mr. Completely's ePostal Contest

Well, the results are in for Mr. Completely's latest ePostal Shooting Contest.
(Click target for a better view!)

This one was called, Speed Kills.

This was my first foray into speed shooting, where you actually need to know your time, and not just shoot under a given time, like I do in the NRA Bullseye shoot I participate in.

Surprisingly, I didn't come out too bad!
First place in the rimfire (I didn't shoot centerfire this time, as my nylon backstop REALLY doesn't like 45 rounds).
And yes, I burned up a bunch of ammo practicing first!

Because I only had a $3 dollar digital kitchen timer, I could only know if I shot under the time limit of 5 shots in 5 seconds, on five separate targets (albeit closely spaced), instead of the actual time it took to shoot each string of 5 shots.
Incidentally, this is twice the fire rate that is required for the rapid-fire part of the bullseye competition I shoot, which is shot all on the same target.

New and interesting, I must admit.
And fun!!

So now, I have another skill to learn.
Downside: Another expensive and time-consuming addition to my base hobby.

Kitchen timer: $3.
Pact shot timer with chronograph circuitry: $183!!!

I guess that'll have to be the early Father's Day present my wife doesn't know she bought for me yet!!

Anyhoo, as mentioned, the contest consisted of 3 strings of 5 shots, in 5 seconds, on 5 targets.
Here are the results, blatantly stolen from Mr. C's site:

Name Score Time Bonus Total Caliber Gun Class

1. JimmyB 124 15 25 149 .22 Ruger MK. II Rimfire
2. Mr. Completely 114 14.49 26 140 .22 High Standard 106 Rimfire
3. KeeWee 101 20.28 20 121 .22 High Standard Sport King Rimfire

Class 2 - Centerfire

Name Score Time Bonus Total Caliber Gun Class

1. Elof 71 21 19 90 9mm. Beretta Cougar Centerfire
2. Ben 66 18 22 88 .45 Springfield TRP Centerfire
3. Amir 80 43 0 80 .45 Springfield TRP Centerfire
4. Ben 55 20 20 75 9mm. Beretta Cougar Centerfire
5. Tony 56 32 8 64 .45 Springfield TRP Centerfire
6. Tony 36 24 16 52 .45 Springfield TRP Centerfire

Class 3 - Revolver (No Entries)

Class 4 - Time Only

Name Time Caliber Gun Class

1. (tie) Mr. Completely 14.49 .22 High Standard ML-106 Rimfire
1. (tie) JimmyB 15 .22 Ruger MK. II Rimfire
3. Ben 18 .45 Springfield TRP Centerfire
4. Ben 20 9mm. Beretta Cougar Centerfire
5. KeeWee 20.28 .22 High Standard Sport King Rimfire
6. Elof 21 9mm. Beretta Cougar Centerfire
7. Tony 24 .45 Springfield TRP Centerfire
8. Tony 32 .45 Springfield TRP Centerfire
9. Amir 43 .45 Springfield TRP Centerfire

Realistically speaking, since JimmyB was using a kitchen timer set to 5 seconds on each shot string, it is very likely that he actually had the fastest time too, but there is no way to know for sure. In all fairness, I'd call it a tie.

If y'all come to the Midwest Blogfest, we can shoot together!!!
Thanks for the great contest as always, Mr. Completely!!!

Ok, I must go load more ammo now.

Midwest Blogfest

I had an earlier post up about a Midwest Blogfest, of sorts.

Here is an update from Og:

Which combination of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday this summer, would people be most interested in?

Excluding holidays like Father's Day and July 4, these are the available dates:

1:June 9,10,11
2:June 23, 24, 25
3:July 7,8,9
4:July 14.15.16
5:July 21, 22,23
6:July 28,29,30

Please cast your vote in comments. I want to see fifty votes, or I'll drop the whole thing.

What do you think?
Is later better just to give people time?

Leave your thoughts in the comments, here or at Og's post.
I think this would be cool, and would love to meet you folks.

Plus, I'll let you shoot some of my guns, like this one:

Why yes, that is a stainless Ruger GP-100 .357 Magnum with adjustable sights and a four inch barrel.

So let's get to it!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

GOP and the City.

Good news, bad news.

Good news first: GOP and the City had two Weekly Caption contests this time!!
Your humble host placed in both of them with a respectable fourth place in the first Weekly Caption Contest, and likewise, a fourth place in the super-special second one, the Weekly Caption Contest II.

Bad news: I still got beat out in BOTH by the gunslinger-who-shall-remain-nameless.
Ok, it was Wyatt.

Additionally, I got smitten by my co-worker BC, as well!!

Can't a union guy catch a break?
Where's my committee-man?

(Honestly, those guys were funny as heck, along with the others!)
Go check out teh funny at GOP and the City.


Midwest Blogmeet.

Og, over at Neanderpundit, has a pretty cool idea for a Blogmeet of Midwest Bloggers either the 23. 24, 25 of June, or the 15, 16, 17 of July.

Probably somewhere around Chicago, although I'm waiting to hear about Illinois gun laws from him. I know Chicago's laws bite the big one, but have now idea about the state's laws.
Some states you can't even drive through with your weapons, but we shall see.

So what do you think?

If you are in the Midwest, or will be in the area, would you go?
The plan according to Og is (so far):

My very tentative plan of activities would involve arriving at Chicago Midway on the friday evening, dinner for whosoever can attend that evening at Klas or someplace similar. Saturday would be a range day either in a local Illinois club or a local Indiana club. Outdoors preferred. Potentially with a BBQ. Saturday evening dinner at someplace close to the city for everyone's convenience. Sunday morning brunch and everyone hits the road for home.
Any takers? Guns and BBQ are definitely a winning combo.

Let me know by email at cugblog at msn dot com (you know the drill).
Comments welcome as well, and you can talk to Og too, at Neanderpundit.

Feel free to post about this on your site too, if you wish!
Blog on!

What Slippery Slope?

Never saw this one coming.

Babies aborted for not being perfect

The ethical storm over abortions has been renewed as it emerged that terminations are being carried out for minor, treatable birth defects.

Late terminations have been performed in recent years because the babies had club feet, official figures show.

Other babies were destroyed because they had webbed fingers or extra digits.

Julia Millington, of the Alive and Kicking Campaign, said: 'It is all about our perceptions of perfection.

'Increasingly things are moving along the lines where nothing is good enough.

'It seems we can no longer tolerate any imperfection.

'Babies are at the mercy of ultrasound scans and what they may disclose.'

Michaela Aston, from the pro-life group LIFE, said: 'One sympathises for many of the parents of these unborn children aborted after disability has been detected.

'What information are they being given by healthcare professionals so that they can make a truly informed choice?

'We suspect that many parents make the decision to opt for abortion in complete ignorance of the help and support available to children with disabilities and their families.

'For this, health care professionals must shoulder a large part of the blame.

'If, as a society, we are truly committed to equality for people with disabilities then such blatant discrimination against the disabled unborn must stop.'

But Jane Fisher of the charity Antenatal Results and Choices defended the right of parents to terminate pregnancies when defects are found. 'This is not part of a move towards designer babies,' she said.

Yeah, right Mrs. Mengele.

Go read the whole thing here.

Monday, May 29, 2006

How Your Government Celebrates Freedom.

It's Memorial Day.
And how does our friendly government celebrate?

Why, by flexing its well-armed muscle over the (sort of) free people of this country.
In true nanny-state fashion, we have the intrusive, nation-wide "Click It or Ticket".

You guessed it, kids!! Your federal tax dollars are being used in conjunction with you local tax dollars (read local government agents/police) to catch you making a personal choice, TO CHARGE YOU MORE MONEY (i.e. a fine = a tax)!!!!

Don't get me wrong, I'm totally pro-seat belt, and NEVER drive without it, but why is that the government's business?
Short answer; it's not.

Hey, how about even a better one?!?!
You know that whole lame reasonable cause/probale cause crap, and that stupid innocent until proven guilty junk?
Well, the Ohio State Highway Patrol could give a crap too!!!
They have checkpoints this holiday.

In case your unfamiliar with this shining example of how we live in a free country, here's how it works.

Armed government agents set up random road blocks and stop cititzens for no reason (other than what page the calender is on).
Pretty sweet, eh?
They're looking for DUI folk, people without insurance, and people not following the relatively new concealed carry laws. Shady people.
They might even ask to search your car.

I'm just waiting for one of them to say, "Papers, please."
Oh wait!
They do.
That's when they ask your license and insurance papers, because they happened to see you.

If you don't stop, they will chase you, and use whatever force is necessary to make you comply.
Up to and including deadly force.

Why do they do this? Because they can.
Power and revenue.

The Constitution? Merely a minor annoyance.
But fear not, most members of Congress (who are above the law) are killing that document more every day.
Death of a thousand cuts.

Hey, if it saves one life, it's worth it, right?
I'll bet they could save even more lives if they went into everyone's houses and made sure all was well, too. They could get people smoking in the house with kids, find loose handrails on the stairs, stop Twinkie addicts, and disarm those evil gun owners.
Man, I feel safer already!

Of course, they are NOT looking for illegal immigrants, because that would violate their constitutional rights that you gave up by being a citizen here legally.

They also can't set up road blocks for drug dealers, but they can for other things?!?!?!?

Is this what our soldiers fought for? What they fight for now?
To give the state more power over you every day?
I think not.

Remember this when you vote.

Here is my surefire advice to avoid being harrassed.
Cross-dress, and every time you get asked a question, just say, "Que?".

You'll skate like Sasha Cohen.


Thank You...

And God bless.

A moment to thank all of our military folk, here and gone.
And thanks to the foreign soldiers who have helped (and are helping) us, too.

Happy Memorial Day.
Now why don't I feel happy?

I guess I do, in a bittersweet kind of way....

Saturday, May 27, 2006

We're Back!!!

Due to popular demand from the frenzied masses, the Piratecast from Steve the Pirate has returned!!
Be forwarned that it is about 17MB in size.
The upside is, that is 17 meg of teh funny, and interesting and thought-provoking conversation!!!

This is the first round of the new format, and Steve and Zweibel sound great!!
I sound like a dimwitted, somewhat slow buffoon. I blame fatigue.
However, I'm the only one that brought 45 to the podcast, so there!!!

The latest and greatest Piratecast is here:

Piratecast Numero Uno: It's Back, Baby!!

Friday, May 26, 2006

Union Brother Burn

The following is a true story.
The names have been changed to protect me.

We have a blood drive at work several times a year.
With literally thousands of employees at one site, you can't beat the locale.

The particular area where I work is right down the hall from the very large conference room where they always hold the drive.

On one side of the hallway is a row of chairs for the donors to fill out the application to give blood. On the other side is a table with said applications, and a nice older lady to give info and take the done apps.

As I’m walking down the hallway, I notice the lone person filling out an application at the moment is my friend, whom I shall call D.

Now D is a great guy. Smart, funny; just an all around good guy.
He also has no qualms about burning someone in front of other people.
He is funny, though.

Today, however, was my turn.

So the scene is me (CUG) standing, D sitting filling out the application, and the Nice Older Lady (NOL), sitting at the table on the other side of the hallway.

Here’s how it went:

CUG: D! What are you doing? You know you’re not allowed to give blood if you’ve been with a prostitute in the last year, right? It’s right on the application, you know.

D: What??!?!

At this point, D is pretty much speechless. But the best part is next.

The Nice Older Lady gets this look on her face, which I can best describe as a cross between disgust, and that reflexive look one gets when they smell something particularly odiferous.

She looks right at D with that expression, while at the same time slightly nodding in affirmation, and says,
“He’s right, you know.”


Being the nice guy that I am, I did eventually let the lady know I was yanking my friend’s (and ultimately NOL’s) chain.

After I was done laughing, of course.

Oh, Yeah!

This is the rapid-fire target I shot this week at our weekly (but not official) get-together.
This target was shot in 2 strings of 5 rounds in 10 seconds.
Postion: Standing unsupported, one-handed.

97 2X.

But I digress.

Can I do it again?
I don't know.

But I do know it can be done....

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Dennis Prager

Dennis Prager has a thought provoking (sorry liberals!) essay on liberal one-word reactions to issues.
Having been on the receiving end of these reactions more than once myself, I found this article to be pretty much accurate and to the point.

Here is an excerpt:

There is a steep price paid for the liberal one-wording of complex ideas -- the decline of liberal thought. But with more and more Americans graduating college and therefore taught the liberal list of one-word reactions instead of critical thinking, many liberals do not see any pressing need to think through issues. They therefore do not believe they have paid any price at all.

But American society is paying a steep price. Every car that has a bumper sticker declaring "War is not the answer" powerfully testifies to the intellectual decline of the well educated and to the devolution of "liberal thought" into an oxymoron.

Make sure you go read the whole thing here:

Harry Reid and the end of liberal thought
And if you're a liberal, email me and I'll explain it to you in smaller words.



Remember the Hamster Dance site?
Here's another rendition of it.
This is really offensive (to psychotic cartoon rioters, anyway).
Go see it and laugh!

And don't worry, it's the tolerant, fun-loving "Religion of Peace", so you'll be safe.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

MIA Bloggers

The following bloggers are MIA.
Does anybody know what happened to them, or at least if they are ok?

Please let me know in the comments.

UPDATE: I forgot the Virgin Queen of The Court of the Virgin Queen.

Pebblpie of Pebblepie (site basically gone)

h2so4 from sulphuric attitude (site gone)

Observations of a blind girl (site gone)

J. Blair of Armed Victim

NYGirl from NYGirl

Any information would be appreciated.


Monday, May 22, 2006

Different Kinds of Pain

Very Painful: Crumpling up a paper-towel that has a toothpick in it, and driving said toothpick approximately 3/8 of an inch into the fleshy part of one’s palm near the thumb, between the thumb and forefinger.

Likewise Quite Painful: Pulling it out is pretty painful, too; you can feel the wood’s grain dragging across flesh and nerve endings.

More Painful Yet: Knowing that you are the idiotic dumba** that put the toothpick on the wadded up paper-towel not 2 minutes earlier when you were cleaning the kitchen counter.

Consolation: Tetanus shot up-to-date; apparently no infection, either.

Lessons Learned (2):
  1. Toothpick sharp.
  2. Me tard.

Cindy Sheehan Watch

An interesting site:

Cindy Sheehan Watch

This site follows the antics of one of our favorite media darlings (although her 15 minutes seem to be over, but we shall see).

One interesting thing I noted is this site even points out an article she wrote for the AlJazeera website on May 14, 2006.

You gotta love patriots like Cindy and the fine, fine folks at Aljazeera! (/sarcasm)

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Just In Case.

It was brought to my attention that I may have previosly posted the picture in my last post.
Here is another one from Oleg Volk's site, A Human Right, that I have not posted.
It is one that rings true as well.

Did you go buy a gun yet?

Friday, May 19, 2006

Buy One Today.

Gun control is not only racist and sexist; it is fundamentally a violation of civil and human rights.
It disproportionately harms women, children, minorities, and the poor.

Gun control invariably harms the innocent, while protecting evil.

Help protect the innocent, and advance the cause of freedom.

Go buy a gun today.

And tell 'em jimmyb sent ya!!

Picture courtesy of the incomparable Oleg Volk of A Human right.
He rocks.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Traitorous CJ Chivers Part Deux

This is a continuation of a previous post, Traitorous Chivers, regarding his article,
Not All See Video Mockery of Zarqawi as Good Strategy

The veterans said Mr. Zarqawi, who had spent his years as a terrorist surrounded by simpler weapons of Soviet design, could hardly have been expected to know how to handle it.

Awwwwwww. He was deprived of high-quality firearms as a kid.
Never heard a lib bitch about THAT before!!

Let's fix that problem in the US, first!
More firearms training for AMERICAN kids!
Now THAT would be a better use for teaching dollars than buying "
King and King" books.

Anyway, maybe the mastermind could figure it out, instead of having his lover lackey grabbing it for him.

"They are making a big deal out of nothing," said Mario Costagliola, who retired as an Army colonel last month after serving as the operations officer for the 42nd Infantry Division in Tikrit, Iraq.

Mario, who is also known in certain circles as Manny the Chin, is not a loan shark, a drug dealer or a hit man.

An active-duty Special Forces colonel who served in Iraq also said that what the video showed actually had little relationship to Mr. Zarqawi's level of terrorist skill.
How come when a conservative makes a misstep, it's proof of incompetence, but when a murderous Muslim thug screws up, the Times will search high and low to "prove" otherwise?

"Looking at the video, I enjoy it; I like that he looks kind of goofy," said the Special Forces officer,
Translation: Terrorists are wacky, happy-fun people, kind of like beloved Disney characters and circus clowns, and are no different than you and I!!!


I swear!!

Do I sound too desperate?

(the Special Forces officer) who was granted anonymity because he was not authorized to speak publicly on military matters.

They don't let me discuss things with the press because they are bad, bad men.

I wonder why he wasn't authorized (does this interview qualify him for a court-martial?).

Once again, the MSM wows us with the oft proven, time-tested,
infallible statements of the "UNAMED SOURCE".
If you can't trust that, what can you trust!

Credibility, thy name is The New York Times.

"But as a military guy, I shrug my shoulders and say: 'Of course he doesn't know how to use it. It's our gun.' He doesn't look as stupid as they said he looks."

Run through the CUG-filter, this amounts to:

I'm not only a traitor, I'm a moron, too!

And yes, he does look as stupid as they say.
I said so, and I'm jimmyb.

The release of the captured video reflected the dueling public relations efforts between the American-led forces fighting in Iraq and the terrorists and insurgents.
Yes, the NTY's knows all about good PR for terrorists.
It's so important that they give it away for free!!
In abundance!!!

It also reflected increasing interest by the military and civilian strategists in trying to ridicule Mr. Zarqawi.
Why! They're just school-yard bullies!! YOU MEANIES!!!

"In Arab and Muslim societies, pride and shame are felt much more profoundly than they are in Western culture," said J. Michael Waller, a professor at the Institute of World Politics, a graduate school in Washington.
This is because deep down all terrorists are overly sensitive metrosexuals.
And whiny pedophiles.

CJ likes!!

"To find video like this that can cut him down to size and discredit him is a real way of fighting terrorism."

Dang. I'd rather carpet-bomb his ass, but whatever.

A paper written by Professor Waller advocating the use of ridicule against the insurgents has been circulating at the Pentagon and among military commanders with experience in Iraq recently, according to several military officers.

Let me guess CJ; that's a bad thing, right?

But the retired and active officers said the public presentation of the tape did not address elements that were disturbing, rather than amusing: the weapon was probably captured from American soldiers, indicating a tactical victory for the insurgents.
CJ says, "Hooray for our side!"

And Mr. Zarqawi looked clean and plump.
He looked clean and plump? Why don't you guys all get a room, CJ?
Or is it BJ?


I thought he looked like a murderous, goat-diddling, pedophilic asshat. But that's just me.
Here's his picture:

Hmmmm. He does look plump.
He looks like a
plump murderous, goat-diddling, pedophilic asshat!
My apologies.
(Heh. I love posting that picture!)

"I see a guy who is getting a lot of groceries and local support,"
Yes, he was seen at the Afghanistan Piggly-Wiggly surrounded by groupies.

said Nick Pratt, a Marine Corps veteran and professor of terrorism studies at the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies in Germany.
America not good enough for you there general
Adolf Nick?
Selling any secrets while you're over there?
Of course, there are no secrets when you have the Times.
Another credible socialist NYT's traitor.

"You cannot say he is a bad operator." He added, "
The hell I can't. He's a bad operator who happens to be a plump murderous, goat-diddling, pedophilic asshat!

People should be careful who they poke fun at."
(That's why I have bullets smeared with bacon grease.)
Yeah! If you make fun of psychotic Muslims, they may murder and torture and blow stuff up and behead innocent women and children and...

They already do all that crap! (Warning, this is a very graphic link)

Maybe traitorous generals and the New York Times should be careful who they support.
And God help them if they're Joooooos!! Pyschotic Muslim love them!!
My mommy always told me you reap what you sow...

David S. Cloud contributed reporting for this article.
Because he sucks, too.


Wednesday, May 17, 2006

All Things to All People?

The party of no shame...

More proof the Dems think we are all inattentive morons:

National Gay and Lesbian Task Force denounces DNC Chair Howard Dean's misrepresentation of party platform

Returns $5,000 donation from Governor Dean in protest

(Dean say) "The Democratic Party platform from 2004 says that marriage is between a man and a woman. That's what it says...."

In Democratic circles, this is called a misrepresentation.

In real life, it is called lying.
Or total BS.
Or a fabrication.
You get the idea.
Reality based community my a##.

And then, the oopsy:

Dean Misstates Party Platform on Gays
Democratic Chairman Howard Dean Mischaracterizes His Party's Platform on Gay Rights

(More Dean) Dean said that "one of the misconceptions about the Democratic Party is that we're godless and that we don't have any values."

He went on: "The truth is, we have an enormous amount in common with the Christian community, and particularly with the evangelical Christian community. And one of the biggest things that Democrats worry about is the materialism of our country, what's on television that our kids are seeing, and the lack of spirituality."

With Republicans embracing the traditional definition of marriage in 2004, Democrats sought to appeal to such traditionalists without giving up their support for gay rights.

Hahahaha! So the party of atheists, terrorists, Planned Parenthood, NAMBLA, Larry Flynt and Hollywood is worried about kids, what's on TV and materialism.
How disingenuous can someone be?

In two articles we have misstatements, mischaracterizations, and misrepresentations, but no lies, untruths, or fabrications.
Tell me again how the media is unbiased.

Dean is definitely the right guy to represent the Communist Democratic party.
Now if only the press would honestly represent what he and the party stands for...

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Wyatt, as he so eloquently put it, beat me like a rented mule in GOP and the City's latest Weekend Caption Contest.


I bray pray I beat him next time!!!

Picture courtesy of, in the Mule section.

One More Reason to Hate France

Like we didn't have enough reasons.

The Frogs have named a street after convicted cop-killer, Mumia Abu-Jamal. He killed a police officer in Philidelphia in 1981.
Can't someone just shank him now?

Wyatt, a Philidelphia cop himself, is more appropriate to read than I.
Read it here:

Will They Call It "Rue Cop Killer?"

Can Al-Qeda Avenue or Osama Blvd be far behind?

Stoopid Frogs.

H/T Michelle Malkin.

Monday, May 15, 2006

You Might Be a Liberal...

With apologies to Jeff Foxworthy...

A little information to help determine if you are a liberal or not.
Honestly though, if you're not sure, you probably are one.

Here we go!!!

If you got your ass kicked in school a lot, because you cried when they served meat, you might be a liberal.

If you smell like pachoulli oil, and think Jerry Garcia is a god, you might be a liberal.

If you believe that gun control hasn't worked in this country, because there just isn't enough of it yet, you might be a liberal.

If you are horrified by a guy that sets his girlfriend on fire, but are more horrified if she survived and wanted to keep an evil gun for protection, you might be a liberal.

If you're moronic enough to think that a restraing order would stop a psychopath like the aforementioned arsonist, you might be Oprah. And/or a liberal.

If you're smug about your "green" car, you might be a liberal.

If you don't thing hybrids are gay, you might be a liberal.

If you are offended when I say, "Hybrids are gay", you might be a liberal.

If you think that inanimate objects cause violent behaviour, you might be a liberal.

If you don't want to keep databases to track terrorists and child-molesters, but think there should definitely be one for gun-owners, you might be a liberal.

If some Conservative UAW Guy is screaming about how you are a dirty f***ing hippy and a godless commie, and is talking about well-deserved impalings and smitings, you most definitely are a liberal!!!

Hope this clears up any confusion!!! :)

jimmyb aka CUG

Sunday, May 14, 2006

He Really Does Work In Mysterious Ways.

Dear God,

Thank You so much for answering one of my prayers.

Sen. Ted Kennedy's Plane Struck By Lightning
....The eight-seat Cessna Citation 550 plane lost all electrical power, including communications, and the pilot had to fly the plane manually, according to spokeswoman Melissa Wagoner.
No one was hurt.

I hate to seem ungrateful or anything, but uhhhhhh....
You didn't seem to finish the job.
You do know Ted Kennedy was on the plane, right?

Maybe my whole prayer didn't get through.

Just checking.
Either way, You're still number one in my book!!!

Respectfully (and curious),


Disclaimer: I would never actually pray for someone's death, even if it would be a great help to the country, and the world.
Stoopid morals...

Happy Mothers Day!

And I'm NOT talkin' 'bout Shaft!

Thanks to all you moms out there (of course, including my Mom and the CUG-Wife!!)!
Bless you all, and thank you all. :)

Dear Washington State

Dear Washington State:

Please come take your rain back from Ohio.
We've had enough.


Soggily yours,


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Traitorous Chivers

C.J. Chivers fawns and gushes over a man who intentionally blows up women and children.
Of course, I would expect nothing less from the New York Times when it comes to good press for the enemy.

Don't look for Chivers to do a glowing report on a US soldier anytime soon....

Let us fisk:

Not All See Video Mockery of Zarqawi as Good Strategy

These people are also known as traitors and Frenchmen.

Published: May 6, 2006

An effort by the American military to discredit the terrorist leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi by showing video outtakes of him fumbling with a machine gun — suggesting that he lacks real fighting skill — was questioned yesterday by retired and active American military officers.

Military people we cherry-picked from our top-secret "Traitors-R-Us" list.
Does the NYT's know any military people at all that root for the home team?
Or are all military people anti-military and anti-US?

The video clips, released on Thursday to news organizations in Baghdad, show the terrorist leader confused about how to handle an M-249 squad automatic weapon, known as an S.A.W., which is part of the American inventory of infantry weapons.

A terrorist than can't rack a charging handle?
A terrorist that can't figure out a gun?
Next they'll be defending a Frog doesn't know how to operate a white flag and a liberal that doesn't know how to lie to himself!

The American military, which said it captured the videotapes in a recent raid, released selected outtakes in an effort to undermine Mr. Zarqawi's image as leader...
"Selected" outakes!!! Those big meanies!!!
Notice Zarqawi is a "leader", but to the NYT's, Bush is not.

... of the Council of Holy Warriors, formerly Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia,
They used to tour with the-artist-formerly-known-as Prince,
and Vanilla Ice.
CJ has all CHW's albums and an autographed, slightly used scimitar.

and suggested that his fighting talents and experience were less than his propaganda portrays.
Note leading words - Not "said", but "suggested", and the use of the emotionally charged word, "propaganda" , of course imparting an element of doubt about the whole scenario.
Man! It sure would be swell if we ever got the Times on our side!!!
They're really good!

But several veterans of wars in Iraq or Afghanistan,
You don't know which war?
Heh. Fact checking at the Times.
I'm sure that's an ethereal experience.

as well as active-duty officers, said in telephone interviews yesterday that the clips of Mr. Zarqawi's supposed martial incompetence were unconvincing.
Yeah, man! These guys know Zarquawi is a total badass, yo!!!

The weapon in question is complicated to master,
HAHAHAHAHA!!!! What, the big bad terrorists are to stupid to figure out a rifle?
He wasn't detail-stripping it fer chrissaskes!!
It's not something terribly hard to master, like soap, or mercy, or common sense.

Freakin' bureaucrats.

and American soldiers and marines undergo many days of training to achieve the most basic competence with it.

Translation: And our US soldiers are total idiots that have no skills and don't read 20 newspapers a day!!!

(God I hate these guys).

Moreover, the weapon in Mr. Zarqawi's hands was an older variant, which makes its malfunctioning unsurprising.

I've shot guns (with ammo of the same eras) from WWI and WWII.
What does an "older variant" mean?
Of course, this extensive knowledge is based on CJ's vast weapons knowledge, comparable to others at the Times, in Hollywood, and (of course) DNC members.

(Note: This means they all got stoned together and watched The Matrix one time.)

The New York Times.
All the bad news we can get, plus whatever s**t we can make up!!

And they wonder why newspapers are dying...

This article will be concluded in the next post.

CUG News - Hardhitting, honest, and dependable.
Like the New York Times says they are; but for real!!!
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Monday, May 08, 2006

Penn and Teller

If you haven't seen this video (it's been around a while) by Penn and Teller, regarding 9/11, then this is worth your time.
It's from their Bull###t series on HBO.

Talk about tin-foil hatters!!!

Check it out here: Penn and Teller Stupid 9/11 Conspiracies.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Headlines for YOU!

Here are some headlines I saw, and my synopsis of them.

I didn't actually read the articles, though.
Just the headlines, ma'am.

Pesticides may affect penis size
Probe started into pesticide, firearm and sportscar manufacturers' collusion...

Oil falls below $70 a barrel, gasoline stocks rise
It's all Bush's fault, except the falling price part.
Gore family unavailable for comment...

Navy Chaplain May Face Court-Martial For Praying
Officials looking into charges against lawyers for suing, and against hippies for smelling next...

Teacher Out Of Job After X-Rated Video Surfaces
ACLU, Planned Parenthood and DNC hiring slugfest forseen.
Can't agree on who she represents best...

Bill Gates wishes he weren't so rich.
Still won't give CUG a freakin' dime...
Boo-effin-hoo for you, Bill.

Low IQ, Daily KOS connection?
Sunlight Causes Daylight?
Does jimmyb like guns?

Dean fires Dems' gay outreach chief
Meant to hire a gay reach-around chief...

Seen any good headlines lately?


The light of my life, Mrs.b is rockin'!

Her heart is pure and sweet, as well as not clogged or blocked, and apparently fully functional!!!

And all mine, too!! :)

Thank God.

She's a little gimpy, due to the incision, but o-tay otherwise.
Follow up in several weeks.

Thanks for all your prayers!
They worked!!!

We now return to your regularly scheduled hippie bashing, commie smiting, leadership by impaling, and other types of all-around good clean fun!!

(Thanks to for the graphic.)

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Mama is ok!
Will elaborate later, as I have "tending" to do.


Thank you all so much for your prayers and well wishes and good thoughts!

God bless.


Monday, May 01, 2006

Call the Police!

Update: My wife is trying to kill me (by scaring me to death!).
I'm going to have to have Wyatt and the Rabbit Priest arrest her.

(She is ok, though).

Chest pain and left arm pain, emergency room visit, I left work early, lots of machines and some nitroglycerin tabs.

Gosh, they're not sure what's going on.
(Apparently, the hospital has rules about bitch-slapping people who don't have the information I want.)

Pain is gone, she's home; we're still on for Tuesday.
I love her so much.

I'm too nervous to drink, at least effectively. (That sucks).
I have finals to give and grade this week, too.

Also found out a friend's wife has terminal, just diagnosed, cancer. Please say a prayer for T and K too, if you can.


If life has threefers, I hope the third one is Michael Moore and Alec Baldwin get hit by a busload of Marines and croak at the scene.

My attitude regarding commies remains unchanged.

Also, I thought I'd post a nice picture of a gun for everyone.
Just so ya know I'm still "normal".

Uhhhh, I mean for me.

(That is a Desert Eagle 50, FYI.)

Again, thanks for all your nice comments and wishes and prayers.
We're going to get through this handily.

Then the hippy smiting will begin anew...