Thursday, July 27, 2006


Sun kills 60,000 a year, WHO says
Dems say it is probably just killing people that abortion doctors won't kill anyway; offers surrender plan just in case.

Dutch Political Party Wants to Normalize Pedophilia
ACLU Lawyers Enroute...

NSync singer Lance Bass says he is gay
Reports also note sky is blue and M. Moore is fat.

2 billboards target illegal immigrants
And they ask, "Had Enough?".
When I see that, I think I have.

Feds move to share intelligence faster
I always snicker when I see "Feds" and "Intelligence" in the same sentence.

Commy Skanks v Facist Prudes
From the mind of Vox:
I do so love feminist women.
They can't even get together and hate men without it turning into a shrieking, hair-pulling catfight.

Same-sex marriage on rocks with voters
Uhhh...remind me not to ask for a stiff one, then...

Under fire Mass. highways chief resigns
...he will continue to receive his $223,000 annual salary through Feb. 15.
Shouldn't that say "Under rubble..."?
Pretty good pay package for negligent homicide.
I guess he didn't burn any bridges there...

Physicians Complain About Anatomy Course
Too much blood and guts?
Hey. Dead animals have rights to, ya know.

Hezbollah was using UN post as 'shield'
Color me shocked and awed.