Monday, July 17, 2006

I'm A Hypocrite, and I Couldn't Be Happier.

Once upon a time I told my dear wife and precious daughter that you NEVER give personal information to people on the Internet, and you NEVER EVER arrange to meet people over the Internet.

I lied.

I just forgot the addendum that it is ok if you are meeting other conservative bloggers, some of whom have firearms they are willing to let you use!

Like at an OGMEET!!!
THEN it's ok to meet someone!
(Og's guns pictured above!)

I'm glad we got that straightened out.

Plus, let's face it, there are not too many pervs out there trolling for old, pudgy UAW guys by luring them with tales of beautiful weapons, gun range expeditions, and camaraderie of a conservative nature.
Not impossible, but highly unlikely.

Between Friday and Saturday nights, I met a slew of really cool bloggers.

Friday, I met Leslie, of Omnibus Driver, first.
She was wearing a Stetson hat, as she had said she would, making her easy to find at the Stonewood Ale House in Schaumberg.

Leslie basically did all the grunt work for this get together, while Og got all the glory ;).
(Just kidding Og; please don't "tune me up"!!)
Thanks to both for a wonderful meet, but Leslie did do the lion's share.
Shortly thereafter, I got to meet:

Mark, from Windypundit, who also took pictures of the event, with his way-cool Nikon camera!
Day 1 Pictures.
Day 2 Pictures.
(And yes, I am wearing a Dead Kennedys t-shirt. Not a HUGE fan of their music, but I LOVE that name!!)

Mr. and Mrs. Right from The Right Place

Bruce the Human Pet (owned by Ferdinand T. Cat), from Conservative Cat.

Nate, Bruce the Human Pet's 19 year old son (who is presently blogless, but works on Conservative Cat).


Grant, from Grantastic Designs, who I hear-tell has a documentary about Ward Churchill coming up!

Had a great meal, great conversations, and a couple beers over several hours.
As far as I could tell, a good time was had by all.

On day two Og, myself, and Nate the younger went shooting.
Just us three.
Everyone else was either too busy, were huge pu**ies, or both. ;)
(Just kidding, kids!)
That will be another post.

After shooting, and driving the 90 miles back to the hotel, I made my way to Klas for the dinner meet.
Klas is the largest Czech restaurant in the country, and their food is awesome, and reasonably priced, as well! Two thumbs up.
And my scale is up a two pounds, too.

There, I additionally met:

That One Guy, from Drunken Wisdom.

Zonker, from Thunder and Roses.

Tammi, from Tammi's World.

Biloxi, from The Republic of Biloxi.

Dude, whom presently is blogless, but is a serial commenter, and shares my love of blogs and alcohol.

Of course, Leslie was there, even though she had a pretty bad case of bronchitis.
She's quite a trooper.

I must admit, I felt a little like a country mouse in the big city with all these sophisticated bloggers (both nights!), but they were still all pleasant as could be, even if my naivete was showing.

A great group, and a great time.
I just wish my dear wife would have come, and it would have been perfect.
Next time, for sure.

Finally, Windypundit has a photo gallery here.
Go check it out.

More to come...