Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Keep On Peacin' In The Free World

Horrific bombings and grenade attacks occured in India.

No one has claimed responsibility yet, but my guess is that it's --
the Irish

rabid Buddihists

pro-life Jesus freaks

the Joooooos!

the Nazis from the Sum Of All Fears movie

Imperial Storm Troopers under command of Darth Vader
The Little Rasals

Well it can't be the Religion of Peace, because Katie Couric and Michael Moore say so.
They're just peacin' out all over the place!

It makes you wonder how many more are going to be sacraficed at the altar of political correctness.

Dear India,

Our thoughts and prayers are with you, as well as our wish for swift and merciless retribution.
Except for our far left (Ward Churchill anyone?) - they probably think you got what you deserved.

God bless, and good luck.