Monday, July 24, 2006

Look for the Union Label

I just received the original box that my Series 80 Colt Gold Cup National Match came in.

And lo and behold on the end of the box is the UAW logo!
Now that would be a cool facility to work in.

Do you suppose it is a bittersweet moment every time the workers of Local 376 see union dues taken out of their checks, knowing the UAW does their best to get canidates elected that hate the company they work for?

You know, how their union goes about donating money to rabidly communistDemocratic canidates that do their best to put those same dues-paying workers out of a job, by putting the company they work for completely out of business by judicial fiat and litigation?

I'll better there are a few conservative UAW guys there!

Thank you folks at Local 376 for making a great product!
I heart my Colt!
Well, ok - Colts.