Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Questions, Always Questions.

So I overheard a hippy say that Bush, "Harshes my mellow...".

Now personally, being a swingin' (NOT swinging) hep kind of cat, I was surprised I wasn't up on the latest vernacular of today's yutes.
I mean, I'm no square or anything (with apologies to the Blue Square, of course).

So I question to myself the following, regarding this strange hippyspeak:

1. Do I, personally, have a "mellow"?

2. If I do have said "mellow", is it capable of being "harshed"?

3. If I do indeed, have a "mellow", that is capable of being "harshed", would I notice it were "harshed"?

4. Would I care?

5. Also, would this be a good thing or a bad thing?
For instance, if Bush "harshed my mellow" (which I doubt, if he truly "harshes" hippy "mellows"), would I be all like,
"Thanks George; you rule!"
and stuff;
or would I think,
"Dang, George. I am disappointed, almost as much as I was when you nominated Harriet Myers"?

6. Can a "mellow" be "unharshed"?

7. And logically, can an "unharshed mellow" (if such a thing can be) be "re-harshed"?

8. If I, myself, can't "harsh a hippy's mellow", can I at least impale him?

9. Why do "harsh" and "mellow" sound much like marshmallow?
How does this (if it does at all) relate to Mallow Cups?

10. Are there degrees of harshing, or is a "harsed mellow" a discrete state; all or nothing?

and of course

11. Why the hell did I think this was post-worthy?
I realize there are many important questions facing us in today's tumultuous times, but I think perhaps, these are the most pressing.

Leave your enlightenment in the comments....