Friday, September 01, 2006

How Come...?

So another person with a name that sounds suspiciously al-like (Omeed Aziz Popal), has tried to murder a dozen+ people before being stopped (by people w/guns, I might add).
At least one person is dead.

Check out this news video from KTVU: Hit and Run Rampage

This line, towards the very end of the broadcast, is becoming typical:

"One witness told us the suspect referred to HIMSELF as a terrorist, but police say this case may have been many things, but it was not an act of terrorism."

How come nearly every time a person with a middle-eastern sounding name trys to murder a large group of people, the first thing we hear is, "it's not terrorism or a hate crime"?
Even when the perp says it is? Remember the Jewish Center shooting in Seattle?
I wonder, since the press doesn't seem to.
But then again, the Jon Benet case is still quite pressing.
When some white, psycho a**hole shoots up a mosque, you can bet your bippy the press will be calling it terrorism for months.
And it would be. I just tire of the double standard.

Anyway, all I can say is, thank God noone had a firearm, or that kind, peace-loving man might have been injured in his quest to slaughter innocent people.
Once again, the San-Fran gun laws are an undisputed triumph for the people.

Point Five has the straight poop here:
"Melting Pot" Of Victims Shows Depth Of Muslim Integration

“Look at the rich pageant of victims of Mr. Popal. A motorcyclist, a child, a pedestrian walking in a bike lane. It’s like a Norman Rockwell painting come to life– and then mowed down.”

Man, even as twisted as this whole story is, THAT'S funny.
And terribly sad....