Monday, September 18, 2006

Peacin Out, Holmes!

So that wacky pope is at it again!
And the peace addicts are up in arms!!

Could you see this guy knocking on your door?
Have you accepted Mohmmed as your personal savior?
If not, I'm going to have to behead you slowly, on camera, with this rusty scimitar while you are still conscious.

I will also rape your daughters and kill all of your sons.
Or maybe the other way around. It depends on my mood.
Do you have any goats?

Have a nice day.
Peace be upon you. :)"
Don't make the religion of pieces angry, you dirty Zionist Catholics!!
Are you trying to start a war or something?

Islam means peace and love, but it's a TOUGH love.
REAL tough.

Hey! Wait a minute!!
Islam means SUBMISSION (or surrender)!!

My bad.

Honestly, I guess I would feel better if large groups of Muslims would protest suicide bombers and mass slaughter instead of just threatening death to critics that don't like death threats and slaughters.
You know, like a "not in our name" thing, but with a non-evil, commie-less bent to it.
And less stinky.
Stoopid dirty hippies.

Does that make me intolerant?
Come on folks, think about the children (WARNING!!!)