Friday, September 29, 2006

President Clinton's Tantrum

Regarding EX (for you libs that keep forgetting that part) EX-President Clinton's childish and petulant outburst:

Where I work, when a guy reacts that way to a question, he usually gets asked if he may have gotton some sand in his vagina.

Granted, this is uncouth and terribly non-PC, but I work in a foundry ya know.
Tough crowd, and there is a lot of sand there.

And it is kind of funny.

I'm surprised Clinton didn't call Chris Wallace (yes, Mike Wallace's son) a dirty Jooo or a racist.
Those seem to be the only pages in the libs election-time playbook.

BTW, the whiny frat-boy thing is wearing very thin, Billy.

In closing, I think FrankJ, from IMAO said it best about Clinton:

"Tip for Bill Clinton: Your Presidential legacy is a stained blue dress; learn to live with it."