Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A Thousand Pardons.

I would like to offer my apologies to my friends in California, regarding a recent post I had regarding the spraying of retardant in their state.

I was reading the Dem-friendly Toledo Blade yesterday (which, curiously, has a bunch of union workers locked out right now, BTW) and saw this letter to the editor:

A simple plan
Here's a plan to get out of Iraq.

1. Say "Gee, we're sorry. We thought you had weapons of mass destruction. We made a mistake. We're leaving now."

2. Release Saddam Hussein and turn the country back over to him. Let him worry about civil war, roving gangs, infrastructure, untrained/unreliable police and military, terrorists, and so on.

3. Bring our guys/gals home and watch the fun from afar. Saddam will be too busy to be a danger to us.

4. Optional but recommended: Impeach President Bush for taking us into Iraq.
This is so idiotic, it doesn't even bear fisking.

So I apologize to my friends from Califonistan, as the retardant seems to have spread over here to Ohio, and is not just in their lovely state.

Maybe I should sue California like they're suing the auto industry, for polluting the minds of so many people living near and in bigger cities in Ohio.

Note: I only read this rag (The Blade) when I find it lying around, and I never pay actual money for it.