Thursday, April 26, 2007

Note To Self.

Note to self: The firearms axioms hold true in other aspects of life...

Courtesy of Xavier from Xavier Thoughts (but originally from Jeff Cooper, I believe):

The Four Rules (of firearms handling)
1. All firearms are always loaded
2. Never let the muzzle of a firearm point at anything you are not willing to destroy
3. Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot
4. Be sure of your target and what is behind it

Damn fine rules.
Rules to live by; literally.

Now, let us apply this to my new Delta kitchen faucet with the "convenient" (read dangerous!) pull-out nozzle.

1. The faucet always has water pressure behind it.

2. Never let the nozzle point at anything you are not willing to drench.

3. Keep your fingers of the handle until you are ready to spray.

4. Be sure of your of your target, and what is behind it (and underneath it and around it, including yourself).


It's ok.
Only my shirt, pants, one shoe, the counter, and the floor got wet.

I hate accidental and/or negligent discharges; even if it's water.
A soggy lesson to be sure.

But one taken to heart...

Class Act for the Left

The amazing thing is, she's in high demand with democrats and other libs (I guess we differ on "family values")...

Rosie Grosses Out Media Elite
April 24, 2007 -- ROSIE O'Donnell's blue humor made faces red when she emceed the Matrix Awards in front of 2,000 feting New York's most accomplished women in media at the Waldorf-Astoria Grand Ballroom yesterday.

The loose-lipped lesbian dropped the F-bomb as Barbara Walters lowered her head on the dais and covered her face with her hand. O'Donnell concluded a rant about Donald Trump by grabbing her crotch and shouting, "Eat me!"

O'Donnell also said she was sad when Trump called her "disgusting" and "fat" because, "it was always my dream to give an old, bald billionaire a boner."

The annual luncheon of N.Y. Women in Communications - which honored Cindy Adams, Meredith Vieira, Joan Didion, Susan Lyne, Arianna Huffington and Lisa Caputo, among others - featured as presenters News Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch [See photo, facing page], Joy Behar, Nora Ephron, Martha Stewart and Sen. Hillary Clinton.

Also on hand were 17 sweet-faced high school girls who won scholarships to pursue their dreams of careers in media.

What a classy broad. Lovely talk in front of school children.
She should go stump for Hillary.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

e-Postal Contest - "High Fives" Results

The results are in, and my friend and shooting nemesis Mr. Completely handily thumped me again! Although I did squeak by him by ONE POINT in the Class IV competition.

Overall, not a bad first shoot of the season; good scores, good turnout.

My scores and related info:

Class II:
Score 94
Ruger Mark II, 22 LR, 5 1/4" barrel, Volquartsen target grips, Volquartsen trigger/hammer group, UltraDot MatchDot scope 1X.

Class III:
Score 50
Glock 19, 9mm, 4" barrel, stock open sights.

Class III:
Score 64
Norinco 1911, 45 ACP, 5" barrel, stock iron sights.

Class IV:
Score 85
Colt Series 80 Gold Cup, 1911 45 ACP, 5" barrel, Bushnell Gen IV Holo Sight XLP - 1X.

Overall scores:

Class I - Rimfire Iron Sight

Name Score Caliber Handgun Type
1 Ahab 93 .22WMR EAA Bounty Hunter
2 CrebralFix 93 .22 Ruger 22/45
3 Ahab 91 .22 Walther P22
4 Mr. Completely 89 .22 High Standard SC 106
5 Kim DuToit 85 .22 Colt Officer's Match Revolver
6 US Citizen 84 .22 Ruger MK-III
7 Davebo 76 .22 Ruger MK-II
8 Fodder 75 .22 Colt Single Action Frontier Scout
9 Mr. Completely 65 .22 JC Higgins Model 88 Revolver
10 Merle 59 .22Mag Ruger SSS 9 1/2"
11 US Citizen 51 .22 Ruger MK-I
12 Davebo 41 .22 Ruger MK-I

Class II - Rimfire Optic Sight

1 Mr. Completely 98 .22 High Standard SC 106
2 JimmyB 94 .22 Ruger MK-II
3 KeeWee 87 .22 High Standard Sport King 103
4 US Citizen 78 .22 Smith & Wesson 22A
5 Merle 60 .22 Ruger MK-II

Class III - Centerfire Iron Sight

1 Ahab 86 .38 Ruger GP 100
2 Sailor Curt 84 .45ACP Ruger P97
3 Ahab 83 .38 Taurus Tracker
4 Ahab 81 .32ACP 1935 Beretta
5 Kim DuToit 75 .45ACP Springfield 1911
6 US Citizen 74 .45ACP Kimber Pro Carry
7 JimmyB 64 .45ACP Norinco 1911
8 Fodder 63 .45ACP Colt 1911A1
9 JimmyB 50 9mm Glock 19
10 Merle 40 38/200 Enfield No. 2 Mk. I
11 Merle 39 .45ACP Colt Combat Commander
12 Merle 30 9mm. Walther P38
13 Merle 22 9mm. FN Lightweight Hi Power
14 Merle 19 7.62x25 CZ-52

Class IV - Centerfire Optic Sight

1 JimmyB 85 .45ACP Colt Series 80 Gold Cup 1911
2 Mr. Completely 84 .38 Taurus 66 Revolver
3 Mr. Completely 78 .480 Ruger Super Red Hawk
4 Mr. Completely 65 9mm. Taurus PT-92

All Entries by Score

1 Mr. Completely 98 .22 High Standard SC 106
2 JimmyB 94 .22 Ruger MK-II
3 Ahab 93 .22WMR EAA Bounty Hunter
4 CrebralFix 93 .22 Ruger 22/45
5 Ahab 91 .22 Walther P22
6 Mr. Completely 89 .22 High Standard SC 106
7 KeeWee 87 .22 High Standard Sport King 103
8 Ahab 86 .38 Ruger GP 100
9 Kim DuToit 85 .22 Colt Officer's Match Revolver
10 JimmyB 85 .45ACP Colt Series 80 Gold Cup 1911
11 US Citizen 84 .22 Ruger MK-III
12 Sailor Curt 84 .45ACP Ruger P97
13 Mr. Completely 84 .38 Taurus 66 Revolver
14 Ahab 83 .38 Taurus Tracker
15 Ahab 81 .32ACP 1935 Beretta
16 US Citizen 78 .22 Smith & Wesson 22A
17 Mr. Completely 78 .480 Ruger Super Red Hawk
18 Davebo 76 .22 Ruger MK-II
19 Fodder 75 .22 Colt Single Action Frontier Scout
20 Kim DuToit 75 .45ACP Springfield 1911
22 US Citizen 74 .45ACP Kimber Pro Carry
23 Mr. Completely 65 .22 JC Higgins Model 88 Revolver
24 Mr. Completely 65 9mm. Taurus PT-92
25 JimmyB 64 .45ACP Norinco 1911
26 Fodder 63 .45ACP Colt 1911A1
27 Merle 60 .22 Ruger MK-II
28 Merle 59 .22Mag Ruger SSS 9 1/2"
29 US Citizen 51 .22 Ruger MK-I
30 JimmyB 50 9mm Glock 19
31 Davebo 41 .22 Ruger MK-I
32 Merle 40 38/200 Enfield No. 2 Mk. I
33 Merle 39 .45ACP Colt Combat Commander
34 Merle 30 9mm. Walther P38
35 Merle 22 9mm. FN Lightweight Hi Power
36 Merle 19 7.62x25 CZ-52

A great turnout with some great shooting!
Nice to see some familiar faces, and the new ones, too.

Next event will be posted soon!!
(Don't forget, the July contest is going to be right here!!!)

Monday, April 23, 2007

On Breakthroughs and Epiphanies

You know, usually when you hear about a breakthrough, it's good news.

However, being the conscientious guy that I am, I thought I would try Cheryl Crow's advice about using one square of toilet paper per sitting, to save the planet.

And then I had a breakthrough. And it was not good news.

I also had a moment of clarity and enlightenment at the same time; now I know another reason hippies smell like crap.

Stoopid, smelly hippies...

Friday, April 20, 2007

e-Postal Remider

The first e-Postal Handgun Match entries must be received by Midnight on Monday, April 23rd.

That means this is the last weekend you have to shoot it!!! (I'm shooting tomorrow or Sunday myself.)

Mr Completely has the rules, tips, and a link to the target here:

e-Postal Handgun Match "High Fives"

So load up, and get to shooting!!
Have fun, and be safe! :)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Why I Hate GFW's #7

Gun Fearing Wussies want to enforce retarded rules based on their pants-wetting, hyperventilating, sissified view of the world; trying to reshape the plantet into their personal unicornitopia - fueled by rainbows, socialized medicine, Marxism and bong-hits.

Case in point:

Given the horrific events in Virginia this week, I am coming to grips with this:

The factory I work in is a "gun free zone".
The college where I teach is, likewise, a "gun free zone".
Not getting a whole lot of warm fuzzies about this.

If I get murdered by a psychopath with hurt feelings and a small pecker because my employers guaranteed him a building full of unarmed targets, I'm going to be pissed.

Monday, April 16, 2007


Well, this can't be good.

Or can it...?

This is Haleigh, the newest addition to our family.
I didn't even know we were expecting!
(Click pictures to expandify them.)

This next picture shows her "happy with an attitude" look.

Followed soon after by the "I am just so darned precious; worship me" look.

But, jimmyb, you ask, is she truly a family member? A VRWC kind of pup?

Well let us see.

"Haleigh, where's the hippie?"
(Note appropriate response below)

Yup. A chip of the old CUG tree.
The apple doesn't fall far from the block(head) ya know.
10.6 pounds of pure toothy, commie-hating snuggle-muffin!
She will be smiting in no time.

Of course, I could tell she was a staunch conservative libertarian as soon as I saw her.

But jimmy, don't you already have two dogs, and why in the WORLD would you get a third?

Here's how that rolls:

1. Get a family dog, name it Molly, and have it for a decade.
Best. Dog. Ever.

2. Have the vet tell you she is going to die in two or three weeks.

3. A year later, when she's still plugging along, get a replacement puppy (Jake), as that previous dire prediction is sure to become true any minute!!

4. Don't get any stock tips from vet.

5. Watch in wonder, as in a year and a half, Molly and Jake become bestest friends in the whole world.

6. Then watch the wife and daughter to go "look" at a shepherd puppy, because we all know Jake will be devastated when Molly passes (WHICH IS SURE TO BE ANY TIME!!!). (But we hope not.)

7. Greet puppy.

8. And don't forget the cat (who hid and pouted for two days; not Haleigh's biggest fan!).

9. Adopt a solid, non-negotiable no-more-pets rule, pretty much like the last one you had... but this time you really mean it!!

And of course, I have just taken another hit on the male/female ratio in the household, which now stands at 2 to 5.

But Jake and I can handle it...

Welcome aboard, Haleigh!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

One Toke Over the Line, Methinks...

A real Google map with directions (click to enlargify):

New York City to Paris, France directions: -

The key point:

Now THAT'S funny; I don't care who you are.

H/T to the CUG wife and daughter!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Yesterday (Monday), outside:

The grass is lush, green, and sorely in need of mowing.

Young bunnies are frolicking and avoiding me when they see me.

There is a robin singing in the tree by the garage.

It's freaking snowing.

Gotta love Ohio.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Things I Learned at the Lima Gun Show

A: As polite as people are at gun shows, several of them have two concepts they can't seem to grasp:

1. If everyone uses the right lane, just like when you drive, things go MUCH smoother. You would think after the 11th person they bump into, the would get the hint (of course, they're probably whining that everyone was going the wrong way). Obliviots.

2. In a crowded gun show, there is the remote possibility that while you are standing and flapping you cake-hole in the middle of the small aisleway, there may be someone behind you not interested in your BS story, wishing to move on.

B: In Lima, Ohio guns are apparently made of gold, platinum, palladium, ruthenium, rhodium, osmium and iridium; and they are priced accordingly.

C: Additionally, people will pay top dollar for crap. I hope you got a good story to go with that over-priced garage-sale rifle.

D: The "no firearms allowed" signs on all the doors to the gun show buildings is funny as hell.

E: I may have to start going to smaller shows.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter.

"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life." John 3:16

A blessed, safe and happy Easter to you and yours.
God bless.
I'm off to church, now.

Thanks to Blue Ridge Blog for the gorgeous and moving picture.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Why I Can't Stand Liberals - Reason #236

And the Most Tactless Campaigning award goes to...!

Edwards Provides Lesson in E-Campaigning 101

When you visit the John Edwards for President Web site, you're invited to send a sympathy note to the Edwardses. And tens of thousands of well wishers have done so since that heart-wrenching news conference two weeks ago at which Elizabeth Edwards courageously discussed her incurable cancer.

What those well wishers get in return -- e-mail messages soliciting contributions to Edwards's campaign.

Visitors to the Edwards site who choose to "send a note to Elizabeth and John" are first taken to a heartfelt letter from the candidate that was written the day after he learned that his wife's cancer had returned. Edwards thanks readers for their "prayers and wishes," vows that he and Elizabeth will "keep a positive attitude always look for the silver lining" and declares that "our campaign goes on and it goes on strongly."

Anyone who then chooses to send a note of sympathy to the Edwardses -- and, thus, provide his or her e-mail address -- automatically becomes part of the Edwards campaign's online e-mail database, a list that is crucial to any campaign's ability to raise vast amounts of money over the Internet.

I have refrained commenting on Edwards decision to stay in the race because it is a personal decision. However, this is just beyond the pale.

Not that he ever had my vote before, but dang dude - have you no shame?

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Time To Riot and Kill?

The never-ending war on Christianity continues:
(From WorldNet Daily)

School drill portrays killers as Christians

School officials in Burlington, N.J., who wanted to stage a "hostage situation" drill have portrayed the attackers as Christians, including one who was upset that his daughter was expelled for praying before class.

Supt. Chris Manno praised the exercise to test the response of the school and police, explaining, "You perform as you practice. We need to practice under conditions as real as possible in order to evaluate our procedures and plans so that they're as effective as possible."

Lifesite News reported that the Christian students in the school were offended when the student body was told the alleged gunmen were "members of a right-wing fundamentalist group called the 'New Crusaders' who don't believe in separation of church and state."

Ahhhh, the government teaching more tolerance.
What could possibly be wrong with that?

The saddest part is, if they portrayed the killers as Muslims, it would be front page, top story news in the MSM.

And Supt. Chris Manno would be fired. As he should be right now.

And I was just kidding about the title. Only evil, primitive, ignorant, insane, moronic animals would riot and kill because someone insulted their religion.

Oops! Sorry Scientoligists!! No offense.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Last Line Says It All.

More people that want to raise your taxes giving us their wisdom.
Taxes on petroleum and even your electric bill will save the planet!!
(Not so sure about the economy, however.)

The gist of the article is pretty standard "penalize the US and let everyone else slide" stuff.
But the last line in the article really tells you the agenda of some people; we want to tax you for your own good.
Taxes have awesome, unforeseen benefits. Yay!

CO2 Tax Could Cut Emissions and Reduce Other Taxes, Economists Say

Mankiw said he would support carbon and gasoline taxes, even if science proved that global warming was not linked to CO2 emissions, because of the impact such taxes would have on other externalities such as urban congestion and vehicle accident rates.

Can you say power and control, kids?
Mmm-hmm, I thought you could.

Did you believe the part where he said we could cut everyone's taxes if we raised other taxes?
I don't think Congress looks like it's in a tax cut mode.