Thursday, June 28, 2007

From the Mind of Vox

I was pretty moved by this exchange between Atheist Al, and Vox Day in the comment section of Vox's blog:

I am the product of my observations and environment, and can only believe or disbelieve what makes sense to me. If that makes me an a**hole, a militant atheist, or whatever, that's okay.

Al, the mere fact that you are humble enough to state that disqualifies you from the asshole status of the militant atheist. I have no problem with atheists like you, Brent Rasmussen and others, who simply don't believe in God.

But you're not running around constantly screaming about how stupid everyone else who doesn't share your lack of belief either. You don't bring it up in every single freaking conversation.

Wish I could believe I'd spend eternity with my loved ones.

Keep an open mind. I hope one day you will. Since you believe God doesn't exist, it can't possibly hurt to ask Him to show Himself to you... and no one even has to know.

I think the words speak for themselves, and there is no need for me to comment further on them. Good luck, Al, and God bless.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

ePostal Results

SailorCurt (of Captain of a Crew of One) hosted the latest contest, Reload Drill, and it was tough.

Lesson learned: I need to practice point-shooting more.

So here are the results, and thank for the great contest and hosting job, SailorCurt!!
And let us not to forget the ringleader of the contests, Mr. Completely!

The next ePostal Contest is going to be hosted by your humble host, jimmyb, at this site right here. It should be up in the next few days.

Class 1...Carry Weapons
NameFirearmCaliberDistanceTarget 1Target 2Score
FN Hi Power9mm luger7 Yards7383156
MerleColt Combat Cdr.45ACP7 Yards8370153
SebastianGlock 199mm Luger7 Yards7379152
AhabTaurus PT929mm Luger7 Yards7874152
MerleDan Wesson Model 15.357 Mag7 Yards6979148
Mr. CompletelySig P220.45ACP7 Yards6272134
S&W Model 36.38 spl7 Yards6265127
LouGCZ75B9mm Luger7 Yards5065115
Conservative UAW GuyGlock 199mm luger7 Yards4657103
Conservative UAW GuyNorinco 1911.45ACP7 Yards5051101
SailorcurtRuger P97.45ACP7 Yards4556101
JRKimber Pro Carry II.45ACP7 Yards435598
ManfredWalther PP.32 ACP3 Yards?355085
Conservative UAW GuyS&W Model 586.357 Mag7 Yards493180
LouGCZ2075R9mm Luger7 Yards333265
DannoKahr CW99mm luger25 Feet231235

Class 2...Rimfire, Iron Sights
NameFirearmCaliberDistanceTarget 1Target 2Score
Mr. CompletelyHigh Standard Supermatic ML 106.227 Yards8487171
Ahab*Walther P22.227 Yards8080160
ManfredColt Target.223 Yards?6065125
DannoRuger 22/45.2225 Feet263056

Class 3...Rimfire, with Optics
NameFirearmCaliberSightsDistanceTarget 1Target 2Score
Mr. CompletelyHigh Standard Supermatic ML106.22 CaliberRed Dot7 Yards8187168

Class 4...Centerfire, Iron Sights
NameFirearmCaliberDistanceTarget 1Target 2Score
Ahab*Taurus Tracker.357 mag7 Yards8778165
ManfredHK Mark 23.45ACP3 Yards?6364127
Mr. CompletelyCharles Daly 1911.45ACP7 Yards6548113
US CitizenKimber Pro Carry.45ACP7 Yards5154105
DannoCZ-40P.40 S&W25 Feet313364

Class 5...Centerfire, with Optics
NameFirearmCaliberSightsDistanceTarget 1Target 2Score
LouGS&W Model 65.38 splRed Dot7 Yards8170151
Mr. CompletelyTaurus PT929mm LugerRed Dot7 Yards6563128

Class 6...Air Pistol
NameFirearmCaliberDistanceTarget 1Target 2Score
Mr. CompletelyWestlake Single Shot.177 Caliber Pellet7 Yards5359112

Overall Results
NameFirearmCaliberDistanceClassTarget 1Target 2Score
Mr. CompletelyHigh Standard Supermatic ML 106.227 YardsClass 28487171
Mr. CompletelyHigh Standard Supermatic ML106.22 Caliber7 YardsClass 38187168
Ahab*Taurus Tracker.357 mag7 YardsClass 48778165
Ahab*Walther P22.227 YardsClass 28080160
FN Hi Power9mm luger7 YardsClass 17383156
Colt Combat Cdr.45ACP7 YardsClass 18370153
SebastianGlock 199mm Luger7 YardsClass 17379152
AhabTaurus PT929mm Luger7 YardsClass 17874152
LouGS&W Model 5.38 spl7 YardsClass 58170151
Dan Wesson Model 15.357 Mag7 YardsClass 16979148
Mr. CompletelySig P220.45ACP7 YardsClass 16272134
Mr. CompletelyTaurus PT929mm Luger7 YardsClass 56563128
S&W Model 36.38 spl7 YardsClass 16265127
ManfredHK Mark 23.45ACP3 Yards?Class 46364127
ManfredColt Target.223 Yards?Class 26065125
LouGCZ75B9mm Luger7 YardsClass 15065115
Mr. CompletelyCharles Daly 1911.45ACP7 YardsClass 46548113
Mr. CompletelyWestlake Single Shot.177 Caliber Pellet7 YardsClass 65359112
US CitizenKimber Pro Carry.45ACP7 YardsClass 45154105
Conservative UAW GuyGlock 199mm luger7 YardsClass 14657103
Conservative UAW GuyNorinco 1911.45ACP7 YardsClass 15051101
SailorcurtRuger P97.45ACP7 YardsClass 14556101
JRKimber Pro Carry II.45ACP7 YardsClass 1435598
ManfredWalther PP.32 ACP3 Yards?Class 1355085
Conservative UAW GuyS&W Model 586.357 Mag7 YardsClass 1493180
LouGCZ2075R9mm Luger7 YardsClass 1333265
DannoCZ-40P.40 S&W25 FeetClass 4313364
DannoRuger 22/45.2225 FeetClass 2263056
DannoKahr CW99mm luger25 FeetClass 1231235

Monday, June 25, 2007

Another Real Conversation

Conversation in the CUG kitchen -

She: I'm going to put Haleigh's new collar on; she's getting too big for her first one.
*holds up bright pink collar*

Me: But it's pink!!!

She: She's a girl.

Me: She is a hippy-biting death machine. A police dog, even!

Well, she's undercover, then.
*pink collar goes onto death-machine*

*Man growls instead of dog...*

Well, at least Jake has my back.
And please forgive the gangsta grip on the Glock 19; he's such a showboater...

Friday, June 22, 2007

ePostal Contest - Don't Forget!!

The entries for the latest ePostal Contest are due Midnight Monday, June 25th.

Thanks so much to Sailor Curt for hosting!
Contest rules and PDF printable targets available right here:

E-Postal Match for June "Reload Drill"

Next month's contest will be along soon, too.
Who's hosting? Hmmmm.
He's a conservative auto-factory worker who's in a union and likes guns and bacon.

But you'll just have to wait and see.

Have a safe and happy range-session! :)


Jake and Haleigh after a long wrassling match:

Haleigh is almost 40lbs now, and her ears and paws are Jake's size!


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sorry, JimmyB

I apologize for taking even more of Jimmy's coveted blog space.

As I mentioned earlier, I've been working on a new project.

The project is High Velocity Politics and it's now pretty much up and running. It's still a little bit of a work in progress, so bear with me as changes come and go.

Thanks again!

-Bob, the guy formerly known as STP

Thank God.

Because you can.

That is all.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Steve the Pirate, and My Future

Hello folks, it's been a few days.

Oh, yeah. Ehem. Me=Steve the Pirate. Yeah.

Well, for those of you who don't know, Steve the Pirate is nowhere to be found on teh intarwebs. Why is that? Well, my "wonderful" former hosting company cheated me out of twenty-two dollars and ended up selling my domain to someone else. Hence the crappy search engine that's hanging out where my blog used to be.

As upset as I am about that (it happened approximately around the same time that we'd be celebrating STP's second year online), it's given me a chance to kind of move on. Yeah, I'm still going to be blogging. I'm working on a second project right now; really, all I'm waiting for is the little email from the new hosting company that says I can start setting up the new blog. JimmyB or I will pass along the new address as soon as it's ready to go.

Thanks for your time, and thanks to JimmyB for letting me explain my awkward situation.

-Steve the Pirate/Bob

Monday, June 18, 2007


I just picked up a 1/4 of beef and loaded it in the freezer.

Ironically, I am now in hog-heaven.

Thank You.

I just wanted to say thanks to all who left their good wishes and offered their prayers to my family regarding recent events.

Thanks, and God bless.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Rest In Peace

The wife's grandmother passed away yesterday, Wednesday June 13, 2007.
Thanks for your prayers.

God rest your soul, Flo.

Monday, June 11, 2007

A Sad Sight.


Because that means I only have 17,000 left of that kind.
(Unless the gubmint is reading this - then this empty box means I'm completely out of ammo, and sold all my weapons).

And my target High Standard and Ruger MK II just love this ammo.


Thursday, June 07, 2007

Molly: 1994-2007


An old, dear, beloved friend passes on. She escaped the property and was hit by a car.
Our first family dog.

The women folk are crushed. I ain't too far behind.

Best dog I (and we) ever had; loud with alarms, friendly with all (including kids), killed critters, hated hippies and socialists.

Full name: Mollyvon Pookenstein III - No particular reason, just a good German sounding name.

She will be missed. Greatly.

Please pray for the daughter's great-grandma, too (ref previous post).
She's a cool old bird.

What a day.

A Request.

My wife's grandmother is very sick.

Please pray for her.


Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Common Sense Car Control

Car Plows Through D.C. Festival, Injures 35

Driver of car who injured dozens had been using crack, police say

When are the politicians going to protect us?
How much carnage does there have to be?
When will they save us from the reckless, greedy, auto lobby?

Here's my plan:

All car dealers must be licensed and registered with the government. They must keep records of all sales, including car and purchaser information.

All cars must be serial numbered and registered with the government. A title, if you will. In addition to the title, registration will entail a yearly fee, and include a description of the vehicle. A government issued unique ID tag will be affixed to the vehicle, and be able to be cross referenced by law enforcement.

All private sales must go through the government, using the title as a tracking and tax instrument.

Require a minimum age for driving.

Required training for driving.

Require a government issued ID/license (that must be periodically renewed) verifying name, address, age, height, weight, hair color, eye color, gender, SS number, driver ID number, expiration date of said privilege, and if person is a CCW holder.

Require everyone must buy insurance for vehicles.

Enact laws to set a maximum speed-limit in specific areas.

Enact laws against people using mood-altering chemicals while driving.

Enact laws prohibiting intentionally hitting people with the vehicle.

Put in place a punitive system to reprimand people who break driving laws, including fines and jail time.

If the politicians would get off of their butts, and get out of the pockets of the evil auto companies, we could enact these common sense measures, and categorically avoid tragedies like this in the future.


My proof all this would work? It just feels right.

If these don't take care of the problem, a total ban on cars (except for police and other government employees) is in order.

If it saves the life of just one child... well, you know.

Monday, June 04, 2007

It's Baaaack. The ePostal Contest That Is!!

Mr. Completely's ePostal Contest for the month of June is being hosted by none other than Sailor Curt, from Captain of a Crew of One.

This month should make the combat gun guys happy, and those with the sissy target guns not so happy, maybe. ;) Good thing I'm diverse!

It is called "Reload Drill" and requires firing, a rapid reload, and firing again.

Mmmmmm.....close range combat shooting...

Go get the target and rules here: Reload Drill

If you can, take someone with you. Better yet, get a new shooter to go!
Have a safe and happy shooting experience!!

See you at the range. :)